Everyone who vapes understands the value of ecig flavors. Hey, we may be ex-smokers, but that doesn’t mean all we want is to vape regular tobacco flavored stuff. Ecig flavors are like any other flavor. When you reach for a cold drink, do you always want the exact same one? Sometimes I feel like having a Dr. Pepper, but other times I feel like a Mountain Dew. That’s just human nature, isn’t it? We like variety and we like flavors.

It’s more than human nature I suppose; it’s human biology! We were born with these things called taste buds and we sure do like to use them. If anything, smoking has lessened the impact of flavors for us and, now that we’re smoke free or smoke a lot less, we get to taste all those flavors more fully. It’s no wonder that people like different flavors for their electronic cigarettes. Vaping on it’s own is an experience, but adding some awesome ecig flavors to it is what takes it up a notch. Whatever you may like personally, it’s that great flavor, in addition to a good throat hit, that makes vaping the experience for you.

People have demanded e-cig flavors in the rising popularity of vaping in place of smoking.

Yet vaping has been fighting this stigma of ecig flavors being only for young people. Anti-vapers like to complain that the only reason to have flavors like strawberry or bubble gum is because it attracts young people. As if one reaches a certain age and just stops liking sweet flavors. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it makes headlines and brings out the “won’t you think of the children!” instant outrage. Well, now we are getting new information on what these flavors actually do – they help people make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

Ecig Flavors Wanted

This latest survey comes from V2 cigs and it is very clear on what vapers think of ecig flavors. One in three vapers, 36% to be exact, actually prefer the taste of ecig flavors to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Think about that. One out of every three people who have made the switch to vaping did so partly because ecigs taste better to them. That’s pretty remarkable! It’s a testament to how good ecig brands have gotten with their flavors, but it also tells us how much of a draw these flavors can be for people who really do want to make that change in their lives.

It’s a good thing that the FDA hasn’t come down on ecig flavors yet, as was feared by many, including us. This should provide more proof why they shouldn’t. Edward Anselm, who is a senior fellow at the R Street Institute, explained that, “Many vapers rotate flavors through the day to allow them to continue vaping. And most importantly, these vapers report that without flavors, they are likely to return to smoking.”  That means we need to make sure that the fight over vaping always includes the fight over our all-important flavors.

The attraction of adaptable and changing flavors with a consistent experience is drawing many smokers away from their cigarettes and toward e-cigs.

The key to being smoke-free for a lot people is rooted in being able to have these different ecig flavors at their disposal. We already know that electronic cigarettes can make a huge impact. It’s already been almost a year since the groundbreaking Public Health England report came out and verified that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Now we know that a big part of that number is due to flavors like peach or cola.

This may not be news to vapers who already understand the impact ecig flavors have in their own lives. But it’s another piece of data that we can use when going up against that anti-vaping activists. The goal should be a smoke-free America, and vaping with flavors is helping us get there.