“The reports of my death have been gravely exaggerated.” – Mark Twain. This famous quote from one of America’s legendary humorists has thrived for more than 100 years. It’s funny! Now,that statement can be used by the vaping industry in response to a rabid media that has done its darnedest to damage vaping and then gleefully report on it. In the last few months, the number of negative vaping stories that adorn news sites has been astronomical. In contrast, fact based positive media stories on vaping have been as rare as Bigfoot sightings.

Despite data that shows that the anti-vaping special interests are impacting public opinion, consumers themselves are not buying it and turning to electronic cigarettes in record numbers. The sales numbers don’t lie and they show that ecigarette sales increased big league in the month of June. Vaping can provide a satisfying experience. Adults are indeed finding satisfaction especially with quality vaping products.

Ecig Sales Way Up In June

In a rising spike since 2011 e-cigs have seen a significant rise in users while combustible cigarettes are seeing a steady decline in use.

Mig Vapor eCigsFor most of 2016, there have been reports that ecig sales have been declining. Of course these stats failed to recognize that the reason that sales appeared to be declining was because of where consumers were going for their electronic cigarettes. They have been tracking data for convenience store and retail ecig sales. Well, most people buy online where they get a better selection and better prices.

Well now, vape sales are increasing everywhere. Online and in stores. Sales were up 12.9% and unit sales were up over 20%. Wells Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog noted that these increases were remarkable.

While Blu and Logic were actually down in sales numbers, RJ Reynolds experienced a steady growth with their Vuse ecigs.  Vuse grew by 2.4% accounting for just over 40% of C-store electronic cigarette sales. Vuse is doing well and has massive distribution. They have also run several national ad campaigns. Vuse is a very high nicotine product and that has been a source of criticism in the vaping community.

Altria continues to do very well with their electronic cigarette brands as well. In fact, the Mark Ten electronic cigarette had huge gains in sales and in market share. Sales increased by 10.3 % and their market share increased a whopping 13.7 % to just over 20 % in total. The Mark Ten benefited from launching the new Mark Ten XL which is a larger version of their original ecigarette. Perhaps the improvement was influenced by the presence of knowledgeable Green Smoke executives who have a better understanding of vaping.

While Green Smoke is available in may retail locations, their e-cigs are mostly sold online.

Altria has yet to really push Green Smoke electronic cigarettes at the retail level. Green Smoke is mainly sold online and is rated as one of the best electronic cigarettes by many review sites. Green Smoke has extensive experience in the vaping industry and has sold more than 50 million vaping products. Obviously they know what they are doing. The Green Smoke product line offers a wide range of options. With so many options, it is hard to market Green Smoke at the retail level but look for Altria to make some kind of move with their prized vape brand.

Bonnie Herzog also noted that electronic cigarette prices seem to be going down. That is likely a result of intense competition. As more and more people discover vaping, we hope that it will be more difficult for regulators to impose onerous, crushing measures that could limit vaping options for adult consumers.