Where can you get soft tip electronic cigarettes now? A lot of people are asking us this question because NJOY has gone out of business. One of the main reasons that people liked NJOY ecigs was because of the soft, realistic tips. Soft tipped ecigs feel more like the real thing when you are vaping and given the oral aspect of smoking addiction, more closely mimicking the feel is sometimes preferred by adult tobacco consumers. We understand that. And look, no worry, there is another company that has e-cigarettes with realistic tips. In fact, they are called Smoke Tip!

A soft tip e-cigarette has a natural, familiar feel. That’s the idea behind an electronic cigarette with a soft tip. Many people have been using Njoy electronic cigarettes for that very reason. Now that Njoy has announced that they are declaring bankruptcy we want to reassure you that there is a hidden gem of an ecig brand that is still going strong and making soft tip ecig filters.

Demonstration of the flexibility and size of the disposable e-cigs analog soft tip compared to the common e-cig's hard tip.

Smoke Tip electronic cigarettes has been in this business long before most of today’s vapers had even heard of an e-cig! As time has gone on and vaping has moved away from cigalikes and toward every more advanced devices, Smoke Tip has been largely lost in the shuffle. They are one of the early e-cigarette brands and they know what they are doing.

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Realistic Feeling Ecig Filter Cartridges

One thing that you should be aware of with realistic feeling ecig filter cartridges is that it is not a good idea to chew them or compress them too much. They do have the realistic feel but obviously they are very different from cigarette filters. Inside the soft tip electronic cigarette cartridges is absorbent material that contains the e-liquid that is converted into vapor. Overly compressing the absorbent material is akin to squeezing a sponge. You may cause the e-liquid to leak out of the top of the cartridge.

Eon Smoke disposable e-cigarettes in range of colors and flavors including Sands, President, Wrangler, Tobacco, Frost and Menthol.

So a realistic soft tip e-cig cartridge has a natural feel which is great for a transition vapor product, but they are not meant to be chewed on as they are a bit more delicate. Smoke Tip is your best bet to get high quality soft tip electronic cigarettes. In all, they have 22 different cartridge flavors to choose from. You can get 20 cartridges right now for $15. That price makes Smoke Tip one of the better deals in vaping and is the reason why we have long identified Smoke Tip as one of the best vape kit values in the business.

Swisher disposable 18mg soft-tip e-cigarette with classic, natural, smooth tobacco flavor.

The main thing that I wanted to convey here is that if you were an Njoy customer and loved the feel of vaping Njoy e-cigs you have probably been wondering what you will do now. Where can you get a soft tipped e-cig now? Well the answer to that question is Smoke Tip.

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Smok Tip Electronic Cigarettes

Smoke Tip Electronic Cigarettes are a proven brand and they do an excellent job combining quality and value. These are not disposable e-cigarettes like Njoy. Smoke Tip relies on a 2-piece rechargeable electronic cigarette design. This is much better than using disposable because you get a lot more value for your dollars. Replacing a disposable ecig costs $8 to $10. Replacing a Smoke Tip cartridge on your rechargeable ecig battery costs a buck or less depending on how many you buy.

Smoketip e-cigarettes in five and ten piece packages.

We did a full Smoke Tip electronic cigarette review and we were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the vaping experience provided by Smoke Tip ecigs. The flavors are very good and the vapor production is solid. Solid os the word. Smoke Tip is a solid choice and a perfect option for vapers and adult tobacco consumers who want a soft tip ecig cartridge.

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The Smoke Tip Starter Kit sells for $49.95 and you can use our coupon code ECCR10 to save 10% off of that price. So take $5 off right there. The kit comes with 5 cartridges. You can buy 20 additional soft tip cartridges when you buy the kit for only $14.95. By the way our coupon applies to cartridge purchases as well.

Soft Tip Electronic Cigarettes Cartridges

EGo atomizer disposable mouthpiece test caps in use on brightly colored e-cigarettes.

There are three Smoke Tip soft tip electronic cigarette cartridges. You can get regular tobacco, smooth blend tobacco and menthol flavor. Each option has four different nicotine strength levels to choose from. The nicotine levels available are 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg and 16 mg. We would like to see one additional stronger nicotine level closer to the 20 mg mark. As it stands 16 is as high as it goes for now and that can still be satisfying vape even if you like a stringer hit.

Your best bet if you want soft tip electronic cigarettes is Smoke Tip. You will be getting a solid product and a great value. Smoke Tip is the perfect choice for Njoy vapers wondering where to turn next. We are talking about a trusted brand that has been around for many years.