Tobacco giant Altria, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, has launched the Mark Ten E-Cig. It is a standard cig-a-like design with a gimmicky ‘four-draw cartridge’, which simply means that there are four holes to draw vapor from rather than one.

They've also dubbed it an “e-vapor device” instead of the casual and more familiar term, “ecig”.

Expert Vaping has reached out to our sources to find legitimate ecigarette reviews to try and get a basic picture of the quality of the MarkTen E-cig.

First, we will start with some background on the Mark Ten electronic cigarette. Industry watchers have been waiting for the arrival of the Mark Ten for years.

lorillard purchased blu cigs and its british counterpart skycig

There was a lot of wonder and speculation about what the MarkTen would look like, how it would work and how it might impact the industry. Regardless of the quality, Mark Ten is destined to capture a share of the market for two overriding reasons, impulse buying and convenience.

Big Tobacco has an overpowering weapon that no independent electronic cigarette brand can compete with, specifically a massive distribution network, which translates into Mark Ten e-cigs being available in every corner store and gas station from here to Timbuktu, and probably even suburban Timbuktu!

The convenience store and gas station market for electronic cigarettes is basically dominated by four ecig brands. They are Blu Cigs, Logic Ecig, Njoy and Vuse. RJ Reynolds developed Vuse. Logic Ecig is not owned by Big Tobacco but they are led by a former Big Tobacco executive with access to extensive distribution channels, which is why you also see Logic Ecigs every time you stop for gas or a Big Gulp.

Lorillard purchased Blu Cigs and its British counterpart SkyCig. Ultimately, Reynolds bought out Lorillard and dumped the Blu Cig in favor of its own creation, the Vuse. It’s been a soap opera to say the least! But the point is that the companies that are either owned by Big Tobacco or have Big Tobacco connections are the ones dominating convenience store and gas station sales.

All of these brands, including the Mark Ten E-cig, sell for a standard base price of $10.00 to $12.00 with cartridges costing about $3.00 each.

None of the aforementioned electronic cigarettes would ever be mistaken for one of the best ecig brands but their marketing and distribution budgets allow them to compensate for less than optimal quality. Vape shops have made a dent in the sales figures of the convenience store cig-a-likes and that may be an indication that the consumer market is becoming more knowledgeable about vaping.

Be that as it may, look for the MarkTen Ecig to experience a nice jump-start in terms of sales figures. At the end of the day, they will be so accessible and put in front of so many consumers that they will probably be very successful.

Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

If you haven't already seen them, e-cigs could be headed to your local convenience store including the Mark Ten.

Right now, 7 out of 10 cigarettes are bought in convenience stores and gas stations. Mark Ten e-cigarettes will be sold at the exact same places where 70% of smokers buy their cigarettes. The Mark Ten electronic cigarette will have the advantage of being placed right in front of consumers whereas the best ecig brands are typically sold online.

Big Tobacco may not have the same commitment to quality as the best ecig brands, but they do have the ability to put electronic cigarettes in front of smokers everywhere.

Smokers are in the habit of satisfying nicotine cravings via the most convenient means possible. It stands to reason that many of them will maintain their buying habits and by e-cigarettes from the same vendors who sell tobacco cigarettes. Big Tobacco owns those distribution channels and consumers will be seeing a lot of Vuse, Logic and Mark Ten.

Many estimates indicate that as many as 40% of smokers have at least tried e-cigarettes. Sadly, many of them end up going back to smoking tobacco. The problem is that many of these people probably tried an e-cig that they bought at a local convenience store. After finding that vaping did not satisfy their cravings they decided that all e-cigarettes are generally alike so case closed. E-cigarettes are definitely not all alike and some are far superior to others.

The problem is that the ecig brands that trend to fall toward the lower end of the quality spectrum are exactly the same brands that you find in the places where you used to buy your cigarettes.

Convenience store e-cigs usually do not measure up to the quality of the vaping experience provided by the best ecigs. In cases where the quality is there, most often the flavor and nicotine options are so limited that they cannot satisfy even a small percentage of smokers.

Beyond basic quality issues, buying from a retailer is not the most advantageous situation for a consumer. The advantages of buying e-cigs online are tremendous. The value is obvious, you buy direct from the company so you diminish your exposure to retail markup. You also build a relationship directly with the company rather than through a third party retailer. You also always get fresh stock rather than buying a product that has been sitting on a shelf collecting dust for who knows how long.

The next question for us is whether or not Mark Ten e-cigarette is just another pretender with a lot of hype behind it or is it a quality e-cig that can provide smokers with the alternative that they deserve?

Ecigarette Reviews

Expert Vaping is known industry wide for delivering the best ecigarette reviews in the business. Our review specialists take a great deal of pride in their reviews and they do not miss a single detail. When you read our reviews and watch our review videos, you will see that we provide precise performance details based on weeks, sometimes months, of extensive testing.

Suffice to say that any electronic cigarette brand that has made our top ten e-cigarette list has been put through the gauntlet of testing and met our uncompromising standards. The e-cig reviews that you find here are unbiased and comprehensive. The driving force behind Expert Vaping is our integrity and the trust that our readers place in us to tell them the unvarnished truth.

Our readers have also submitted a number of ecig consumer reviews that you can use as an additional resource in determining the best choice for you as an individual.

Remember, there are almost 500 e-cig brands out there today. Most are terrible but some are truly amazing. The good news is that as a consumer, you have all the power. You do not have to buy some brand that a tobacco company puts on a store shelf right in front of you. You do not have to limit yourself. You can buy from a quality company and build a relationship with them directly.

We will be testing the Mark Ten Ecig in the near future and as soon as we complete our testing we will share the results with you. Mark Ten customers are encouraged to share their experiences in the comments section. Your feedback may help someone else make a successful choice.

For our purposes today, we will cover the basics of the Mark Ten and share with you some of the experiences of real consumers.

Mark Ten E-Cigs

Mark Ten E-Cigs, a big tobacco entrant into the close-knit world of vaping.

The Mark Ten e-cigarette is a cig-a-like model that resembles the appearance of a tobacco cigarette. The body of the ecig is the battery and the top, resembling a cigarette butt, is the cartridge.

Like most cig-a-likes, it is a rechargeable battery that can be charged by plugging the device into a standard USB port on any computer.

Cartridges containing the heating element, the atomizer, and the e-liquid are attached to the battery and all you have to do is puff on the device just as you would a tobacco cigarette. The micro chip situated above the battery detects when you inhale and activates the battery and heat source to produce vapor.

Most ecigs deliver the vapor through a single exit hole in the device. The Mark Ten electronic cigarette actually has four holes. The company claims that four holes equate to a smoother draw and more vapor.

Mark Ten cartridges are available in two flavors, Classic (a tobacco flavor) and Menthol. The e-liquid inside the cartridge is a propylene glycol based solution that also contains nicotine and flavoring. For those unaware, propylene is a food additive that is found in everything from asthma inhalers to your toothpaste. It is nothing to be afraid of!

The fact that there are only two flavor options is a concern. The flavors may be fine but the best electronic cigarettes typically offer consumers far more flavor options. This is important because many vapers eventually come to find that they detest the taste of tobacco. Not everyone, but many. In fact, more than half of the people that have made the switch to vaping prefer non-tobacoo flavors. The Mark Ten e-cigarette just limits your flavor options.

Speaking of limited options, there is only one nicotine level available. Mark Ten ecigs are available with 1.5%, or 15 mg, nicotine. Choosing the right nicotine level is absolutely crucial if you are going to be successful in making the switch to e-cigs.

Smokers cannot all be lumped into one big basket. With 1 billion smokers world wide, imagine the sheer amount of wicker that would be necessary. Kidding! Jokes aside, no two smokers are the same. Some people smoke a pack every two days, some a pack per day, some three packs a day! Obviously, every individual will have a different level of nicotine cravings.

Green Smoke e-cigarettes are among the best selling e-cigs and cig-a-likes of all time, their Ultimate Kit comes with everything you need to keep you smoke-free.

A nicotine level of 1.5 mg will have difficulty satisfying a pack per day smoker. For a lighter smoker, it might be okay. Still, when you consider that the good e-cig brands offer consumers far more options, why would you devote your hard earned dollars to a brand that basically tells you what options you can have. Shouldn't it be the other way around? It would be advisable for MarkTen to look into offering more variety in both flavors and nicotine levels.

The Mark Ten Ecig does offer a 90-day guarantee, which is not bad. Of course many of the best ecigs offer lifetime guarantees. So you see, even a cursory glance at this new product quickly identifies serious shortcomings in relation to the quality brands that Expert Vaping recommends.

Let’s talk more about customer service. Mark ten does have an 800 number accessible at certain times of day. Still, if you ever need to deal with faulty cartridges or batteries, you will probably be left with a cumbersome process of working through the store where you bought it in the first place. This is why where to buy electronic cigarettes is so pivotal.

When you buy from a reputable brand online, you build a direct relationship with the company. You have instant access to customer service in an online environment. You can also take advantage of savings and specials and you never have to worry about having to stop at a store to pick up cartridges.

Just like you have limited options when it comes to flavors and nicotine levels, when you buy retail you also have limited options for customer service.

Mark Ten E-Cig Reviews

Consumers have been sounding off about their experiences vaping the new Mark Ten electronic cigarette. Here is what people have had to say so far:

  • The first time I bought a battery I found out that they did not include any cartridges. Once I bought the cartridges and tried it I found that the flavors were too mild to even notice.
  • The battery seems pretty solid, I was surprised at the quality considering the price.
  • I loved the menthol flavor; it was not too strong like most.
  • The four draw technology made absolutely no difference whatsoever.
  • The cartridge only lasts 2 hours (puff count not mentioned).
  • The vapor cloud is almost unnoticeable.
  • I could barely sense any throat hit. It is too mild.

Judging by the grapevine, it seems that the Mark Ten is a very light vape. Not surprising given the 15 mg nicotine level. From our early assessment, it seems to fall into the same performance category as the Vuse, Blu and other brands that you find on the shelves of corner stores. No wonder so many smokers are getting the wrong idea of what vaping can truly be.

Best E-Cigs

Atlantic's the Wave Rechargeable e-cigarette comes with two flavor cartridges and USB charger.

The best e-cigs are the ones that work for you. For one person, it may be a high-powered mod that creates enough vapor to conceal Godzilla from the doomed masses unknowingly walking into fire-breathing reptilian disaster. For another person, it might be a cig-a-like that closely mimics the ritual of smoking that has been part of his or her life for decades. The best electronic cigarette is the one that satisfies you.

The best e-cigs that meet Expert Vaping standards are expected to meet certain performance criteria. For example, a quality electronic cigarette refill cartridge should last at least as long as a pack of tobacco cigarettes. That is 200 puffs. The flavor and vapor should also be consistent with every puff.

Likewise a battery should last for at least 200 puffs. The battery should also be able to recharge quickly and efficiently. The consistency we mention relies on a high quality battery and equally high quality cartridge components. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Here is why quality counts. All ecigs use lithium ion battery technology. The purity of the lithium is essential for efficiently charging and discharging. Charged ions are smoothly transferred trough high-grade lithium. Low-grade lithium will have impurities that will interrupt the smooth transfer of charged particles. Cheap, low quality ecigs use cheap components that lead to inconsistent vaping.

A high quality heating element in the cartridge itself is necessary for consistency. Ecig brands that you find in gas stations and convenience stores are generic products that are mass-produced and pushed into the market as fast as possible. Most often, the heating elements (atomizers) are notorious for producing a lot of vapor one puff and almost zero vapor the next. Inconsistency is the hallmark of low quality materials.

The best ecigs are consistent, sturdy, offer great flavor and nicotine options and are known for excellent customer service. They are also an excellent overall value.

If you are looking for cig-a-like brands there are a few that we strongly recommend.

White Cloud Cigarettes

The Cirrus 3 e-cigarettes by White Cloud comes with three e-cigs, USB chargers and a package of flavor cartridges.

White Cloud Cigarettes is a Tampa Florida based ecig company that excels in all areas. Not only do they make one of the best electronic cigarettes available today, they are bring manufacturing back to the USA creating American jobs. No wonder they are regarded as a top employer in Tampa.

White Cloud recently relocated the entirety of their cartridge production process from overseas to the US.

As our White Cloud Cigarettes review clearly demonstrates, the Cirrus 3X battery may be the most advanced and longest lasting that you will find. White Cloud cartridges last for the equivalent of more than two packs of cigarettes.

There are also 19 flavor choices and 6 different nicotine levels to choose from. With White Cloud Cigarettes, you are given ample options.

Use coupon code WCKIT15 to save 15% off of your starter kit purchase. Click here to visit White Cloud Cigarettes.

Green Smoke

Green Smoke has been regarded as the best e-cig for the past several years and with very good reason. Green Smoke has left nothing to chance when designing their top quality electronic cigarette.

When you read our Green Smoke review or watch our Green Smoke review video, you will see first-hand exactly how amazing this e-cig is. For anyone who says that cig-a-likes do not produce huge vapor, they have never tried Green Smoke. Fantastic flavor, vapor and consistency.

To put it in terms that anyone can understand, Green Smoke is a vapor monster. With many flavors and nicotine levels to choose from, the options available meet the needs of the most demanding consumers.

To save 15% off of a Green Smoke starter kit, use coupon code Expert Vaping15. Click here to visit Green and see for yourself what they have to offer.

Free Electronic Cigarette

There is a top electronic cigarette brand that is currently offering a free electronic cigarette. Atlantic Cigs will give you a free Wave starter kit with the purchase of one 8-pack of e-cigarette cartridges. This really is a free electronic cigarette, not a scam! You buy 1 pack of cartridges for $19.99, that is 8 cartridges to a pack, and you get the Wave kit for free. No strings.

For the price of a Mark Ten ecig and two cartridges, you can have an Atlantic e-cig starter kit and 10 cartridges(the kit comes with two cartridges so you get 10 in total). You can also choose from a variety of flavors and nicotine levels. It is a lot better than having only two choices with the Mark Ten.

Atlantic is a top brand that will offer an entirely higher level of performance. It is a solid product that utilizes the latest technology. The battery life is very good and you will be amazed at how fast the batteries recharge. That is a definite sign of high quality materials.

Halo Cigs

The Triton starter kit by Halo vaping comes complete with cartomizer tank, USB charger and a bottle of their best selling Tribeca e-liquid.

For advanced vapers looking for the best e-cigs, we have to bring up Halo Cigs. You may have heard of Halo because of their premium e-liquid that is regarded by many as the best anywhere. Beyond their high quality e-juice, Halo Cigs produces top quality e-cigs.

The Halo Triton will meet the vapor demands of the most ardent cloud chasers. If you want vapor, the Triton will satisfy!

You have to read our Halo Cigs review and watch the review video of the Halo Triton in action. Check out all of the details and the performance metrics derived over an extended period of use. The numbers are impressive. This mod belongs in any conversation that involves the best e-cigs.

The Triton also allows you to satisfy your sense of style by offering 11 different colors.

Use Halo coupon code Expert Vaping5 to save when you make any purchase from Halo. Click here to visit Halo Cigs and check out all of the e-cigs and e-liquids that are available. Once again, the options are almost endless.

All of the brands that we mention in the conversation of best e-cigs deserve your consideration. All of them give you options rather than the Mark ten, which essentially dictates what they think you should buy.

Although the early buzz is that the Mark Ten electronic cigarette is not very satisfying, we cannot officially assign a rating of any kind at this time. The Mark Ten may be okay but ultimately you, as a consumer, just have so few options when you buy a Mark Ten. You deserve better. You deserve options.