Most of the world’s e-cigarette manufacturers are located in China. Most of the electronic cigarette factories located in a single area in an industrial park in Shenzhen, China. Many Chinese manufacturers have a bad reputation but by the same token there are many exceptional manufacturers in China. They have been making huge strides in manufacturing and creating innovative products in all sectors. Last week they launched a new bus that drives over traffic! So while they have some quality concerns in general there are also some top quality companies.


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In terms of electronic cigarette manufacturers, there are many exceptional quality companies creating some of the best vaping devices in the world. Companies like Kangertech, Aspire, Innokin, Joyetech, Smok, Tesla, Sense and a few others are responsible, responsive to the demands of vapers and uncompromising when it comes to quality.

Factories in Shenzhen China put e-cigarettes through electronic testing before assembly.

The best e-cigarette manufacturers meet the stringent international standards. The standards for safety in electronic devices is verified by the RoHS symbol (restriction of hazardous substances). The CE symbol represents certification and passing the standard for products including low wattage electronic devices like electronic cigarettes. RoHS and CE certifications are required to sell products in the EU. In North America the safety standard is set by UL, an independent private interest dedicated to product safety. Responsible manufacturers comply with all of the existing standards.

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How Many Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers Are There?

The answer to this question just may surprise you. In that small area in Shenzhen, China there are now over 600 electronic cigarette factories. So we know there are perhaps a couple of dozen factories making quality products so what are the rest of them up to? That’s an easy answer and it may surprise you as well. They are making counterfeits and clones.

Great ecig starter kits
ecig starter kits

Counterfeit vape tanks and vape mods are usually cheaply made. They may not be RoHS compliant. They may not be using quality stainless steel, in fact they are probably using the cheapest metals. The electronics components that they use are probably inferior and you can bet that the battery components are low quality. When you hear about ecig malfunctions or explosions, chances are that a clone is responsible.

Clones are a serious problem for the vaping industry. They look like the real thing right down to the details of the packaging. When you try and verify the authenticity code it is often only then that you find out that you have been sold a counterfeit. People often see that there unique security code has been checked hundreds of times. That’s a sign of a fake. Or the code doesn’t work at all. Obviously a clone.

The manufacturing center Shenzhen in China is home to over 600 factories that produce e-cigarettes alone.

In China, copying products is common. This is a problem that there are no regulations to counter. These companies do not submit products to verify they meet the basic standards of RoHS, CE or UL. But they will probably put those symbols on their boxes. The best way to avoid counterfeits is to buy from verified dealers and avoid seeming bargains in shops, eBay or Amazon. The clones are plentiful on sites like Alibaba where many online sellers buy product for resale in the US.

The FDA And E-Cigarette Manufacturers

The FDA has imposed no specific standards on electronic cigarette devices. What they have done is create a lengthy and expensive process for e-cigarette manufacturers to go through. E-cigarette manufacturers will submit a PMTA (pre-market tobacco application) to qualify for market acceptance in the US. Each PMTA could cost up to a million bucks.

Factory workers in Shenzhen China assemble and seal e-cigarettes in boxes for distribution.

A PMTA requires that a manufacturer include information about the product, what it is made of, the various components and how it works. There must be studies or reports submitted regarding how the product will impact public health even though ecig companies aren’t allowed to make any claims about “is vaping bad for you or not“. That includes extensive reports and investigation into how each product has health risks, if they are less than other tobacco products and the list goes on.

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FDA Definition Of A Tobacco Product Is Extremely Broad

The FDA has said that any product that is derived from tobacco, such as nicotine in any form apparently, or any product that is designed to be used with a tobacco product falls under their purview. That is pretty much everything from batteries to drip tips. Of course there will be court challenges and there could be changes but as it stands now it is going to be very difficult for e-cigarette manufacturers to create and market new vape products.

Is Nicotine Bad For You?

There are no specific FDA questions regarding the safety of the electronics involved and no specifics about determining any set manufacturing standards. The FDA may be missing the forest for the trees here. Ultimately, vaping consumers will have to determine which products suit them and stick with high quality devices to ensure the best and safest possible experience.

USA Ecig Manufacturers

Probably the best known American ecig manufacturers are ProVape, Hana Modz and White Cloud. There are a number of USA made mech mods but as for the popular advanced technology devices there aren’t that many. Evolv is a very popular manufacturer of chipsets used in some of the best mods in the world. In fact, Evolv is the gold standard. They manufacture DNA boards. You will find DNA boards in a variety of products offered by a number of companies.

As for companies that manufacture all aspects on an electronic cigarette device there are very few. White Cloud is a prime example of a US company that has in-sourced manufacturing jobs. Over the years, White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes have made an effort to move production to the United States. They have done so! White Cloud now makes e-cigarettes in cartridges in Tampa, Florida. By the way White Cloud is regarded as one of the best places to work in Tampa.

ProVape is the home of the famous Provari mods. They have added a number of new devices in recent times including the Radius mod and the Procyon. ProVape is known for excellent quality, stable devices that stand the test of time. They offer upgradeable firmware and a warranty. If you have any warranty issues you will be dealing with a US based company. Regarded as some of the best vape mods on the market.


Sevia USA is a lobbying group helping to shape the law for e-cigarettes and vaping.

Sevia USA is a lobby group comprised of leading Chinese electronic cigarette manufacturers. Sevia stands for Shenzhen E-Vapor Industry Association. The companies involved are the leading companies that are making high quality, innovative vaping products. Partners companies are Aspire, Joyetech, Innokin, Smok, iJoy, Sense, Wotofo, Tesla, and Kangertech. If you are a fan of eLeaf and Wismec it should be noted that those brands are subsidiaries of Joyetech so they are involved, too.

Sevia’s quoted mission is as follows:

1) Congress SHOULD NOT regulate vapor products as tobacco products, considering these products DO NOT actually contain tobacco leaf.
2) The FDA should modify the grandfather date to allow products currently on the market in order to avoid the Pre Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) process.
3) The FDA should create a streamlined process that allows companies to submit more reasonable applications for the vapor market.
We have formed a coalition of responsible Chinese electronic cigarette manufacturers concentrating our financial efforts and resources to keep vapor products affordable, accessible and with the variety needed in order to help smokers transition to a less harmful alternative.
Moreover looking forward to a regulatory path we want to enforce industry standards to assure consumers safety and confidence in Chinese manufacturing.

Sevia is involved in lobbying for change to the stifling FDA deeming regulations that have determined that electronic cigarettes are a tobacco product. They are the largest funder of the Right 2 B Smoke Free lawsuit. The lawsuit is fighting a number of the FDA’s regulatory burdens that will limit vaping options for adults in the United States.

American Ecig Brands

Halo e-cigarettes are American made, the full kit includes spare batteries chargers and storage case.

American ecig brands generally work with the best Chinese e-cigarette manufacturers to create their electronic products. Companies like Mig Vapor for example work with the Kanger and Aspire production facilities to create new, unique cutting edge devices. Some US manufacturers simply re-brand popular ecig products. For example Halo Cigs has re-branded Eleaf mods as the Halo Reactor.

In the vaping community, there is sometimes a soft backlash against US companies that re-brand popular imported vape devices. They complain that the US companies are selling the same thing for more money. Some companies do work with the shady manufacturers to market low quality ecigs and that is why we work so hard at Expert Vaping to identify the good ones so you can stay away from the bad ones.

While it may be true in some cases that US companies sell the same things sold in vape shops at higher prices that is not always true. Halo Cigs does not jack up the price. They sell the iStick 50 watt as the Reactor for pretty much the same price and you get the warranty protection that you do not get when you buy an iStick from a vape shop. Plus you have access to US based customer service. There are advantages to buying rebranded products from US based ecig companies.

US Vape Companies Bear Heavy Burdens

Vaping companies take on their own defense in a pile of lawsuits brought against the FDA in support of e-cigarettes.

The US companies also bear the burden to tackle meeting the regulations as e-cigarette manufacturers. That’s a big deal for them to do. Those are the companies that are actually leading the fight for your right to vape. American vape companies that offer high quality re-branded vape devices should be welcomed by the vaping community.

At the end of the day, the greatest concern that we have as an industry is the prevalence of cloned, counterfeit ecigs made by shady e-cigarette manufacturers. At the same time, we should be reassured by the commitment to quality displayed by the best manufacturers in China. In addition, we are pleased to see that SEVIA USA is putting skin in the game when it comes to protecting vape rights in the US. The leading American ecig brands, the ones we feature here at Expert Vaping, are also at the lead edge of the fight. Buy authentic and buy from leading US brands. When you buy a clone not only are you not getting quality, the sale does nothing to contribute to protecting the future of vaping.

Support the responsible e-cigarette manufacturers and best US vape brands because they support vaping.