If you’re going to be flying through the streets on a powered light cycle or forging through time en route to saving the future, this starter kit will help you forge ahead in style. Our Eleaf Lexicon Kit Review looks past the glowing lights and mesmerizing performance of a sleek, elegant compact box mod with matching tank to determine whether it’s the best defense against the master control program of Big Tobacco.

With an integrated LED light system that flows like a mobile disco party, this vape kit still manages to pump out extremely satisfying vapor with poignant vapor in an elegant design that tells people, “I have class, but I also like to party”. If the colored light rails encompassing the body of this lightweight power mod aren’t your thing, it has a built-in stealth mode for low key vaping on the go. Although Eleaf has been a dominant force in the growing technology of the best small vape mods for some time, it’s been a while since they have released anything that can be considered new territory for them.

However, with the spread of big vape brands releasing products with flashy designs, LED lights and other fun flourishes of vaping flair, we were excited to see these guys attempt something frivolous and edgy after offering so many similar devices over the years that didn’t make any grand gambles beyond pushing their engineering towards peak performance and vapor customization. That said, our Eleaf Lexicon kit review found this vape starter setup to implement much of the functionality and performance we’ve come to expect from this immensely well known and respected vape brand, with a couple of adventurous additions, we didn’t know we wanted but definitely appreciated.

It isn’t often when we come across one of the high wattage box mods with a gimmick like glowing lights as we saw in our Vaporesso Switcher vape kit review and actually appreciate the extra feature as if it’s crucial to the functionality of the device itself. One of the most interesting aspects of the Eleaf Lexicon and Ello Duro vape tank kit is that they actually match. I don’t just mean the metallic finishes, but the bubble tank itself comes in a smoky tinted acrylic that gives this vape starter pack the appearance of wearing a three-piece tuxedo. While that may not mean much to vapers looking for massive performance, knowing that this kit implements the standard of Eleaf engineering the community has come to appreciate with a stylish outer case and finish simply adds to the attraction of this vape package.

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Lighting the Way to the Future — Eleaf Lexicon Kit Review

Not everyone needs a shiny Delorean to time travel immediately to the future of vaping. In fact, our Eleaf Lexicon kit review felt at times like we were living in a distant evolution of the incredible vapor of the future without leaving the office. To explain, although many of their devices often implement similar designs and repetitively proven functionality, the Eleaf vape brand is known for creating vape equipment that delivers peak performance in every puff, and in this case, the colorful light show is just the icing on the futuristic cake.

With all the important vaping modes advanced users need like variable wattage up to 235 watts, temperature control in Ni, Ti and Stainless Steel, plus three customizable TCR settings, this powerful mod packs in everything you need for hours of robust vaping at your personal sweet spot. It’s fully adjustable using </> buttons and the prominently place fire button toggle, plus a very legible and artfully integrated, offset OLED screen that registers the life of your dual 18650 batteries along with amps, volts, watts, resistance and if you choose; puff counter, duration and other settings.

In addition to the colorful lights in blue, green, yellow, cyan, purple and red, you can set them to blink or pulse in different intervals when used and dormant. The included Ello Duro sub ohm vape tank comes with two separate designs and configurations of atomizer coils, a mesh 0.15ohm coil pre-installed and an additional “net” design 0.2ohm coil. The matching acrylic bubble tank holds an unbelievable 6.5ml of vape juice, definitely one of the largest we’ve seen offered ever! It’s top filling via a sliding top cap that seals incredibly well and this vape tank has MASSIVE airflow with three, yes three bottom draw ports on an adjustable airflow control ring which can be essential for a cool vape especially if you’re fitting it with a low resistance dripper and taking it all the way up to 235 watts.

Together with the Ello Duro tank, we found this to be one of the most dazzling high wattage vape starter kits we’ve experienced, regardless of the flashing lights. It cranked out incredibly dense vapor clouds and immensely tasty clouds throughout our Eleaf Lexicon kit review and surprisingly, the LED lights weren’t a significant draw on the life of the vape batteries even at 100 watts (you know we took it all the way up to the coil max range). Most importantly, we decided to turn off the office lights for a while when we tested this vape kit and honestly, the lights aren’t jarring or distracting and I actually found them to be a rather pleasing glow throughout my session vaping it, and when compared to many of the top high powered box mod kits available, the Lexicon weighs in as a heavy hitter based on vapor performance alone.


  • 235 watt Lexicon vape mod is powered by two 18650 vape batteries (not included)
  • Ello Duro vape tank acrylic bubble section capable of holding 6.5ml of vape juice or 2ml with the straight glass
  • Comes with 0.15ohm mesh style atomizer and 0.2ohm net design coil
  • Built in LED light system can be set to seven colors and three different modes
  • Matching mod and tank starter kit available in black, purple, red, blue, silver and dazzling rainbow finishes
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Eleaf Lexicon Kit Review Wrap Up

It’s almost fitting that the lighting system on this compact vape kit be reminiscent of the heart of a time traveling icon since it’s definitely a further glimpse into the future of a vape company we’ve had a great appreciation for since the beginning. However, even though like many of the recent devices we’ve reviewed like the GeekVape Nova kit, the Eleaf Lexicon may look like an archaic box mod, it definitely takes advantage of all the tech advancements that have been implemented and shrunken down to pocket size since. Essentially, this kit takes nostalgia to the next level and like analog record players hollowed out and repurposed so that they’re capable of playing MP3s, a lot of the top hand held high powered box mods are hiding some impressive wattage, power and performance beneath their simple designs.

That said, there is very little that we found to be simple throughout our Eleaf Lexicon kit review beyond navigating the menu and choosing your settings. With those impressively dazzling LED strips glowing in multiple colors, they are definitely trying to flow with the trends of the vape industry. In detail, many of the new 100w plus mini mods are implementing glowing lights and extras, Smok even built glowing colored LEDs in red green and orange directly into their replacement atomizer coils for the TFV12 Prince and Baby versions.

Although, if you think this is a corny trend, the Lexicon vape kit allows users to toggle the lights off and even though the strips are still there they remain dormant giving the whole setup an elegant and futuristic motif. In addition, it has an on board stealth mode which allows you to shut the screen off and vape your lights out in the dark if you choose discretion over “party mode”. The Eleaf Lexicon vape starter kit may not be the light at the end of the tobacco tunnel for everyone, but those that appreciate the colorful lights and sleek modern design of this dual 18650 vape mod with matching sub ohm vape tank.

With a simple, robust and easy to adjust high wattage mod at your disposal, it provides you with the potential to experience the optimum experience that vaping can provide to help you remain smoke free. While wild colored lights and bright colors aren’t for everyone, the functionality we found during our Eleaf Lexicon kit review was more than enough to convince us of the endless value that this vape starter pack brings to the table. It is the culmination of everything that the vaping industry giant has learned about what the community needs, what they want and where the evolution of the top advanced temperature control vape mods are headed towards. Claim your piece of the future today and take a taste of what’s ahead in cutting edge compact vaping.