Atlantic Cigs is a newer e-cigarette company that started operations at the end of 2013. When they first opened their doors, they had a basic cig-a-like starter kit and five e-cig cartridge flavors. As they say, that was then and this is now. In just over a year, they went from those humble beginning to offering a range of e-cigarette products and e-liquids in 38 different flavors with more expected very soon.

Everything You Need To Know About Atlantic Cigs!

atlantic cigs is a quickly evolving brand that is committed to its customers

In other words, Atlantic Cigs is very quickly evolving. That’s always a good sign that an e-cigarette brand is committed to the industry and to you, the customer.

We should not be surprised, even though Atlantic Cigs is new, the people behind it have been involved in the e-cig industry since the beginnings.

New e juice flavors for vaping
Resistant e cigarette kits

Atlantic Cigs Ocean Kit Ecig Reviews

The first e-cigarette review of an Atlantic Cigs product was the Ocean Starter kit. It is a complete e-cig kit with two batteries, chargers, cartridges and mini-ecig tanks. It is in the price range of most kits in its category.

Unfortunately, the Ocean Kit did not meet all of our expectations although there were several bright points. To get all the nitty-gritty details read the e-cigarette review and check out the review video.

Atlantic Cigs Nautilus Ecig Reviews

Up next is the Atlantic Cigs Nautilus mod e-cigarette review that we completed . The Atlantic Nautilus is very lightweight due to utilizing plastic food grade parts. It is very easy to use and showed a definite flair for e-cig design and innovation.

It takes a long time to complete a thorough e-cig review but in the end we are determined to give you accurate results. At the end of the extended period of testing, the Nautilus finished with top grades across the board.

the nautilus received excellent marks at the end of its 7 week review run

Read the review and watch the e-cig review video to get all of the details. One thing to watch for, notice how smooth the twist and click feature works and how easy it is to use overall.

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Also take a look at the e-cig consumer review section to see what Atlantic customers have to say. You can also leave your own consumer e-cig review!