Need some e cig tips to boost your vapor output? Having the fundamentals will help get you started, but what about insights you can only discover through experience? We explain how to get the most from your vaping device.

E-Cig Tips For Flavor Hits

If intense flavor is your top priority, you’re going to want to select an e-juice with a higher PG percentage and a device with lower resistance. Some users select e-liquids that ONLY contain PG for this purpose, though we recommend a blend of at least some addition of VG. Remember, with lower power and a hotter coil when atomizing  vape juice, the thinner the vapor will be while retaining flavor intensity. If you’re an individual with refined taste, select the e-cig that delivers the best flavor. You’re going to want to vape a primarily PG e-juice at a lower wattage or higher resistance coil.

Cloud Chasing

Presently, cloud chasing is among the most common terminology used in vaping. This is the term vapers use to describe performing tricks like blowing rings or just generally creating massive vapor output. The basic necessities needed to produce large clouds of vapor are a high VG e-juice and maximum power.

I’m not referring to your lung power, I’m referring to the wattage of your device. The best e-cig setup for producing thick vapor combines a sub ohm (low resistance) tank and a high power mod. This configuration will make it less likely for you to “chase” clouds and more likely to produce them.

I’m Ready To Have It All

Welcome to the club, we’re users who want the best of everything. Sometimes you want big vapor, other times you want intense flavor. Your taste depends on how you feel at the moment. We get it. I mean, it’s not like we have entire rooms for our vaping builds and accessories. Okay, maybe it is.

To start with, you’ll want a temperature control power mod. This will allow you to adjust the wattage output to specified levels in order to get the desired result. You may only need one tank depending on the capability and coils available for the one you select.

Some tanks come with multiple coils for just this reason. You simply need to swap the coil depending on the kind of vaping you want to do at the moment. The other option is to simply have multiple tanks. Though this requires an additional investment, it does save time between switching coils and doesn’t require opening of the tank.

One Of Us

While we understand vaping isn’t for everyone, we know what it’s like to start out fresh. This page exists because we want to share the benefit of what we’ve learned from our experience with new users. If we can make your first vaping experience an incredible one, we are fulfilling this site’s purpose. If you get the best ecig for you, we did our job. Another user who understands the value of the future of vaping is something you can’t put a price on.

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