The data is in and it firmly supports the widely help assumption that ecigarettes, specifically an electronic cigarette with nicotine, help with nicotine cravings.

While for most of us it isn’t a surprise at all that the nicotine vapor we intake does help stem our desire to grab a stinky butt, there has always been doubt from others. When electronic cigarettes first came on the scene, there was a great deal of speculation about what the products could do, especially for those people dealing with nicotine cravings.

Over time the efficacy of ecigs became obvious to those who use them, but opponents discounted their effects and often claimed that they were simply another way to get people hooked on nicotine.

Dedicated smokers who have switched from tobacco to e-cigs can list the benefits starting with their wallet.

Well, a big part of the idea of owning an electronic cigarette with nicotine is that can help with nicotine cravings and thus make for an excellent alternative to traditional tobacco smoke. The physical acting of using an ecig, called vaping, also contributed a great deal in combating cigarette cravings, in a way that other nicotine devices simply could not compare with.

Anyone who uses electronic cigarettes and has had success with them will tell you that ecigs help with their cigarette cravings, even if the products themselves aren’t advertised that way. The bigger brands all seem to beat around the bush to this idea, but users know what ecigs are all about and sooner or a later studies were going to come out to support what we experience.

That ecig study, or the latest one at least, was of the 8-month variety and was recently published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. What is interesting about this study is that it focused on smokers who weren’t necessarily looking to make a switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes. Whether that is because they tried to do it already and battled cigarette cravings or nicotine cravings, well we just don’t know. But all of the 48 participants in the study were labeled in the same way, with some being given ecigarettes to vape along with their analogue smokes, while others could only smoke cigarettes.

Nicotine Vapor Vs Tobacco Smoke

The nicotine vapor in e-cigs has been proven to help reduce the cravings cause by withdrawals from smoking.

The numbers coming out of the study were pretty remarkable. As a result of the nicotine vapor they were inhaling, 21% of these long-term smokers completely switch to electronic cigarettes. Another 23% cut down on the number of tobacco cigarettes by about half and overall 60% of the number of tobacco cigarettes that used to be smoked were eliminated. Armed with an electronic cigarette with nicotine, these smokers were able to make a fairly amazing change in their lifestyle, one that we are all very familiar with.

Study Highlights:

  • Smokers were not even necessarily interested in quitting tobacco cigarettes.
  • 21% of smokers quit tobacco and switched to ecigarettes.
  • 23% cut their tobacco use by 50% or more.
  • Overall, 60% less cigarettes were smoked by participants.

Professor Frank Baeyens led the ecigarette study and after the results were released he noted, “With guidance on practical use, the nicotine ecig offers many smokers a successful alternative for smoking.”

This chart illustrates the benefits of electronic cigarettes compared to the detrimental void that traditional cigarettes create in user's lives.

In the statement, Baeyens speculated “ecig users get the experience of smoking a cigarette and inhale nicotine vapor, but do not suffer the damaging effects of a tobacco cigarette.” Of course that last part hasn’t been proven true yet and will take years of studies to bear out, but we know how users feel with ecigs compared to traditional tobacco. Not to mention the cost differences and the lack of smell.

There are obviously many advantages that electronic cigarettes have, and if smokers are able to make the switch to them like they did in Baeyens’ study, the ecigarette revolution will have done its part.

Making the switch to vapor with an ecig or vape pen can be greatly aided by making sure that you take the time to choose the right ecig nicotine level. If the ecigs used in the study were customized for each participant the results may have been even better.

We must remember that even though ecigarettes are so entrenched in our lives as and others, in addition to its firm place in society and popular culture, it still a very young technology. We’re bound to see many more studies and a lot of data coming down the pipe in the future. Not all of it will be relevant but a lot of it will be, giving us a better idea of what ecigarettes have the power to do for people as well as a more long term look at its effects.

Though they have caught on quickly and technology has developed in response, e-cigarettes are still a new idea, one that not everyone has embraced yet.

What we do already know is that electronic cigarettes have made a huge impact on our lives here at Expert Vaping, as well as the many people we interact with. Our readers have established an ecig ratings chart based on their experienced with vaping and you can see for yourself what products worked for them.

Studies such as this one are nice in that they make it clear scientifically what we already knew in our every day use: electronic cigarettes make for an excellent way to make the switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes. That is something we can all agree on as well as be proud of with our own contributions to the industry and the electronic cigarette movement as a whole.