Remember that documentary making the rounds about vaping? We’re talking about filmmaker Aaron Biebert’s A Billion Lives, of course. That’s the very important movie that we started talking about last year when it was still in production. We knew it would rack up some important attention for the vaping, and so far it has done just that. It’s been making its way across the country and wherever it goes, it tells a tale of what electronic cigarettes can do.

What the electronic cigarette can do, as we all know, is change lives. According to Beibert’s calculations, there are over a billion lives at risk. We believe him, and so should you. It may seem like an exaggeration, but it isn’t when you think about just how many smokers are out there. It isn’t when you realize just how many lives are at risk every year due to firsthand and secondhand traditional tobacco cigarette smoke.

Director of documentary A Billion Lives with activist Herman Cain at a screening of the film.

When Aaron Beibert realized the gravity of the situation, he decided to do something about it. He wasn’t even a smoker, much less a vaper, but he knew there was a big story here. It was a big story that had to be told. So he took to it, and sought out every relevant figure that could tell him everything about the fight over electronic cigarettes. After hours of laborious work, the final product was more than anyone could expect. Now, it’s taken to the film festival route and apparently others are seeing in this documentary what we all hope they would.

A Billion Lives For The Win

We couldn’t be prouder to say that Aaron Beibert’s A Billion Lives went for the win, and got it. His film was screened at the Jozi Film Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa for a wide audience and the results were as good as could be expected. In the end, Beibert walked away with his film having won in the Best International Documentary Film category. It was a big win for A Billion Lives, keeping it in the press and hopefully expanding the reach of the film. The Jozi Film Festival ran for four days and screened 40 films from a total of 300 entries, meaning he had plenty of competition.

In the end, the South African festival produced a big win for vaping. It’s important to see this film get the recognition it deserves. Not only because it’s an excellent film, but because it carries such an important message. If it can change the perceptions of vaping in the mind of just one smoker, it will have been well worth all the trials and tribulations Beibert undertook to finish this film.

A Billion Lives vaping documentary is about the government suppression of e-cigarettes in order to placate big tobacco.

Of course, ideally it will change the minds of more than one smoker. It has that potential. Maybe we’ll look back some day and see this as an educational piece of filmmaking that made an impact. Maybe it will, as the title suggested, save a billion lives. It’s a lot to wrap your head around, but it’s far from being impossible. Films have the power to change perspectives and spread knowledge. Lets hope A Billion Lives does just that.

You can also do your part by spreading the word about this film. Bring it up with your friends or even a stranger in line with you. Anyone who smokes, but maybe more importantly, anyone who is misinformed about vapor. There are a lot of them out there. Every interaction helps.

Here’s to hoping this film will further the electronic cigarette revolution. As I always say, we can use all the help we can get.