The above video that shows what it looks like when an e-cigarette explodes. This video, which went viral last week, shows a charging e-cigarette battery bursting into flame while charging. Of course the sensational media response was to spread an e-cigarette explosion scare far and wide.

This incident took place in North Yorkshire, England. The explosion caused the 18 year-old server’s dress to catch fire. There is no doubt that this was a frightening incident but before sounding the alarm, Expert Vaping provides this story with some much-needed context.

E cig battery explodes in Yorkshire England

First, the e-cigarette battery in this case was not being charged on the proper e-cigarette charger. The owner has mismatched his battery and charger with predictable results. Lithium ion batteries are not your grandpa’s batteries!

Not your grandpa’s batteries

They carry a lot more energy in a lot less space. Lithium ion batteries require adherence to manufacturers operating procedures in order to both function and to avoid accidents like this.

Cheaper brands are far more susceptible to accidents due to relying on inferior materials. Stick to the reputable brands on our top-ten list to minimize exposing yourself to potential accidents.

Powerful lithium ion batteries can explode

In the early days of cell phones and laptops, fires were not unheard of. As those industries evolved the incidents subsided. When the e-cigarette industry becomes regulated, chances are many of the lower quality brands will fade away and these incidents will decline.

Even now, e-cigarette battery explosions are incredibly rare.  There were 9 reported incidents in the US in all of 2013. The majority of these incidents can trace their roots to improper charging or improper modifications to e-cigarettes.

laptop fires were not uncommon when they first came out

Basic precautions include using only appropriate batteries in your e-cigarette, not charging batteries in freezing temperatures and no modifying an e-cigarette.

So vapers, don’t panic! This is a rare occurrence. Be safe, use common sense and don’t modify your e-cigarette! Take care and happy vaping.