The worlds most respected source for vape reviews and news is undergoing a complete redesign to reinvent itself with a fresh look and improved user experience.

The website formerly known as Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews, a central hub for consumers to visit for e-cigarette reviews, which launched in 2011, will continue to provide the same level of comprehensive information related to vaping, exclusive product coupons, the latest deals, vape reviews and vape news under their rebranded identity, Expert Vaping.

This team of experienced professionals garnered the attention and respect of the vape community as ECCR, and will continue to be an essential resource to the community as Expert Vaping. Under new management, their goal remains to provide the best info pertaining to ecigs and the vape industry with honesty and accuracy.

Their professional research and testing team is ultimately focused on establishing themselves as the most informative source for industry related vaping news, product reviews on vape pens, vape mods, vaporizers, vape juice and related products from the best vape brands.

Since the new site design, Expert Vaping has expanded to larger offices in Los Angeles, California where they now employ over 15 review specialists to accommodate for more product reviews and the inclusion of their focused team devoted specifically to wax, dab and dry herb vaporizer reviews. All product testing is conducted in-house and offers electronic cigarette consumers unbiased vape reviews on a wide variety of popular and most widely celebrated vape products being offered by the major vape companies dominating the ecig market.

With a rapidly growing variety of e-cigarette products on the market from a competitive range of vape companies, our aim is to target those vape related items most likely to be seen by the vaping community as well as the general public. It is important to us that the vaping public is able to easily find the best ecigs that the market has to offer with minimal hassle and without wasting their investment on equipment that doesn’t perform up to both our standards and those of the most important people; the ones using them. Our comprehensive testing methods take one of the most meticulous approaches to determining the ultimate value of each product to aid those reading our reviews in making a purchase with confidence that will bring them enjoyable, satisfying vapor and help them remain smoke free.

  • Vape Mod Reviews

We perform reviews for some of the best vape mods offered by popular vape brands like Mig Vapor, V2 Cigs, Juul, Halo Cigs and Apollo eCigs to ensure users receive the most accurate and useful information from a source they can trust. With a thorough background of both e cig technology and vape mod design we take an insider’s look into the products dominating the industry to bring the vaping community insightful reviews created from experienced, extensive hands-on testing using the specific vape mods we craft critiques for. At Expert Vaping you’ll find a creative approach to each analysis paired with professional problem solving backgrounds that specialize in vaping to help users see in detail whether each vape mod is the perfect upgrade for their future investments.

As the focus of vaping shifts toward devices optimized for use with a range of materials, our vaporizer reviews take a closer look at the most popular products optimized for use with weed as well as traditional vape juice. We have a dedicated, in-house team which is staffed by former industry professionals with extensive knowledge and experience vaping cannabis flowers, dry material, loose leaf, wax, dabs, extracts and a range of concentrates. Our goal is to provide users with the well-rounded research they require to make their next purchase of a vaporizer designed for vaping a variety of cannabis products and herbs with the informed confidence of a true expert. Each vaporizer review we perform takes into account a wide scope of factors to determine whether a device performs as it should and how its value measures up to the retail cost.

  • Vape Pen Reviews

Looking at the broadest vaping device variety, our vape pen reviews take a closer look at the technology that is mobilizing the world away from combustion and into the waiting arms of ecigs and mods. With a watchful eye on the engineering and design shaping the future of compact vape products, we put the collective knowledge of our team of experienced vapers to work assessing the quality of the components, performance and functionality of every vape pen we test. It’s important to Expert Vaping that our users get the ideal compact vape device to serve their preferences and expectations for a satisfying experience that helps them remain tobacco free. Each of our vape pen reviews is constructed with as much integrity and detail as the products themselves in order to aid our readers in the search for the best ecigs at the most affordable price.

With artfully designed labels popping up in every corner of the internet every day, it can be overwhelming to select an e juice flavor from a brand that users can trust. Our vape juice reviews are designed to simplify the process of discovering which e-liquids make the grade and which fail to pass muster. Our team of juice experts take a taste of every bottle that crosses their desk to give users a better idea of what they can expect before they drop it in their tanks. There is little more disappointing in the world of vaping than an e cig juice that doesn’t deliver tasty flavor that you can vape through an entire bottle of. With this in mind, our goal is to give readers an effective basis for understanding what their vape juice should taste like, what certain flavors are supposed to summon the essence of, and how some of the top vape juice brands may be missing the mark with taste profiles that don’t deliver the delicious vapor they promise. We vape the popular flavors clearing vape shop shelves all over the globe to bring readers the most insightful observations into the quality, taste and creative chemistry behind the top ejuices.

Follow Expert Vaping as we cover all the top stories for the top brands makes waves across the e-cigarette community. Our comprehensive coverage of all facets surrounding vaping includes industry news, new product releases, announcements, product upgrades, special editions, FDA regulations, government legislation, helpful articles, as well as tips and tricks that may be the key to better vaping. We look into the latest reports pouring out of the companies the vaping community trusts to bring readers the information they need to improve their experience, protect themselves and safeguard the future of vaping. We’ll provide all the details as they unfold of everything from developments in cutting edge technology to how the fate of vaping may be reshaped by the overregulation of flavors. If it’s vape news that’s sweeping the globe we’ll be on top of it to take a closer look at the information forging the future of vaping through the eyes of industry insiders as well as the vaping population.

Recommended Vape Companies

We look at the top vape brands dominating the vape landscape of e cigarettes, vape mods, vaporizers, and vape juice blends to discover how their most successful products measure up to the competition and why they have maintained consistent popularity and brand loyalty among members of the vaping community.

V2 Cigs — One of the top selling brands for both entry level cig-a-likes and 3-in-1 compact vaporizers, they have retained a seat at the top of the best vape companies for all levels of vaping experience.

Mig Vapor — Pushing the boundaries of effective pocket vaporizer technology optimized for e juice, flower, wax dabs, extracts and concentrates, this company is as well known for their creative device designs as they are for their user-friendly and advanced functionality.

Halo Cigs — This company carved out a name for themselves as one of the foremost manufacturers of premium e-liquids, however, their name has come to signify a top destination for entry level ecigs and their lines of high quality vape mod upgrades.

Juul — A fast-growing vape juggernaut, this e-cig manufacturer has enjoyed massive popularity from their compact entry-level vape pens which have become one of the most popular vaping devices the world over with celebrity endorsements.

Apollo eCigs — They made a successful name for themselves early on with affordable e cigarettes and vape mods, though their name has endured as they expanded into some of the most popular vape juice varieties available.