The ecigs vs smoke battle is moving into much clearer focus these days. If this were a boxing match, we would say that this matchup is officially ready for a prime time HBO pay-per-view event. When electronic cigarettes first arrived on our shores, they couldn’t even sniff the ring. These odd looking electronic sticks were just peculiar for most people. But those people didn’t see the potential that vaping had to truly reshape what has been one of the most severe self-inflicted alignments of our time. It would take some time before vaping an ecig vs smoking a cigarette actually became a legitimate question.

When vaping did start getting some traction, it was still small time. Like a street fighter who had the raw potential but couldn’t actually contend against skilled competition. That competition was Big Tobacco, peddling old-fashioned traditional tobacco cigarettes. But these cigarettes only looked old-fashioned. They were actually filled with a lot more chemicals and engineered to hook smokers and keep them coming back for more. As was written about here long ago, analogue cigarettes simply became more dangerous than ever.

Almost in response to people giving up smoking, big tobacco has been on the attack trying to take back their market share from the emergent vaping industry.

Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for smokers to start realizing the immense potential in electronic cigarettes. The vapor revolution began to spread, and vaping vs smoking cigarettes was bumped up to the undercard match. Ecig companies began popping up everywhere, and not just in America either. In the UK and elsewhere in Europe, vapor products began to grab a foothold. Even though they had their differences, both movements were striving for the same thing. They wanted to help smokers who were looking to make a change. As we stand today, we can say that they have started putting a big dent in the monopoly that Big Tobacco had over smokers.

eCigs VS Smoke Gets Top Billing

Maybe it is now time to give top billing to the vaping vs smoking cigarettes bout. It’s now a headliner, which means there is a lot more at stake. That’s why you hear so much in the news and most of it is bad, at least the stuff that gets out to the major news networks. There is still plenty of money coming from lobbyist groups that don’t want this to be a fair fight. Yes, we’re looking at you Big Pharma.

All this means is that the vapor revolution is doing something right. We have them scared, and with good reason too. In the head to head between ecigs vs smoke, a new reality is emerging.

UK health organizations are studying the impact of e-cigarettes on a society very attached to their cigarettes.

In the UK we can see this even more clearly, as new data recently released shows just how much of an impact ecigs can make. We’re talking about the smoking cessation rate over in the UK, and how it has jumped from 14 percent in 2011 to 23 percent in 2016. This jump is so out of whack with what we were seeing before, that it naturally leads us to think about the impact of ecigs vs smoke. Smoking cessation rates in England between 2007 and 2011 remained static. Something clearly started happening in 2011 and grew.

That’s what Michael Siegel will tell you too. Siegel is a professor at Boston University School of Public Health, in the Department of Community Health Sciences. He explains in his blog that, “Prior to 2011, virtually no smokers in England were using e-cigarettes to try to quit smoking, while approximately 30 percent were using NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy). By late last year, only about 10 percent of smokers were using NRT in quit attempts compared to about 40 percent using electronic cigarettes.”

The ongoing debate between e-cigarettes and tobacco smoking gets top billing in a very public discussion.

It’s this recent data that Siegel insists adds to “the strong evidence that electronic cigarettes can help smokers quit.” He goes on to insist that ecigs are at least as effective as products such as the nicotine patch, if not more so. The direct evidence may still be in the works, but if we had reached the last round in ecigs vs smoke the judges would call this fight for vaping. It’s only bound to become clearer as the evidence stacks up, and hopefully bring millions of other smokers into the fold.