The South Beach Smoke “Air e-cigarette” is the latest in their e-cigarette product lineup. It’s space age appearance looks something like the blending of the laser pointer your 10th grade math teacher used and a full on Vader-esque light saber. There are a lot of different types of mods and ecigs, but this does not fit any previous mold.

If you are a shy person, not to worry, if you pull out the South Beach Smoke Air electronic cigarette at a party, people will come up to you and, after staring for a moment, ask you all about it. Instant icebreaker!

The Air vape mod from South Beach Smoke is the ideal transition from single-use e-cigarettes to vape mods.

The Air is not just about good looks it also has substance. With a 350 mAh battery and large capacity tank all the elements are present to produce a lot of vapor. The Air ecig batteries and tanks are all contained within the 4-inch long, shimmering stainless steel South Beach Smoke Air electronic cigarette as the engineers have done a phenomenal job maximizing space while maintaining functionality and style.

The cap is designed to ensure that contaminants like dust and dirt do not affect the vaping experience and keeps it clean and sanitary. More vapor, less germs …. Sounds good to us! This is an innovative product; there is no doubt about it.

Another aspect of South Beach’s efforts to enhance their industry profile is the offering of more than 50 different e liquid USA made options. In fact, you have the additional option of blending existing flavors to create something totally new. The Air ecig is an ideal product to enjoy some of the best e liquids, and yummiest, available today.

If you have read our South Beach Smoke review, you know that they are basically known for a decent product given their price category. Generally speaking, we don’t hear too many South Beach Smoke complaints from our readers.

With this bold, new product it appears that South Beach is upping its game and working toward positioning itself as a top player in the industry. At Expert Vaping, we always look for evolution and improvement and we have seen that from South Beach Smoke.

For example, in our initial review we urged South Beach to offer a bolder, stronger nicotine level of 24 mg to satisfy heavier smokers. They now indeed offer a 24 mg option to customers available in a multitude of different flavors. South Beach takes customer service very seriously and it shows. As stylish, efficient and sophisticated as the Air is, you would think that it would come with a high price tag but this is not the case at all. The South Beach Smoke Air Starter Kit costs only $29.99.

The AIR kit from South Beach Smoke is an all in one cartomizer-powered e-cigarette.

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If you have been using cig-alikes for some time and have been considering trying a new mod style electronic cigarette this may be the ideal product for you. It is very portable, comfortable to hold and, thanks to a powerful battery, gets the most from you e-liquid. As for looking stylish, that’s a bonus, too!