So you’re probably asking yourself… “What is the best disposable electronic cigarette?” Well, Expert Vaping has pulled through and we’re going to give you the run down on our top 2 choices.  We’ll take the guess work out of it so that you don’t get stuck with a less-than-stellar disposable ecig.

Disposable e cigarettes are an all-in-one choice for people that are constantly on the go. They can also be a great help to those who are trying electronic cigarettes for the first time and really just want to try a particular ecig brand before they buy.The disposable electronic cigarettes manufactured today, aren’t anything like they were in the past.

Almost every company with a good head on their shoulders has a disposable that is compact, highly portable and ready to use right out of the package. Without further ado, let us introduce our top 2 picks for best disposable electronic cigarettes:

#1 White Cloud “Fling” Disposable E-cigarettes

The White Cloud Fling is a disposable single-use e-cigarette in Rich Tobacco flavor.

Electronic Cigarette companies such as White Cloud have carefully crafted their disposable electronic cigarette. With time and a lot of engineering behind it’s design, it’s sure to blow your wig back. The entire e-cigarette is all one piece and comes with a fully pre-charged battery.

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You may be asking yourself… “What’s so great about the Fling?” Well, when we were reviewing many of the disposable e cigarettes on offer, we were content with some of them, however – White Cloud stood out. We felt like we were sitting on white cloud #9 enjoying an entirely different experience than we had with many of the starter kits and other disposables we had tried. The throat hit, the vapor production, the nicotine satisfaction. Everything was there… even the design of the product. It’s lightweight, looks and feels like a traditional cigarette.

The throat hit, the vapor production, the nicotine satisfaction. Everything was there… even the design of the product. It’s lightweight, looks and feels like a traditional cigarette.

The White Cloud Fling comes in an assortment of single-use flavors including tobacco, menthol, vanilla, bora bora and lime & coconut.

White Cloud Fling disposable e cigarettes are what we believe to be the best disposable electronic cigarette to date. Whether they are still the best disposable in coming months, only time will tell. For right now though – we’re confident in giving them our recommendation.

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On a side note here, White Cloud has just announced price drops on all of their disposable Fling ecigs. This now makes them the most affordable and highest quality disposable on the market at the time of this writing!

The video below demonstrates just how excited we are about their disposable e cigarettes.

#2 Green Smoke Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

If you’ve read our Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review where we raved about the quality of their Green Smoke Starter Kits, you shouldn’t be too surprised to see them listed here as one of the best disposable electronic cigarettes. We’ve given Green Smoke an A+ for their efforts to produce a quality disposable ecig. That’s not to say other brands aren’t “good” – we’re simply saying that aside from White Cloud, we have Green Smoke as the next runner up.

UPDATE: Green Smoke E-Cigs no longer offered disposable electronic cigarettes:( It’s too bad, too, because their disposables were so much better than anything you will ever find in a gas station or convenience store.

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Green Smoke, like White Cloud stood out to us. Their Vapors disposables are almost a perfect replication of what you’ll experience if you purchase one of their e-cig starter kits. If you are considering Green Smoke as a permanent solution to your tobacco habit, but aren’t quite sure yet whether you want to pony up the cash for the full kit until you’ve tried it – then Green Smoke’s Vapors Disposable Ecigarette is the perfect choice. You can try before you buy. We only wish Green Smoke would start offering single Vapors disposables as well. By the time you’ve bought the 6-pack, you could have almost purchased one of their economy starter kits.

Their Vapors disposables are almost a perfect replication of what you’ll experience if you purchase one of their e-cig starter kits.

But hey….once you’ve experienced the Vapors disposable ecig from Green Smoke,  we’re confident that most of you will more than likely be ready to make a decision to by a starter kit.

The Green Smoke disposables come in a display containing both tobacco and menthol flavors.

There’s no right and wrong here ladies and gentlemen, both are the right decision. If we were to break it down to you, it’d be something like this:

White Cloud: They aim to impress. They want you to love their product and would love for you to purchase their higher end product after the first encounter with their disposable. However, the disposables are so good…some people just fuel their smoking habit using just “Flings”. They’re that good. Another thing to note, is they also offer stronger nicotine levels than Green Smoke. White Cloud offers a simply yum-tastic 5.4% (54mg) XX Strength level. If you’re looking for that extra “kick” and can’t find it in any of the brands you’ve tried… White Cloud is your best bet.

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Green Smoke: Their aim is to lead you to the dark side where they have really good cookies! (Ha) On a more serious note, Green Smoke aims towards long term relations. They know that once you try their disposable, you’ll be convinced to buy their starter kits. 50 percent of their customer base will probably vouch that they’ve tried the disposable first, and then fell in love. Green Smoke does an excellent job at replicating the experience of their starter kits within their disposables.

To be clear, our overall favorite amongst the disposable ecigs is White Cloud’s “Fling”. If you’re more into a disposable that mimics the taste of a real tobacco cigarette a bit better, and you love lots of thick vapor, we would recommend Green Smoke’s Vapors.

Conclusion: Both are great products. You really can’t go wrong with either.

The Green Smoke single use Vapors disposable e-cigs come in Tobacco or Menthol flavors.

UPDATE: Green Smoke is out of the disposable game. They have been so successful with their streamlined new Green Smoke starter kit options that they have decided to no longer sell disposable e-cigs.

White Cloud is still offering exceptional quality disposable ecigs. White Cloud Flings are fantastic!

The only other reputable, quality American ecig brand offering a full line of disposable e-cigarettes is V2. You can check out V2 cigs disposables right here.

We hope you find the right disposable vape for you! We know that all of the fancy mods are popular right now but you can’t beat a disposable for travel, camping. They are just so convenient and hassle free!