The 4th of July had always been full of cigarettes, but this is before e-cigarette brands mushroomed up and, after some searching, I found the best e-cigarette for me. It wasn’t even the most expensive e-cig on the market at the time, which says a lot about finding the best e-cig that works for you and your individual needs.

Even though I have changed my opinion on what the absolute best e-cigarette is many times, since I first started with e-cigarettes I just haven’t looked back. With the 4th of July coming up, it got me thinking about how I feel free of cigarettes, and it really just got me thinking about freedom in general and what it means to me and to all of us.

4th of July celebrations

Freedom is the hallmark of America and the founding principle upon which this nation was born. From an early age, its virtues are injected into our DNA so strongly that Americans cannot separate themselves from it. Nor do they want to, as the gut instinct to stand up and defend our freedoms is a defining factor in who we are, and a unifying force that cuts across race, religion, or any other differentiators.

It doesn’t matter where your hometown is or what kind of house you were raised in, because the infectious calling of freedom reaches us all. It’s a big part of what makes us Americans and it is an even bigger part of why so many people try so desperately to come to the US and experience the same liberties we often take for granted.

Quitting smoking is freedom

The 4th of July gives us that opportunity for reflection every year. Amidst the food, family, and fun, there is an underlying principle in why we celebrate our independence on this day each year. It is a celebration of freedom for us all, but each one of us has our own personal limitations. Each one of us has freedom lacking in some area of our lives and we pine to take back that freedom and live in a manner not reliant on outside forces.

It is this time of year that makes us here at Expert Vaping take a step back and realize the freedom we have all gained because of these curious little devices called electronic cigarettes.

Liberating yourself from smoking

When picking up a model from any one of the many e-cigarette brands on the market, one doesn’t immediately think of the word freedom. But after only a short while using them, it becomes as clear as day that e-cigs provide just that. They free a lot of folks from a reliance on cigarettes, giving them a legitimate alternative to smoking.

If you talk to enough smokers you will realize how trapped a lot of them feel. Big tobacco took their freedom away, pure and simple. Upstart e-cigarette brands and the e-cig industry as a whole brought freedom back for countless smokers and continue to do so every day.

Vaping indoors is freedom

A life with e-cigarettes means one with more time and flexibility. You now have the freedom to “vape” indoors, saving all those precious moments in life that you used to spend on smoke breaks. It also means freedom from ugly things like ash and cigarette butts, cleaning up the world around us from unnecessary litter.

For those that spend a lot of time in your company, it means freedom from secondhand smoke or from searching for you only to find you are out having a cigarette. How frustrating might that be at times for our loved ones, but with e-cigarettes things have changed.

Is vaping cheaper than smoking

Making the switch to e-cigarettes frees you from unnecessary expenses too. Even if the most expensive e-cig out there is the one that fits you best, you will still save a boatload of money compared to the cost of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Depending on your insurance company, vaping e-cigs also comes with a freedom from additional premiums. Both life insurance rates and medical insurance costs go up, often significantly, if you are deemed a smoker.

It also goes without saying that freeing yourself from cigarettes also frees you from those thoughts that were always in the back of your mind as a smoker – I know this is bad for my health, so at what point will this catch up to me? Peace of mind is a great liberator.

liberating yourself from cigarettes is freedom

Today the e-cig industry is still focused on freedoms, but in a different way. Although the pioneer e-cigarette brands opened the door for many smokers to regain their freedoms, that opportunity has to be defended. As Americans have learned many times throughout history, freedom is something that needs to be fought for and defended.

Right now users of electronic cigarettes are facing an assault on the very life-changing devices that gave them these new freedoms. From the left flank there is a charge against the ability for us to vape where we want. From the right flank we face a foe that wants to tax e-cigarettes to the point where they don’t afford us the financial freedoms they once did. Front and center is the battle against normalizing e-cigarette use, something that could help so many people regain their freedoms.

Vaping is the best alternative to quit smoking

It isn’t all gloom and doom, however. There are many battles that were won to get where we are now, and there will be more in the future. So many of us have found freedom in an alternative to smoking that has changed our lives. We are lucky enough to live in the land of the free. We can fight for our freedoms with our voices and we can be heard. Except on the 4th of July, when we get to take a break and celebrate all the freedoms that we already have as Americans.

I look around at what passes for freedom around the world and I couldn’t be prouder of being an American and having real freedom. Here’s to all those freedoms. The ones we were born with and the ones we have to fight for. The ones we knew existed, and the ones that came into existence when we least expected them. Here’s to e-cigarettes, bringing true freedoms to smokers.

Happy Independence Day 2014!