While it is true that the side effects of electronic cigarettes are still up for debate, more and more evidence is showing how effective they can be for smokers looking to make the switch. In fact a study a UMass ecig study is showing us exactly that – ecigarettes help smokers get away from deadly tobacco.

If you have been doing your research and looking for the top electronic cigarette out there, you may have noticed that most ecigarette reviews don’t go to deeply into this topic. The fact is, as much as we believe in these products, it has always been the responsible and honest route to not build up a picture of these devices that is great than what they are.

The results are in, vaping is ninety-five percent less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

This isn’t at all to say that we don’t believe they can help so many smokers out there! The reason why there are so many electronic cigarette makers out there is because of how popular they have been with smokers, meaning they make a real impact.

We have seen this firsthand, but telling you what we were able to do when we made the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to ecigs doesn’t mean (to us) that it will translate over for everyone. It often does and that is why we keep putting out more ecigarette news and reviews so people can find the perfect ecigarette for them, but we wait for hard facts before making any grand statements.

Well folks, this is one of those moments that seems to make it a lot harder to ignore the obvious. Here it is: side effects of electronic cigarettes include a big increase in the ability of a smoker to make a switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Ecig critics take note: UMass ecig study shows that one of the side effects of electronic cigarettes that you are so concerned about is a demonstrated ability to help smokers get away from tobacco. Put that in your pipe… and vape it!

UMass Ecigarette Research

According to a study conducted by UMASS Boston, smokers who use e-cigarettes regularly were more likely to give up tobacco products permanently.

Ecigarette research recently completed at the  University of Massachusetts featured a comprehensive study.

This study bore out the fact that ecigs help smokers reduce tobacco use, giving cold, hard and firm data to support how ecigarettes make it easier for smokers to do just that.

This study was different than earlier ones in that it grouped ecigarette users by the frequency of their use.

This is important because only studying someone who has tried an ecigarette once or twice is vastly different than also looking at those who have consistently used ecigs to reach their goals.

In this study both casual and consistent users of electronic cigarettes were followed for the course of three years. What researchers found was that so-called “intensive users” who had vaped consistently for over a month were six times as likely to have made the switch away from tobacco cigarettes compared to non-users or those who only tried ecigs once or twice.

Studies show users who committed to vaping were six times more likely to quit smoking cigarettes for good.

Beyond showing us the impact that ecigs can make when used consistently, the data also reinforced our opinion that finding the ideal ecigarette for your lifestyle is absolutely crucial. Finding reliable and unbiased ecigarette reviews that will help you make a good choice when picking from the hundreds of electronic cigarette brands out there becomes paramount in helping you reach your goal.

This study, which was funded by the U.S. National Cancer Institute, can and should be used as further proof that the fight against ecigarettes is just plain wrong.

Lois Biener, PhD, one of the two primary researchers in the study came from it with understanding of the potential that ecigarettes have. Biener explains that “Policy makers need to think carefully before enacting any laws that make adult smokers less likely to try these products, such as taxing ecigarettes as heavily as tobacco or eliminating flavors.”

We couldn’t agree more with that statement, and we have to admit it feels awfully nice to have someone with a PhD in social psychology from Columbia University to back us up!

While there are always those who fear technology and change, once e-cigarettes are normalized the detriment and carcinogens of tobacco use may be a thing of the past.

When dealing with such a new and exciting technology, there are bound to be people who fear it. Electronic cigarette makers are out there touting the virtues of their products and there are plenty of people who are wary of that. There are even those who, even with a lack of data to support it, believe there are negative side effects of electronic cigarettes like encouraging young people to smoke by making it cool again.

The bottom line is that for smokers who are looking to make a switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes this is something they can switch to that has been shown to work for a lot of people. We believe more studies like this will come out confirming what we at Expert Vaping already know – electronic cigarettes are a breakthrough technology that can millions of smokers reach their goals.