The eLeaf Lyche review was a lot of fun for a couple of reasons. One, the Lyche is a beautifully made and beautifully performing vape tank with a price tag of less than $25. Two, the Lyche will work with pre-built Notch coils. Yep, had to have one. So what’s it all about and how does it actually perform? Since I’ve already let the cat out of the bag saying that this vape tank review was fun I guess I have to back it up now with details and evidence. Okay fine! Let’s get to it.

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In the spring of 2016, Joyetech released the new Notch coils with the Wismec Theorem. The Notch coil is a completely new coil design with more surface area than wrapped coils and no resistance leads. They are stainless steel coils and can be used in temperature control vaping mode or variable power. Following the release of the Theorem, Joyetech released the Cuboid Mini that also worked with Notch coils. Since eLeaf is part of the Joyetech family of vape brands, Notch coils are now available in pre-built coils that work with the new eLeaf Lyche vape tank.

In a digital re-creation to demonstrate the intricacy of the Joyetech notch coil, the complicated construction of the active atomizer heating element is highlighted through tiny channels allowing air and vapor to move freely and plentifully through it.

Notch Coils Are Stainless Steel And Suitable For SubOhm And Temp Control. Huge Surface Area And Non-Resistance Leads Make These Coils Very Responsive Performers.As a big fan of the Notch coil, I knew that we had to do an eLeaf Lyche review. The Lyche vape tank costs less than $25 and both of these factors are big plusses if you are looking for a vape tank that lets you vape a lot of different ways. You can vape with the Notch coil, or a standard dual coil, or the Lyche also has a nice, large easy to build on RBA head that you can buy separately for $6.99. That means that the Lyche atomizer has a lot of versatility and checks a lot of boxes for many vapers.

The Lyche RBA Head Is Small And Some Say It Is Difficult To Build On But We Did Not Have Any Problems Although We Did Prefer The Excellent Pre-Built Lyche Coils Especially The Notch Coils.Now I have heard people say that the Lyche RBA head is difficult to build on. I can see that it is more difficult and limited to build on than a full RBA atomizer but I am certainly not the best coil builder and the Lyche was not bad to build on as far as I was concerned. You can get the RBA head, and I did to try it out. To me, the value and enjoyment of vaping with the eLeaf Lyche vape tank is the prebuilt coils and especially the Notch coils. If you are an avid rebuilder, you probably would not want this tank. Instead, if you want to try Notch coils and rebuilding, the USA designed Wismec Theorem RTA would be more up your alley.

eLeaf Lyche Coils Review

The Eleaf Lyche sub ohm atomizer mod temperature control kit comes with two o-rings, notched coil, rebuildable atomizer head, Allen key and adjustment hardware.

The eLeaf Lyche kit comes with the Lyche atomizer, a glass tank with a leak proof base, two extra seal rings, a 0.25 ohm stainless steel notch coil and a 0.25 ohm dual coil. If you decide that you would also like the Lyche RBA head for $6.99 you will get the RBA head, a hex key and two hex screws. Pre-made 0.25 ohm Notch coils and the 0.25 ohm 316 stainless steel dual coils are available in packs of five and sell for $7.99.

I did a lot of vaping on these coils for the eLeaf Lyche review and I can tell you that they are durable and long lasting. The flavor is outstanding and the vapor is ample and rich. Of course they utilize organic cotton wicks. I was not surprised by the coil life based on previous experience with the Joyetech Cuboid Mini and using the Joyetech Notch coils. What is also really impressive is the value. These are authentic, premium quality long-lasting vape coils that cost only $7.99. This is a stark contrast to a lot of other sub-ohm or temp control vape coils that sell for twice as much, or more. So, a huge plus for the overall value of the eLeaf Lyche vape tank.

Like any coil, the longevity will vary depending on the voltage output that you like to vape it, how frequent you vape, there are always a lot of factors so it is very difficult to actually quantify for the purposes of a review. Based on experience, I can say that the durability, quality and longevity of the Lyche pre-build coils is excellent. By the way, you should prime the coils with a few drops of ejuice before vaping. Just five or six drops is all that is needed making sure to prime the juice ports and a couple from the top.

Filling The eLeaf Lyche

The easy to fill, Eleaf Lyche e-cig atomizer reservoir tank has a side opening slot where e-liquid can be conveniently dripped.

The eLeaf Lyche is a top fill vape tank design with a twist. Rather than the top coming off to expose the juice port, instead the large 9 mm by 4 mm juice port is located on the side of the tank and you simply twist to open the port and expose the juice port. There is a silicon seal that secures the juice port when you close it so it does not leak.

Filling the eLeaf Lyche tank with fresh eliquid is very quickly accomplished and easy as there is no need to open up the top. Just open up the port, fill’er up and you are done. If you do have an eye dropper style it could be a bit messy but if you do have an eliquid bottle that is an eye dropper style or has a stubby nipple (stubby nipple!) you can always take the top of the Lyche tank off to refill with your choice of e-juice.

If you do take off the top of the tank to fill it with ejuice, make sure not to overfill the tank. For example, if you fill it to the top, the atomizer coil and housing will displace the liquid when you reattach the top of the tank and it will spill over the top. During the testing for the eLeaf Lyche review I used the top fill port almost exclusively and I loved the convenience.

eLeaf Lyche Review Specs

When seen from a disassembled diagrammatic view, the Eleaf Lyche atomizer vape tank is comprised of mouthpiece, top cap, notch coil head, glass tube and the atomizer base.

Time to go over a few of the specs for the eLeaf Lyche review. It is a very solid stainless steel construction that is precision engineered and the quality factor is excellent. The Lyche comes in two different colors. You can get a black finish or a stainless finish. With the stainless steel finish, the green tank seals combine for a very nice looking appearance. So I’d go with the stainless steel and green stripes but the black Lyche is pretty nice, too!

The Lyche stands in at 59 mm tall, drip tip includes, and that is 2.3 inches tall. It is 22 mm in diameter or 0.87 inches. The tank capacity is 4 ml and is completely sealed in a leak proof design. That is a nice, large ejuice reservoir for a tank that is rather compact. I definitely liked the fact that the ejuice capacity is 4 ml.

The Notch coils and the dual coils operate best from 40 watts to 60 watts. The vapor and flavor performance are excellent, especially the flavor. The airflow comes from the top, is drawn through the top down through the coil and then back out and when the vapor emerges it is dense and rich in flavor. For the eLeaf Lyche review I would sneak it up to 70 watts and it’s still awesome. You will notice the vivid flavor and nice dense vapor.

The Eleaf Lyche rebuildable atomizer coil head comes apart easily for modification, upgrade or simple maintenance.

Spitback. It does happen but rarely and that’s good. It does not give spitback as much as many other tanks do. When the spitback does happen, it correlates with moments when the Lyche has been tilted or lying on its side. I did tilt it a lot and lay it on its side to check for leaks for the purposes of testing for the eLeaf Lyche review. There were absolutely no leaks! The spitback would clear up very quickly and you can also pull out the 510 drip tip and use a cotton swab to wipe away any excess ejuice in the chimney.

You can use the Lyche with any mod. It is a subohm tank and also capable of temperature control. You will be able to get the most out of the Lyche atomizer with a mod that is capable of at least 75 watts. If you so choose, with the RBA head, you could build coils that would make it suitable on a 100 watt mod.

Summing It Up

This is a fantastic vape tank and very affordable. You can enjoy multiple vaping styles and Notch coils! If this is going to be your first temperature control / subohm vape tank, it is a great choice. If it is going to be your first sub-ohm tank, take a look at our sub-ohm vaping guide for beginners. Our guide also covers temperature control vaping, which involves subohm coils, and once again the low price of the Lyche makes this tank a low risk proposition if you should decide that subohm vaping is not for you.

The Lyche atomizer e-liquid reservoir tank by Eleaf comes with Allen key, replacement notched atomizer coil and o-ring with size specifications of 59mm by 22 mm wide.

Get your authentic eLeaf Lyche vape tank from Direct Vapor. Authentic, as always, is a key word. You can check the eLeaf authenticity code here. There are a lot of fakes and clone ecigs out there and with all due respect to some of the highly respected reviewers who do not think clones are a problem, I firmly disagree. Clones are an X factor and who knows what they are made of? That’s the thing with clones, you just don’t know. Many claim to be “1:1 clones” but I have my doubts.

For example, when these factories copied somebody else’s design, did they really use 316 stainless steel or some cheaper, poor quality steel? If they steal designs I wonder where they draw the line when it comes to ethical practices. Why wouldn’t they use the cheapest possible components since their plan is to undercut the market? So, stick with authentic vaping products from known and proven manufacturers and reputable vendors. Direct Vapor has a certificate of authenticity so you know you will always get authentic product and they have a low price guarantee. Plus they always have free shipping and warranty protection.

The eLeaf Lyche is an awesome value and a high quality vape tank that performs fantastically. The vapor is excellent and the flavor is way above average comparing to other vape tanks, many of which cost more. The value proposition is brilliant with affordable, long-lasting coils. It does deserve a place among the best vape tanks of 2016 because of the quality, versatility, Notch coils and value. That’s it for the eLeaf Lyche review! A fantastic value at less than $25 and it vapes beautifully. It is easy to use and will make an excellent addition to your vape gear.