Ecig commercials will be a reality on British airwaves. The door is now open for companies like Blu, Elites, Vype and other vaping brands in the UK to market their products by actually showing them on television commercials.

As the hundreds of companies out there jockey to show they indeed have the best vaping products on the market, the use of television to air ecig commercials has been off limits. While there have been a number of advertisements on TV already, none of them actually showed the devices that they were promoting. That type of beating around the bush approach can now be dropped for something more direct and it opens up an entire new playing field.

While cigarette advertising in the United States has all but been abolished, the Committee of Advertising Practice in the UK allows companies like Blu to advertise e-cigarettes on television.

This new ruling by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) goes into effect on November 10th and we’re going to be very interested to see if powerhouses such as Blu and Elites jump right in with their own ecig commercials.

Blu eCig Commercials Ready For UK Vapers

Since their takeover of the UK SkyCig and rebranding it with their own name, Blu Cigs has been pulling no stops to try and win over UK vapers. They had more competition from e cigarette companies in the UK because of their lack of name recognition when compared to the US, but they also have plenty of funding behind them.

Blue was named e-cigarette of the year in the the UK and they're running commercials to expand their market share.

As you may already know, Blu e cig was owned by tobacco giant Lorillard who then spun them off to a UK tobacco powerhouse, Imperial Tobacco.

That snub on the part of RJ Reynolds has not hurt Blu as they were named the top ecig in the UK for 2014 and their sales remain very strong.

Now they will get to use those big bucks to reach out to a wider audience via television advertising that shows their actual product in ecig commercials. It seems almost comical that ecig brands had to make due with presenting an image of theirs as the top ecigs out there without actually showing them.

This was due to e-cigarettes being caught up in the existing ecig legislation that prevents tobacco from being shown in TV commercials. Thankfully CAP saw the difference between the two industries and made a ruling that can help push the word out about e-cigarettes and their benefits to smokers.

Before being purchased by Lorillard, the Blu e-cigarette was spun off from UK tobacco giant Imperial.

The ruling does comes with some very specific guidelines, meaning they must not:

  • be “likely to appeal particularly to people under 18, especially by reflecting or being associated with youth culture”
  • encourage non-smokers to use e-cigarettes
  • claim e-cigarettes are “safer” or “healthier” than smoking tobacco
  • make any health claims without approval from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

All of those are very basic and something we have come to accept and expect in the industry, so we can’t fault CAP there either. More than that, the marketing watchdog has actually chosen to be more liberal with UK vape brands than that of other “adult” products on the air.

A spokesperson for CAP said the rules are more relaxed because ecig commercials “present only some of the same concerns as alcohol and gambling and crucially there are strong arguments for the public health benefits of e-cigarettes.”

UK Rules Great For Elites, Will Advertising Restrictions Be Lifted In The US?

E-cig brands like E-Lites have found grand success in the UK with the help of advertising targeted at smokers trying to quit.

I almost did a double take when I read that for the first time here in this article from the Daily Mail.

I simply didn’t expect such a positive statement to come out of any governmental organization these days.

This must have been a breath of fresh air for UK companies like Elites. Even prior to being purchased by Japan Tobacco, Elites had established widespread popularity in the UK. They have done very well with an economical cigalike that gets the job done for maky UK vapers.

Now with massive backing and a solid product, they will be in an excellent position to compete.

If only we could get that type of approach to travel across the Atlantic Ocean and to our shores. Then we might be able to get a true free market that allowed for small e cigarette companies as well as big ones like Mark Ten, Njoy, Blu and Vuse to make their case to the public.

It's important to empower small brands and foster a free market for e-cigarette brands other than those controlled by the big tobacco companies such as Mark Ten.

Often the best quality e cigs won’t be able to get their name out there like the big guys on TV, but even if the word about ecigs in general gets out there it helps the cause. Inevitably consumers will go looking for something better, some of them landing here at Expert Vaping of course, but that exposure to e-cigs in various channel will help get them going.

We already know our friends in the UK are on the right track with TV advertising; the question is when are we going to get on board too. We’ll keep reading, listening, and watching, waiting for it to happen.