Presently, thousands of e-juice flavors are available to choose from and while this is an appealing draw for vapers, it has created a great deal of concern for government agencies. The FDA set their sights on outlawing e-juice flavors in a similarly to tobacco products. While many vapers happily stick to flavors like tobacco and menthol, a ruling against flavor variety would cripple the e-cig industry, specifically small businesses that produce celebrated flavors that users have chosen as they’re primary vape juice.

With the intention of curbing new smokers and eventually create a tobacco-free country, organizations such as the FDA and CDC are pushing for stronger regulation of all tobacco products, a category that unfortunately includes vaping. These agencies see nicotine as an addictive drug that creates an unhealthy, life-long attachment for young people. However, they do not take the potential health benefits of the stimulant, even though there are studies being conducted into its use as a possible treatment for chronic ailments such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

E-Juice Flavors Are Responsible For Vaping Growth

In fact, the benefits of vaping on society have a measurable impact that can be statistically proven. To explain, the rates of teen and underage smoking have fallen consistently as more smokers have turned to ecigs. Whether it’s the wealth of e-juice flavors that initially drew them to vaping or not, many have managed to stick with their e-cigarettes and blow the smoke from their lives.

With this in mind, the statistics on teen smoking have steadily been in decline since the introduction of e-cigs into the consumer market. Not only have the majority of middle and high school students susceptible to experimentation given up tobacco in favor of e-cigs, but the numbers of those regularly vaping is falling as well. There is a factor that needs to be studied surrounding the influence of older role models and authority figures in the lives of teens giving up smoking.

Until data is collected on the impact of vaping on the decline of smoking across the board, pulling e-juice flavors from the shelves may be a hasty action that could have irreversible ramifications. Essentially, if vape flavors are what drew a smoker away from their tobacco, but suddenly all they have is tobacco and menthol, what’s to stop them from simply returning to cigarettes? The potential outlawing of vape flavors could reverse a massive turnover in smoking statistics that has taken place with the popularity of vaping.