Do they even exist? Are there really any health risks associated with regular use of an electronic cigarette?

Disclaimer: The subjects expressed in this article are not to be mistaken for the editor(s) expressing that e-cigarettes are safe.

Lately there’s been a huge misunderstanding when it comes to health risks involved with the use of the electronic cigarette and the eliquid used with them. While there are some safety concerns within the un-educated public, there are none here at Expert Vaping. At the end of the day, vaping is another option for adult tobacco consumers.

The breaking news has been about Chinese made e-cigarettes, the lack of FDA regulations, popcorn lung and seemingly dangerous nicotine levels in e-juice.

There may be more to this issue than what is mentioned below.  We’re sure more research could uncover more than this blog post touches on. For the purposes in this post though, we’re going to focus on the 3 health risks that we believe are the most talked about in today’s news.

Everyday there are experts saying they aren’t sure if e-cigarettes are safe, but on the flip side,  there are also dozens of electronic cigarette users that will tell you that they have found ecigs to be safe. We won’t even mention how many tout that they’ve quit by using them. Of course those personal testimonials are not considered evidence by the FDA. So let’s talk about it!


Nicotine Levels – Most electronic cigarettes contain about the same amount as a regular analog cigarette, and possibly less as most companies offer descending levels all the way down to zero. The amount of nicotine in contained in each cartridge/cartomizer is determined by which nicotine level you choose at the point of purchase.

The level of nicotine a vaper should choose relates to the strength and flavor of cigarette they were using before the switch to e-cigarettes.

Many companies have strength levels that range from 24mg (2.4%) down to Omg (0.0%). Nicotine at those levels are no more harmful to your body than the same doses of caffeine. You’ll find 24mg (2.4%) stop smoking aids such as gum and patches at your local pharmacist.


E-Cigs Made in China?

The truth is, most e-cigarettes are made in China.

Where do your e-cigarettes come from? Actually, most consumers think that all electronic cigarettes come from China. Sure, maybe the batteries are made in china, maybe the cartridge too… but low and behold – what is it that really matters? The e-liquid that is creating the vapor that you inhale? Or the battery? Or the brand of ecig and how it’s packaged?

I’m sure you guessed the e-liquid, and you’re correct! While e-cigarette components may be produced in China, there are plenty of electronic cigarette companies who assemble the parts here and produce their e-juice in the United States… two of them being Apollo and Halo – On another note, if you’re not looking to fill your own cartridges, there is a company that makes their own e-cigarette battery and pre-filled cartridges. White Cloud is 100% USA Based.


Electronic Cigarettes Are Not FDA Regulated

At present, the FDA has no set regulations on e-cigarettes, but there seems to be a reckoning on its way in response to critics.

For a long time now, the FDA has been trying to label e-cigarettes as nicotine (or drug) delivery devices, and the argument has been a heated one surrounding whether or not they are a “safe alternative”. Because of their approach, the FDA was sued in recent years by two different companies. Those two companies being NJOY and Smoking Everywhere. Guess what? They won. Statements supporting the lawsuit against the FDA from the judge himself, say that “there is no basis for the FDA to treat electronic cigarettes … as a drug-device combination when all they purport to do is offer consumers the same recreational effects as a regular cigarette” [source: Wikipedia]

In conjunction with the above, the FDA has permitted analog tobacco cigarettes to be sold, which are known to contain thousands of harmful ingredients, yet the electronic cigarette liquid which consists of 4 main ingredients:

  • water
  • vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol
  • nicotine
  • flavoring

Three of the above ingredients are already approved. First water, then vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol both known as food additives. Nicotine, is approved as well – however it is regulated when combined with the manufacturing process of cigarettes.

Already, we have approved ingredients. It’s not that the electronic cigarette needs to be banned or that it needs some serious evaluation. What is needed, is nicotine regulation. Regulate the nicotine that is provided in pre-filled cartridges, and what other excuse do you have for it to be “approved” by the FDA’s standards? The above suggestion is a decent argument. Although we have already pointed the ingredients out and you’ve finished hearing what we have to say, the question remains:

“Would you rather inhale 4,000+ chemicals, or 3 FDA approved ingredients?”

Popcorn Lung And Vaping

There have been reports that there are chemicals in some electronic cigarette e-liquids may lead to a condition called popcorn lung. Popcorn lung is a serious lung condition. Is there a link between popcorn lung and vaping? None that we know of so far. Fact and other experts have not identified any case of popcorn lung from vaping.

Popcorn lung is a breathing ailment that is the result of a harmful chemical additive in some cheap e-liquids.

All in all, while there may seem to be some need to regulate electronic cigarettes, anybody with eyes wide open can see the difference between the effects of tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. After several years being on the market in multiple countries, there hasn’t been any media coverage involving the death of a human being directly relating to electronic cigarettes. Whether this is an eye opener or not, at Expert Vaping, we like to think there aren’t any health risks or side effects caused by electronic cigarettes. However, we can’t – there just isn’t quite enough research at this point to back up any such claim.

But it’s still… 4000 chemicals, tar and carbon monoxide…. or….. 4 ingredients with no tar and no carbon monoxide?? If you have smoked and used an ecig, how would you compare smoking side effects to vaping side effects?

That’s our opinion ladies and gentlemen. We’d love to hear yours! Do you think there are any health risks or side effects related to the regular use of an electronic cigarette?