We often get asked what the best ecig battery available for purchase is. Its just part of being in the spotlight here at Expert Vaping and being recognized as a thought leader for the electronic cigarette community. Feigned conceit aside, while as a rule we don’t take any question lightly, this one is actually pretty easy to answer. The best ecig battery on the market is… the one that doesn’t explode in your face. Think we’re being silly? Guess again.

There are hidden dangers behind buying cheaply produced or cloned e-cigs and lithium ion batteries, don't put your health on the line to save a buck.

This isn’t new, but we are going to keep harping on this cause because it is just that important. Consumers should NOT be buying cheap ecigs. It just isn’t worth it. Not only are you getting an inferior product, but the quality control of these cheap-o or no-name brands can get your face blown off. It doesn’t happen often in relation to the amount of products being purchased, but nobody wants to take a chance at being this guy. Yet another story of an ecig battery exploding and even though the piece doesn’t mention what kind of battery or where he got it from, we have a pretty good guess.

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Suffice to say the best ecig battery won’t be something you purchase off ebay that is coming straight from China. Or from a small brand with no history who is just trying to hawk products for low prices, regardless of their quality or safety. It may seem like common sense to those of us who follow the ecig industry, but for someone new to vaping it isn’t necessarily that clear. When they look for the best ecig on the market they may just mean the best value for their dollar, and they may be guessing wrong.

Best Ecig Battery On The Market Debatable, Safety Isn’t

E-cig battery safety concerns are not something that can be neglected, any abrasion to the insulation or lack there of can make a lithium ion battery range from unstable to dangerous.

But safety isn’t something anyone should take for granted unless you are purchasing from a reputable brand, like any of the ones we’ve reviewed here. The best ecig battery should inherently mean it is a high quality product that has been, and this is the key here folks, TESTED for quality assurance.

The only way you can really assume that happens is with brands that can’t afford to hear their name in the news with something as terrible as a battery explosion. Those are the guys that are going to make absolutely sure that whatever comes out of their warehouse is functioning properly.

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Now nobody is perfect and things can happen, but the screening process is so high for those reputable brands that we simply haven’t heard of anything like that yet. They’ve escaped the glare of bad news for a reason. Whether theirs is the best ecig battery on the market or not, at least it won’t blow up in your face. These incidents, even if they are rare in the grand scheme of things, only further our push to have the FDA take heed of cheap ecigs and have that be their focus, not ecig flavors or other minute (and often political) issues.

The e-cig battery market is complicated and technical, without expertise it is best to stick with the manufacturer's preferential specifications and parameters.

At the end of the day, answer what the absolute best ecig battery on the market is complex. There are different types of ecig batteries and different types of users, so as is often the case it really depends on what a consumer’s individual needs are. That’s a big reason we’re around, helping consumers decide which electronic cigarettes is the best fit for them. Even so, without a doubt a prerequisite to even be in this conversation is having a safe battery. It has to be a reliable one that won’t go haywire and cause damage to your or your surroundings. That isn’t too much to ask for really and plenty of brands answer that call. Just be sure you are picking up one of those and not picking up a cheap ecig that could make you the next star of some tragic ecig accident news story.