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Best E-Cigs of 2018 - The Ultimate Buyers Guide

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Top 3 Best E-Cigs for 2018

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Top Rated E Cigarettes

The best e-cigs can provide the freedom and fulfillment potential users need. However, finding the best e-cigarette for you can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never used one before. The purpose of this guide is meant to narrow your search.

We’ve compiled a short list of the top-rated devices based on the personal experience of our staff to make your search as clear, easy and reliable as your first puff. Make your first experience with vaping a breath of fresh air.

The Vaporfi Express Kit Is Voted #1

The Vaporfi Express provides the highest quality cig-a-like that doubles as a pen mod. It’s perfect for those ready to switch to vaping who aren’t committed to a complex device. The starter kit comes with everything a new user needs to begin a satisfying vaping experience at a nominal cost.

For those looking for a bit more dexterity and options than a simple cig-a-like, the Vaporfi Express is at the top of our list. The Starter Kit comes with three mini-clear clearomizer tanks, two USB charging options for wall plug or computer port and a 30ml bottle of the e-juice of your choice. Juice is offered with options for up to 3 different flavors and customizable PG to VG ratio. Though max vegetable glycerine liquid is offered as an option with the kit, it’s not recommended.

With this generous kit from Vaporfi, vapers have the option to have a single flavor in their 30 milliliter bottle of vape juice or combine three of their delicious blends for a more complicated palate. With its trio of clearomizer tanks, vapers have the opportunity to keep three separate flavors filled and ready for easy switching.

For new vapors looking for upgraded power and experienced vapors looking for a backup device with discretion, the Express addresses everyone’s needs. This compact unit fits comfortably in a pocket or a bag for easy access. The ability for this device to turn back into a cig-a-like with optional cartomizers (sold separately), make the Express among the most customizable entry-level e-cigs available and one of our favorites.


  • Perfect for first-time users
  • Three clearomizer tanks
  • 30ml bottle of Vaporfi e-juice of your choice
  • Can be easily converted from a pen mod to a cig-a-like

halo g6 ecigarette battery with cartridge

Halo’s G6 e-cig system is the ideal entry-level investment for curious users who have moved past experimentation and are ready to settle with a reliable device. This cig-a-like is the perfect starter unit for new vapers unsure of whether they’re ready for a complex mod. With all the options offered for the Halo G6, it’s no wonder why its popularity hasn’t waned.

This starter kit may be a Halo, but it’s no angel. With one of the most comprehensive accessory options offered for cig-a-likes, this little e-cig is a beast. The G6 has one of the broadest variety of flavors and nicotine level options of any small vape device available. Halo is known as a giant in the vape industry that produces nothing but high-quality products and though the G6 is simple, it’s no exception.

A rarity among cig-a-likes, the G6 offers nineteen of the most popular flavor options from the Halo American-made juice line. These include Tribeca, SubZero, Belgian Cocoa and Malibu in a range of strengths from 6mg to 24mg of nicotine.

Speaking of options; the G6 battery comes in a range of colors; black, green, purple and white. Think cig-a-likes aren’t custom enough for you, think again. The G6 not only offers customizable cartomizer colors, they’re available in blanks, which means you can add your own e-juice flavor!

The options for personalization are seemingly endless with the Halo G6, which is unbelievable for an entry-level device this affordable. You can add clearomizer tanks, custom color mouthpieces, USB chargers, carrying case, stealth, non-glowing battery caps, plugs, necklace holders, and pass-throughs.

But hang on to your seat, the coolest option for the G6 is that this little cig-a-like is available with blank, low-resistance cartomizers. In other words, a sub-ohm cig-a-like that can be made any flavor you desire. The Halo G6 is easily one of the coolest e-cigs on the market.


  • More customizable color, flavor and nicotine doseage options than most cig-a-likes
  • Massive offering of available accessories
  • Sub-ohm cartomizers, yes seriously

V2 Ex series e cigarette battery review with cartridge

One of the most user-friendly cig-a-likes available, the EX series from V2 is as easy to use as an electric razor. The updated EX line offers a range of upgraded functionality bringing this entry-level unit closer to an intermediate vape at a low cost. Take one puff from the V2 EX and find out why all their improvements make this little powerhouse stand out in its class.

The Ex comes standard with a 4-volt battery with a 280mAh charge. What that means for users is that it is able to provide a higher puff count for an extended amount of time than previous V2 models. An added offering of manual or automatic activation options present users with a hybrid e-cig bridging into being a mod.

Though an added button may create accidental activation in pockets or bags, it allows users to dictate how much vapor is being created as opposed to the auto-draw tech implemented by many e-cigs. Additionally, the activator button has a locking feature unique to entry level devices. Like most vape mods, a few clicks of the toggle button and the device is locked from operation.

V2 also removed the indicator light on the end to give users a bit more discretion and stealth of use. They repurposed the light tech with a row of indicator lights along the body of the Ex, showing users how much charge is left in their device while they’re using it. This is also a helpful feature for charging the unit, as it tells users the level of energy their device has while charging.

Available in six colorways, the EX comes in opal, matte black, brushed steel, rose gold, or reflective blue pearl. This is a welcome upgrade to a line of products previously resigned to their simplicity. Now offered with features every beginning vape device should offer.


  • Stealthy, discreet design
  • Larger battery with higher puff count
  • Charge level indicator lights
  • Offered with puff or button activation
  • Unique color options

Vaporfi Rocket 3 tube mod kit review with tank

Beginners and experienced vapers alike can blast off big vapor with every puff using the Rocket 3 mod by Vaporfi. For a tube mod, this little module shuttles a lot of vapor from a convenient, compact design.

In its simplicity, this mod offers a great deal of customization, offering both variable wattage and temperature control options. Rarely do you find an e-cig that optimally combines simplicity and personalized experience so seamlessly.

The Rocket comes standard with a ready-to-use 0.5 ohm atomizer and enables even the novice vaper the ease of toggling between power modes with the simple push of a button. Swap standard coils for the secondary lower-ohm nickel head and easily reconfigure the wattage and temperature with three easy clicks, or let the built-in coil recognition technology do the work for you.

If cost is a sizeable factor when shopping for vape devices, this affordable dynamo is the perfect e-cig for users looking for big vapor at a nominal investment. The Rocket may not defy gravity, but it definitely defies the standard definition of what this simple style of vape mod is capable of.


  • Sleek, simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Variable wattage settings at the touch of the fire button
  • 2500 mAh battery (included)
  • Has a high vapor output in a compact unit
  • Matching Rocket 3 top-filling tank with 3.5ml capacity
  • Pre-installed with 0.5 ohm atomizer able to draw vapor at as low as 0.01 ohm (included)
  • USB rechargeable

v2 cigs xeo void vaporizer kit review

Filling the gaps between vape pens and battery mods, the XEO Void brings order to the space between. One of few mods offered with both above and sub ohm atomizer coils standard, the Void will provide even new vapers with a well-rounded and full experience. This unit offers full flavor, large vapor clouds and adaptability in a convenient, simple design.

V2’s XEO Void is easily filled from the top when the drip tip assembly is removed. The replaceable atomizer coil heads fasten directly to the inside of the mouthpiece when removed. With a built-in 2ml refillable atomizer tank, the Void is equipped with either a 0.6ohm or 1.0ohm atomizer head.

The Void comes in three sleek, classic finishes; black, gunmetal and burst silver. The drip tip, battery cover and fire button are chrome to offset the modern German design elements. It has a rounded, triangular body, an engineering accent proven to fit comfortably in the hand for long periods.

V2 has really created something all vapers can get behind in the Void, with its simple, yet tactile function able to perform brilliantly at variable resistances. This unit’s mobile, durable construction makes it the ideal unit for travel and its 1500 mAh battery is USB rechargeable, ensuring that it can be ready to vape anywhere you go.


  • Compact, classic, sleek design allow it to fit in anywhere
  • Replaceable atomizer coils allow it to vape at above and sub ohm
  • Easy to fill built-in tank
  • Easy to change coils
  • USB rechargeable

The Mig Vapor Bug comes in several colors and is one of the best ecigs

For new vapers looking to transition from cig-a-likes to a sub ohm device the Bug vape mod from Mig Vapor is an ideal upgrade. Users looking for a simple device, without too many extra options will find inspiration in the Bug.

Without excessive modes or math problems, this is the simplest solution to better vape. The Bug isn’t as small as it sounds, but it is discreet. It’s small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket, or to be thrown into a purse or backpack. This mod has a protective cap that fits over the steel drip tip and is magnetic. This ensures that the mouthpiece stays clean and clear until you’re ready to use it.

To clarify, this little mod can be categorized somewhere between a vape pen and higher wattage sub ohm tube mod. This mod packs a lot of vapor into a small package. With a color matching sub ohm 2ml tank, this sturdy mod is just right unit for busy vapers on the go. A pass-through vaping feature allows users to use it while the battery is being charged via it’s included USB cable. This ensures the device is always available, even while powering up.

It has a standard 5-click power-locking function and a lengthy list of safety protections. Built-in safeguards include short circuit protection, over-charging, overheating, and a 10-second cut off in case the device is accidentally fired without the user’s knowledge.

While much of the vaping world is focused on mods and intense upgrades, the Bug is both affordably priced and unbelievably easy to operate. It’s aluminum body comes in black, yellow, purple, pink, blue, and brushed silver. All electrical connections are gold-plated including the coil, chimney and 510 threads.

The tank has a top fill feature and much of the unit is replaceable. This is a serious plus for vapers who want a unit that will be guaranteed to last them some time before having to replace it. Replaceable options on the Bug include the 0.8 ohm coil, the tube, the battery, the tank and magnetic mouthpiece cover.

The Bug vape mod isn’t the most powerful mod, nor is it the stealthiest, however, it does provide a harmonious blend of both. Mig Vapor took the best of what vapers want and combined them. The Bug mod is a vapor-rich, easy to use device full of safety measures.


  • Pass through vaping allows use while charging
  • 1100 mAh battery
  • Magnetic cap for the drip tip
  • Top filling tank
  • Indicator light to denote charging and when in use
  • Replaceable parts
  • Lots of protective features
  • Affordable sub ohm setup

Halo tracer twist tube mod kit review

Halo has been blowing rings around the competition for years, so it’s no surprise their compact Tracer puts a new Twist on that reputation. The actual twist is the variable wattage selector on the base of the battery mod that can be set between 5 and 30 watts. This makes the twist one of the best e-cigs for vapers with limited experience who want a unit with more adaptable features.

Halo has also built in a bypass mode for experienced vapers looking for a more dialed-in flavor or vapor output. This mid-sized mod is packed with a 2300 mAh battery that produces dense clouds for such a compact mod.

This affordable starter kit comes with the 4ml Tracer tank and two 0.05 Tracer atomizer coils, which means you won’t have to make any additional investment for quite a bit of vaping. For the beginning and experienced user alike, the Halo Tracer Twist offers a simple, easy-to-use e-cig with just the right amount of options to produce both palate-pleasing flavor and plentiful vapor.

Box mods aren’t for everyone, and even some of us who enjoy them sometimes want a unit that travels a bit better with a slimmer profile in our pocket. Even as a backup device for vaping on the go, the Halo Tracer Twist delivers satisfying vaping at every turn.


  • Variable wattage control between 5 and 30 watts with optional bypass mode
  • 2300 mAh battery (included)
  • Included Tracer tank and 2 atomizer coils
  • As easy to use as it is to adjust

v2 vapor 2 trinity box mod kit review

For beginners ready for a serious upgrade without investing in a heavy piece of vaping machinery, the V2 Trinity is a championship unit. Small enough to fit into a user’s hand like a roll of half-dollars, this tiny mod rests at the ready like a joystick ready to shift you into high vapor mode.

A slim, simple OLED status screen tells the user all they need to know to keep you vaping without offering extra features or excessive info aimed at advanced users. The Trinity registers battery power; active wattage, resistance and voltage all from a single fire button. Where most mods would require owning an external battery charger, the Vapor 2 Trinity is fully USB rechargeable making it an outstanding unit for travel.

The Trinity truly is a three-part dynamo of outstanding functionality. With its solid power output, low-profile design and digital readout this unit delivers the best of everything for a smaller investment than most high-wattage mods.

Though it’s max wattage is 40, that keep the battery drain to a minimum. Even with it’s modest power offering, the Trinity is able to vape impressively large clouds. Users have reported both flavor integrity and dense vapor. While the best of both worlds is tough to achieve, especially in such a small package, the Trinity is the perfect intersection of form, function and flavor.


  • Compact, comfortable design
  • Customizable voltage and temperature
  • OLED display with full register of performance readings
  • 40 watt max produces impressive clouds
  • Long battery life before needing a charge

Apollo vtube 5.0 ecigarette review

A gift from the gods, the Apollo VTube 5.0’s performance is a down-to-earth bolt of lightning. This battery mod has a variable wattage setting that can be set for vaping anywhere between 5 and 50 watts. The higher wattage makes the VTube prime for sub ohm vaping for beginning and intermediate vapers who want something compact and satisfying.

The most significant upgrade Apollo has given the VTube 5.0 is a temperature control mode. This allows users to select the amount of heat applied to their coils, allowing them to increase flavor or vapor density dependent upon the paired coil resistance. This durable tube mod is able to vape optimally at both above and sub ohm levels.

Its substantial construction, puts the VTube on the durable side of like mods. This mod is available with a rare dual 510 connection and eGo clearomizer threading for tank options. Any vapers looking to make use of their old accessories or have a wider range of options for e-liquid reservoirs.

An E2R digital display shows active stats while in use. Battery usage, wattage, voltage and resistance are all available for real-time view. These are impressive features of mid-range functionality and detail not offered by similar type mods.


  • Durable construction
  • High functionality for a smaller device
  • Temperature Control mode
  • 50-watt max
  • Compatible with both 510 and eGo tank connectors
  • Powered by a single 18650 battery

Mig vapor wtf target mini mod kit review

For beginning vapers looking to maximize their experience and experienced vapers looking to begin a journey, this mashup mod is the perfect carry-on item for everyday life. The Mig Vapor WTF paired with the Vaporesso Target Mini takes a highlight from every page in the vaping encyclopedia and rewrites history.

Here’s what the WTF Target Mini mod delivers; you get big clouds from a discreet mod, efficient TCR control without a burly metal box, and intense flavor from a mod preset for clouds. Sound impossible? At a max temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit, this hot box breathes enough heat to satisfy seasoned vapors.

It’s unclear who suggested this unholy marriage of a power-hungry sub-ohm tank and a compact modest watt power mod, but what they found is nothing short of incredible. The discretion of the Mini mod paired with the dexterity of producing dense vapor and high flavor retention is nothing short of miraculous.

Though the WTF Mini tank is built to pair with much higher wattage mods, there is a level of subtlety and grace that is drawn from the Target mini’s modest watts. While the device is compact, it’s functions are massive. The temperature control settings include custom degree settings. Paired with the variable wattage mode, this little bundle of joy puts maximized vaping in the palm of your hand.


  • Massive vapor while retaining intense flavor
  • Intuitive, programmable TCR mode with presets
  • 200-600 degree range
  • Easy to navigate menu allows user to select preset mode optimized for coil composite
  • Intuitive to use, fill and change coils
  • Discreet design can be concealed in user’s hand

Best E-Cig Brands

Check out the Top 5 E Cigarette Brands

This guide will discuss the importance of purchasing your vape accessories from reputable companies whose products inspire integrity, reliability and most importantly, safety.

These are some of the top manufacturers of proven, trusted goods you’ll find in the e-cigarette marketplace.

Vaporfi Voted Number 1 E cigarette Brand

This Florida-based vaping industry giant offers some of the highest quality products and responsive customer service available. Their company was born out of a desire to raise the bar of vaping. Vaporfi offers a full range of vapes, e-cigs and American-made, soybean and peanut-free, food-grade juices.

They are one of the few companies who offer fully customizable juice flavors. Vapofi prides themselves on offering products for every vaper; from their first puff, to their next big cloud.

Halo Voted Number 2 E cigarette Brand

Another American vape company headquartered in Florida, Halo has made a name for themselves as being one of the most reputable e-liquid manufacturers beginning in 2009. A subsidiary of Nicopure labs, Halo products are made under an ethos of trust created between the manufacturer and its customers with a reputation of quality.

Halo is family-owned vaping company that fosters innovation in the industry. They’ve become an industry standard for safety and integrity while providing products that are catered to customer satisfaction.

V2 Voted Number 3 E cigarette Brand

V2 is the largest online retailer of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers for good reason. V2 rides themselves on offering a line of high-quality vaping products that deliver the best in developing technology.

They keep their product offerings limited to offer better quality and competitive pricing. V2 produces a quality consumer product that satisfies the simplest of functions and the most complex of tastes.

Apollo Voted Number 4 E Cigarette Brand

This American-based outlier, prides themselves on their in-house research and development and domestic manufacturing facilities. Apollo takes the loyalty of their customers extremely seriously and sees it’s company as a community of impassioned individuals attempting to create a future for vaping.

Things Apollo offers are lifetime warranties on their electronic components and 100% satisfaction or full refund, without question. For a product that inspires vapers to have as much faith in their purchase as the company does, Apollo is an important industry leader.

Mig Vapor Voted Number 5 E cigarette Brand

Mig Vapor was started by a group of engineers passionate about vaping. Unsatisfied with the products offered but unwilling to return to smoking, they created what they refer to as the perfect e-cigarette.

Mig claims to have pioneered developments in vape tech such as push buttons and upgraded batteries. However these developments reached the consumer, Mig Vapor has been producing quality products with consumer satisfaction in mind since their intrepid beginnings.

E-Cigs 101

Chalkboard educating people about Ecigs and Vaping

It’s not enough to get a top of the line e-cig, if you don’t understand it’s properties, usage, functions and working parameters, it may not be of much use. For a thorough understanding of electronic cigarette and vaping fundamentals, we’ve compiled E-Cigs 101.

This is an in-depth guide to the function, science, and a glossary of terms related to vaping. Expert Vaping has broken certain questions into sub categories found under Vaping Guides. However, this is a condensed handbook of primary questions asked by new and advanced vapers alike. Welcome to your first class in vaping curriculum.

Who Are E-Cig Users?

Everyone Is Welcome In Our Vaping Community!

The e-cig community is comprised of a diverse demographic of people. This is due in part to the reasons they begin using them. For many it’s a decision to give up smoking, for others it’s simply curiosity.

A 2017 study from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine showed how varied e-cigarette users are by age, gender and ethnic background. Vapor enthusiasts represent every corner of society.

Since it doesn’t require any particular expertise or prior experience to try it, you can start vaping as soon as you pick one up. Using e-cigs is intuitive, if you’ve seen someone do it, chances are you already know how to use one. For a more detailed instruction check out this video. (Link to a video demonstrating how to use)

Are E-Cigarettes For Me?

Guide to help you decide if vaping is for you

Many people have tried an e-cigarette wondering what all the hype was about. While some took a single drag and never looked back, a growing number have embraced e-cigs. This group of dedicated users, or vapers have invested in personalized devices and embraced the ever-evolving technology of what has become vape culture. Regardless of the reason for trying them, there are some basic things to first understand about e-cigs.

It’s not Smoking, unfounded assumptions have suggested that the two are linked, however the data shows that they are very different. The most pronounced division between the two being the distinction of heating liquid versus burning solid material.

While certain aspects of e-cigarettes seem to share attributes with smoking, these are incidental. The two are as different as drinking bottled water compared to chugging gasoline (According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, cigarettes share a number of known chemicals with gas and pesticides including benzene).

Not all vape juices contain nicotine. While many e-liquids that create the vapor in e-cigarettes do contain varying amounts of nicotine, many are available without it.

How Does It Feel?

A description of how vaping feels

They don’t feel, they have no hands. Seriously though, the sensation of using an e-cig can range from a warm tickle at the back of your throat to taking a deep breath at the peak of a mountain. The preferences of what you enjoy can help determine what style is the best e-cigarette to suit your usage.

Do People Vape Cannabis?

Cartoon Weed Character Letting You know That Weed can be vaped

While it’s true their popularity among users of dry herbs and concentrates of controlled substances like cannabis has grown in recent years that was not their original intention. In fact, they were simply meant as a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette alternative, which is exactly how it was described in the patent in 1963.

They have gained a great deal of association with medical marijuana use because of the convenient method of vaporizing oils, extracts and waxes. The intention of e-cigs being used to inhale “warm medication” was included in the original patent.

Dependent upon the interpretation of the word medication, vape users are all taking part in the same activity. The singular change between them is the effect of what is being vaporized on the user.

Don’t They Burn?

Have you ever wondered if e-cigs burn of have a flame?

E-cigarettes don’t burn anything. There are many misconceptions regarding e-cigarette vapor because it appears and sometimes acts like smoke. Smoke is the result of burning, while vapor is simply the result of super heating liquid until it becomes a kind of mist.

Consider the difference between breathing next to a campfire compared to taking a deep breath on a foggy night. The first clearly creating discomfort in your lungs and eyes, the other, simply humidified, dense air. Given society’s confusion about the difference between smoke and vapor, it’s necessary for those educated on the subject to “clear the air” of e-cig myths.

How Does It Work?

Wonder how vaping works? This guide will help you!

E-cigarettes are all advancements based on the same original design. Cig-a-likes were the first to reach consumers and have the simplest design. A lithium-ion battery sends a charge to a heating coil which vaporizes e-liquid as it is drawn out of the device by inhaling.

Best new mods 2018
Easy to use e cigarette kits

Imagine taking a sudden, concentrated breath through a straw. As the user breathes in, vapor is generated and drawn through the device and into your lungs. There are other methods we will discuss later, but this is the basic principle.

Cig-a-likes have a built-in indicator light on the end to show when the device is being used and on some models whether it needs to be charged. This design uses the same technological principle upon which all vape products and mods are based.

What’s a Mod?

Components of a Vaping Mod

Even within the vaping community, mod is a commonly misunderstood term. Mod identifies upgraded or advanced vaping devices with more power or variable resistance. The electronic boxes with metallic tanks attached are one kind of vaping device referred to as a mod. Consequently, any vaping unit that has been improved over the original e-cig model is referred to as a mod.

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The term mod harkens back to early DIY power adaptations pioneering vapers created. The backstory refers to experienced users generating more power by modifying or modding high-power flashlights. Modders constructed decks, or platforms where coils are mounted. The powerful consumer vaping devices can be traced back to this period of innovation.

Mods and vaping technology may look futuristic and complicated, but they’re actually just this same design with more options for a personalized experience. The way users personalize their e-cig experience to their preferences is akin to choosing the wheels on your car or even a hairstyle. Form and function meeting seamlessly to fit our comfort and needs. They are just small ways in which things that we do, and items we use, become extensions of our personality.

Types of E-Cigarettes

There are two different types of e cigs, cig a like and pen style

There are many varieties of electronic cigarette, here are some of the most popular designs.

Firstly, is the cig-a-like, which is the most common model. You see them in gas stations, convenience stores, behind the counter at your local pharmacy and in those big cases at the grocery store. These are the electronic cigs that look the most like an actual cigarette.

Cig-a-likes are one of the most popular e-cigs for people looking to try them before making a large investment. Although they aren’t customizable, the starter kits generally come with an assortment of flavor cartridges. For many first-time users, these are an entry-level unit they are most comfortable with initially.

Pen mods are the e-cigs you see people using like a flute. They may contain pre-loaded e-liquid cartridges or tanks, some with external batteries. Ego-style or cartomizer vaporizer systems are popular types of pen type mods. The top e-cigs pre-filled for vaping extracts, waxes and oils other than the dry herb variety are often in a vape pen.

Types of Mods

There are three types of mods, tube, box and mech.

A Tube Mod is a vaporizer that looks like a futuristic flashlight. Battery mods run at a higher voltage than cig-a-likes and pen mods, creating more vapor at a higher output. These mods are also able to power more complicated tanks and variable coils. Some of these median mods have adjustable power output and removable batteries, allowing them to charge much faster than USB units.

Mech mods are mechanical-type power units with more powerful batteries that generate a higher voltage, typically meant to generate more vapor. Drip decks, also known as dripper mods fall into the mech mod category of e-cig.

Box mods are the futuristic-looking power supply units you see vapers gripping. They are available with integrated e-liquid reservoirs and interchangable atomizer tanks. There are many different kinds of box mods but the most common one you will hear about are TC mods.

TC mods are power sources that have programmable preferences for the temperature at which the heating element vaporizes e-liquid. Some of them will allow users to adjust the resistance as they change coils as well.

How Much Does it Cost?

Chart comparing the cost of smoking and vaping

First of all, ask yourself this; do I spend as much or more on smoking than I would for an introductory e-cigarette? Chances are you do, which means by the second week of using it, your investment will have already paid for itself. By the time you reach the third week, you’ve SAVED that much and by the end of the month, you’re on your way to spending that free money on other things like new clothes that don’t smell like smoke, a new love interest, or an airplane flight to an exotic locale.

E-cigs can range from the very affordable, disposable options you see at the sales counter in a store, on up to fully personalized mods that can cost hundreds of dollars. Whereas the initial cost can be significant, you can expect to get an entry-level e-cig from your local vape shop or online for as low as the same price of three packs of cigarettes.

Considering most smokers buy more than this a week, it’s clear to see how those who switch from smoking to vaping save a significant amount of money. If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, three-day’s investment in cigarettes could carry you anywhere from one to three weeks MINIMUM with an e-cig. Though it’s definitely a money saver, there are additional costs.

How Often Should I Buy An E-Cigarette?

How often should you replace your e cig and buy new e-juice

Cig-a-likes require continuously replacing flavor cartridges or eventually the entire device if it isn’t a rechargeable model. On more advanced vape devices the inner parts eventually wear down from continuous use.

In e-liquid reservoir tanks with replaceable heads the heating coils and attached cotton will burn out over the course of its use. In some devices, this can happen as quickly as a week or two according to manufacturers, however priming the parts correctly, keeping them clean and never without liquid can extend their life significantly.

Battery life may begin to slow over time, as is the nature of the technology, though many newer units have a built-in shut off which prevents them from overcharging. Advanced e-cigs have active lock and power shut-off feature that ensures the device can’t be fired in a pocket or bag.

E-juice is the most frequent investment that must be constantly replenished. However, these are nominal costs compared to the initial price tag.  Purchasing e-liquid is an opportunity not just to try a new flavor but to take part in the social atmosphere of their local vape shop. Think of trying new e-juice flavors like getting to choose the scent of the air you breathe.

The performance of e-cig starter kits that include e-juice and replacement coils will last the average user for a solid stretch before having to spend more money. Meanwhile vaping has saved them a pile of money that would have spent on cigarettes.

While investing in a low-cost device can be enticing for those looking to experiment, products with low quality control are the ones that have hidden dangers like unstable batteries or e-juices with unknown contents. Don’t let the temptation of a low-cost product end up costing you your health.

Other Advantages Over Smoking

Infographic showing the difference between smoking and vaping

In recent study conducted by online dating site in conjunction with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, over fifty percent of respondents said they would NEVER date a smoker. In other words, if they represented half of the planet, they wouldn’t date anyone who smoked cigarettes.

What is a good cloud chasing mod
Where to buy genuine mods for cheap

Seventy-eight percent surveyed said they refused to kiss a smoker after they’d had a cigarette. The same percentage also said fresh breath is a top attribute, keep in mind there are plenty of minty-fresh e-juice flavors to choose from.

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A large number of daters said their hesitation to date a smoker was due to both immediate and long-term health concerns. Seventy-five percent said they didn’t like the way smokers smell and eighty percent hated the way it made their home or vehicle smell. You know what the smell that clings to vapers is? Confidence.

How Safe Are E-Cigs?

We give you all the facts you need about E-Cig safety

When it comes to vaping, safety is largely based on reputation. While it’s important to remember that these are technologies and liquid compositions that are mostly unregulated, how safe or how dangerous they can be to your health is ultimately up to how you protect yourself.

News of failing equipment that either injures or causes long-term harm to its users has been primarily due to the purchase of poorly-produced goods or low-cost counterfeits. For instance, some unregulated manufacturers who produce e-liquid bring their juice to consumers without disclosing what additives or chemicals are in their fluid.

Your neighborhood vape shop may be a regular gathering place for vaping aficionados, and some are great resources for discovering new products, new flavors and constructive input you can’t get online such as taste of juice, weight of a mod or how it fits in your hand.

It’s important to remember, although they present a relaxed social atmosphere, vape shops are still businesses. As a matter of fact, past shops have refused to return items once they’d been used or opened.

Vaping products have become such an integral part of society, vape shops will likely warranty products that are broken or defective. It’s best to find out what a shop’s return policy is before making a purchase.

The benefits of buying products online are primarily competitive pricing combined with return policies that favor consumer satisfaction. Among them is the ability to select a product offered with a reliable warranty from a manufacturer with helpful, accessible customer service.

Above all, the best e-cigs are purchased from companies that will stand behind their work. Safety is the confidence that the product you’re purchasing was made by a responsible employee of a reputable company. Make your purchase knowing that someone will be accountable for the function and performance of the product.

How Bad Are E-cigarettes For You?

Facts about if vaping can cause harm to you or not

As discussed, there has been a great deal of concern about e-cigarettes serving as an extension of smoking. Although it may create similar sensations for some users, the two are very different. Smoking is the result of inhaling burned materials into the lungs resulting in a euphoric feeling.

There are many liquids and devices made in the USA with integrity and safety as their primary concern. However, there are infinitely more made inexpensively overseas with little insight, even less oversight, that are often copies or poor forgeries made without concerns for consumer well-being.

As opposed to cigarettes, taking a puff from an e-cig offers a personalized experience that  allows the user to customize flavor and nicotine strength. E-liquids and heating elements by different manufacturers produce nuanced sensations. There is a variety of e-juices that creates an effect in the throat, and others that create pressure in the lungs. Read more about that under the Juice category.

What’s The Best E-Cig For Me?

This guide will help you select the best e-cig

There are no set guidelines for finding the right e-cigarette that satisfies your preferred style. Many users seek simplicity, convenience and ease of use. Some look for attributes that specifically target the rituals of smoking. Others choose devices that allow for an adjustable, personalized experience or for a range of flavor options and vapor output.

In order to determine which device best suits your needs, it’s helpful to understand some of the terminology and technology of the e-cig. This glossary of commonly used words will help you better understand not only the components, but the functions of each part of your device.


The majority of the designs we think of when we talk about e-cigs is a cig-a-like. These devices closely resemble an actual cigarette. Popular models of cig-a-like are are self-contained, pre-filled by the manufacturer and single-use.

Cig-a-likes commonly use cartomizers which turn flavor cartridges into vapor. They may be rechargeable or refillable, but most are single-use and disposable, offered with limited flavor options.


E-liquid, e-juice, or flavor cartridge are the fluid component of e-cigs that becomes heated into vapor. Reputable e-juices have a limited number of ingredients. E-juice may contain one part vegetable glycerin or VG. Either blended with VG or as the sole vaporizing fluid propylene Glycol or PG is a common additive.

All e-juices have a flavoring component available with natural or even organic flavorings. Nicotine is an optional ingredient. E-liquids are available without nicotine for vapers who don’t need it and up to 36mg for those who can’t live without it.


Vegetable glycerin, or VG is the primary ingredient in many e-liquids. VG is the juice used with sub ohm vaping tanks. Juice with VG alone is responsible for producing large clouds, or heavy vapor output. Although VG is commonly blended with propylene glycol, it’s available without it. The addition of propylene glycol is believed by vapers to yield improved flavor.


Propylene Glycol is another common additive to e-juice. It’s one of the active ingredients that creates vapor, though less than VG. Many e-liquids are purposely a blend of both PG and VG to create a more balanced vaping experience. PG juice is vaped in atomizers with 1 ohm or above resistance. Using PG juice highlights flavor intensity over vapor output.


The tank can refer to an external reservoir that holds e-liquid.  Within the tank is a heating coil made of finely wrapped wire, and a wick. Tanks come in many different sizes, but are generally the same cylindrical shape.

Kinds of E-Cig Tanks

Cartomizers and Clearomizers are types of e cig tanks

Cartomizer tanks are e-liquid reservoirs encased in a polyfill, or polyester-fiber wick. The polyfill is wrapped around two heating coils and serves as the wick. Cartomizers filled with liquid by the manufacturer and are single-use units unless specified to be rechargeable.

Cartomizers are frequently the coil counterpart to interchangeable entry-level devices that use cartridges or flavor pods. They are the flavor and heating components found in the majority of cig-a-likes and single-use e-cigs.

Clearomizer style designs, sometimes referred to as eGo tanks are a high step above cartomizers. These tanks typically have a clear outer cylinder that feeds directly into the drip-tip or mouthpiece. Their coils have a series of floating wicks that look like fabric fan blades. Consequently these wicks feed the heating element to create vapor, kind of like sensations travel from your fingertips to your brain.

Clearomizers are available in customizable color options. The tank and power units are often separate on clearomizers. Some offer options to regulate the flow of juice, ohm resistance or power output. Certain models of clearomizer are available with replaceable coils and wicks as well, making them fully customizable.

Kinds of Vape Tanks

Here are all the different kinds of vape tanks

Atomizer tanks are e-liquid reservoirs fit together with machined threads. They attach by screwing them together or being press-fit in the case of the tube. These tanks are often modular and come apart for refilling or replacement of parts.  The most common items that requires replacement are the rubber seals, or o-rings that prevent the tank from leaking.

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When vapers refer to RBAs RTAs or RDAs, they are often talking about rebuildable tanks. Rebuildable tank atomizers, or RBAs come in two different varieties; an RTA is a rebuildable tank atomizer. An RDA refers to a rebuildable drip atomizer, or dripper tank. These heating platforms don’t actually have a tank. Instead they have what drippers refer to as a deck, or the platform upon which their coils and cotton sit.

Drip Tanks or drip decks are the choice of advanced vapers who want more powerful or flavorful hits from their e-cig. In addition, these are also the mods used to produce dense vapor clouds. Dripdecks WOULD provide the best of everything, IF, they didn’t require users to continuously “drip”. Drippers need to constantly replenish their coils with e-juice. This focuses the heat into a singular hit that is able to deliver both big clouds and big flavor.

Vape Tank Parts

E-Cig Tank Parts

The tube is the main body of the tank. Tubes are made of glass or Pyrex, the same Pyrex used in cookware. You will also see tanks composed almost entirely of stainless steel. These tanks that look like little space shuttles, have windows in the side to check e-liquid levels.

The head is a smaller stainless cylinder that fits inside the tank and contains the coil. It’s important to understand how the head attaches to the body of the tank because many are proprietary or specific to models of e-cigs.

The coil is the electrical element that generates the heat necessary to turn liquid into vapor. A wick made of cotton is positioned close to the coil. This cotton wick absorbs the e-juice and prepares it to be vaporized or atomized. Coils are made of metals such as nickel, stainless steel and titanium.

Sub ohm and above ohm both refer to the resistance generated between the coil and the battery when heating occurs. Ohm is the standard measurement of resistance in electricity which pushes back against the voltage.

The easiest way to understand the ratios, or coefficients of voltage and resistance, is to think of an e-cig like a garden hose with a nozzle you draw vapor out of. The more resistance blocking where the water comes out, the more concentrated the energy of the stream. However, if you let the water flow freely, it bubbles and gurgles out in a massive flow. With less restriction there is more volume but without targeted concentration.

Vaping resistance works very similarly, the allowance of juice to bypass heating functions by the same principals. At a low resistance, you get bigger vapor clouds, but milder flavor. While a higher resistance will give you full, intense flavor with wispier vapor density.

That Was A Lot Of Info

Learning About the Best E Cigs Isn't Easy, thats why were here to help

I know, but now that you understand the secret language of vapers, I can talk to you like one. Let’s move on to the effects and technique of use. There are four primary experiences you can expect from e-cigs.

Throat Hit

When people refer to a certain kind of vaping they may say that it delivers a throat hit. This is a sensation in the back of the user’s throat. The vapor produces a tingling warmth as it is inhaled.

To achieve a stronger throat hit look for an e-juice with a higher propylene glycol percentage. The more PG in your liquid the more intense the sensation in your throat and a more flavorful vapor taste.

Lung Hit

A lung hit is a draw of vapor that may make the user’s lungs feel full. The best vaping setup for lung hits is a juice with a high vegetable glycerin content. This is the variety of e-liquid that is produces “clouds”. Clouds are the thick nebulous vapor people perform tricks with.

How To Use Your E-Cigarette

Infographic showing how e-cigs work along with all the components

Many beginner e-cigs offer the best of both worlds. Generally, cig-a-likes come with a VG/PG e-juice blend. Though the ones with smaller batteries won’t produce billowing clouds, they'll still produce enough vapor to be satisfying.

There are two primary ways in which users draw vapor from their e-cigarettes. They each appeal to a preference for the comfort and preference of the individual using it.


The technique of isolating vapor in the mouth and then inhaling into the lungs is called mouth-to-lung, or MTL vaping. This is commonly the way in which people smoke and closest to what you might refer to as a French inhale (without letting the vapor leave your mouth before inhaling).

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What are the most reliable mods in the market

To take a mouth-to-lung inhale, first suck in from your mouth and cheeks to fill your mouth with vapor. Then create a closed chamber with your lips. Then open your mouth and take a breath in. This will channel the vapor into your lungs. Then simply exhale naturally through your mouth to expel the vapor. It may take a few tries initially, but once you understand the principle, it becomes a fairly seamless action.


Direct lung vaping is an integrated draw of vapor from an e-cig device directly into the user’s lungs. This method of vaping is very similar to the way we breathe regularly. The primary difference being that the addition of vapor in the air creates an added amount of pressure. To take a lung hit or lung inhale, take a breath directly from from the e-cig drawing out vapor. Allow the vapor to funnel from the device directly into your lungs. Then simply let out your breath and exhale the vapor.

Finding The Right E-Cig: What To Look For

Struggling to find the right e-cig, we tell you what to look for

Just Keep It Simple

If you’re just starting out, or you’re just not ready to commit to a big investment, keep it simple. There’s no need to begin with anything too complicated. Assuming this is an opportunity to sample vaping, cig-a-likes or pen mods are exactly what you need to get started. They’re easy-to-use, discreet and among the most affordable e-cig options. Some give you options like rechargeable batteries and a variety of flavor cartridge options.

 E-Cig Starter Kits

Many of e-cig starter kits come in a mod/tank combination. They're ready to use in a simple pairing with better wattage than a cig-a-like and infinite e-juice flavors.

E-Cig Pro Tips

These tips will help you become a pro vaporer

The Best E-Cig Flavor Hit

If intense flavor is your top priority, you’re going to want to select an e-juice with a higher PG percentage. Some users select e-liquids that ONLY contain PG for this purpose. Remember, with lower power and hotter coil when atomizing e-juice, the thinner the vapor will be while retaining flavor intensity. If you're an individual with refined taste, select the e-cig that delivers the best flavor. You’re going to want to vape a primarily PG e-juice at a lower wattage or higher resistance.

Cloud Chasing

It’s now common terminology, cloud chasing is closely associated with tricks like blowing rings. The basic necessities needed to produce large clouds of vapor are a high VG e-juice and maximum power.

I’m not referring to your lung power, I’m referring to voltage. The best e-cig setup for producing thick vapor combines a sub ohm (low resistance) tank and a high power mod. This configuration will make it less likely for you to “chase” clouds and more likely to produce them.

I’m Ready To Have It All

Welcome to the club, we want the best of everything. Sometimes you want big vapor, other times you want intense flavor. Your taste depends on how you feel at the moment. We get it. I mean, it’s not like we have entire rooms for our vaping builds and accessories. Okay, maybe it is.

To start with you’ll want a temperature control power mod. This will allow you to adjust the wattage output to specified levels in order to get the desired result. You may only need one tank depending on the capability and coils available for the one you select.

Some tanks come with multiple coils for just this reason. You simply need to swap the coil depending on the kind of vaping you want to do at the moment. The other option is to simply have multiple tanks. Though this requires an additional investment, it does save time between switching coils and doesn’t require opening of the tank.

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