The ecig benefits list is long and robust, a fact you may already know. You probably already know that vaping instead of smoking means you won’t stink up your clothes or your house. It means you’ll spend less money, expanding your budget. It means you’ll feel better about your lifestyle and others will feel better being around you. Each of those things are a given at this point, but it doesn’t end there. The list of ecig benefits keeps growing and the latest research shows we can add a new one to it; vaping reduces post-surgery risks.

If you’ve ever had surgery, and we pray that isn’t the case, you know there are certain things all doctors are going to tell you. Depending on the type of surgery you are having, they’ll advise all sorts of things that will benefit you during and after you go under the knife. If you’re a smoker, you will definitely be told to try and stop or at least cut down on your habit before and after surgery. This is because regularly smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes can often cause post-operative complications, and doctors are trying to reduce that risk as much as possible.

Smoking cigarettes can severely hinder the healing process after a major surgery, but going under the knife doesn't cure the addiction so some doctors have found that vaping after surgery are helping some smokers stay tobacco free after their surgeries.

That’s why they tell smokers to cut it out after surgery, at least for a few weeks. For vapers like us, we clearly see this as one of the ecig benefits we have grown accustomed to. If a doctor had told me to stop smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, I would have no problem just picking up an ecig instead. Of course once I did that, I may not want to go back to smoking at all, right? It turns out that doctors at the Mayo Clinic are coming to the same conclusion. After they put their assertions to the test, they found out just how much ecigs can help their patients.

Mayo Clinic Backs Ecig Benefits

For the Mayo Clinic to get behind ecig benefits in any way, shape, or form is a big thing. It’s big because the Mayo Clinic is a world-renowned medical and research group. This isn’t some local free clinic we are talking about, which brings another level of respectability to what the Mayo Clinic in Rochester is telling us.

The results of the study came after tracking 75 patients who were classified as smokers. These patients were asked to use electronic cigarettes when they felt they wanted to smoke and researchers tracked the data. All told, 87% of the patients did try vaping as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The famed Mayo Clinic has now issued it's own statement in reference to the benefits of e-cigs over smoking.

On average, patients were able to halve the number of cigarettes they smoked after surgery, thus more closely following their doctor’s recommendations. This is summed up in the research study, where the authors explain, “The major finding of this feasibility study was that when cigarette smokers scheduled for elective surgery were offered free ENDS at the time of pre-anesthesia evaluation, a high proportion utilized them in the perioperative period, with an associated reduction in cigarette consumption.”

So here we have doctors and patients who are both happy with this experiment, and we can assume that they were also safer post-surgery than they otherwise would have been. The other interesting thing is that it doesn’t end there. Apparently the patients took these ecig benefits to heart, because even after 30 days more than half of them told researchers that they would continue vaping. These are people who weren’t into vaping, but were willing to try it out so as to help their post-surgery recovery. Little did they suspect that they would be so pleased with the results.

As more people turn away from cigarettes and toward vaping as an alternative the benefits found by those using e-cigarettes are becoming a lengthy list.

Now you have patients who may be looking at that quit smoking timeline and realizing that it doesn’t have to be that hard to get there. Most have probably tried before, but now having tried ecigs an entire new world of opportunity has shown itself. That’s the kind of impact that electronic cigarettes can and do have on smokers, and on the world in general. It’s something that we know well about here, but now even the doctors at the prestigious Mayo Clinic understand that ecig benefits can truly help smokers.