If you are a vaper and you aren’t familiar with e-cig tank systems, you may be living in the past. These larger vape juice reservoirs are able to hold more liquid, are refillable and in many cases modular. This means you can change their parts and repair them, extending the life of your e-cig equipment

Of the hundreds of e-cigarette brands on the market today, many of them are already offering or will be offering an e-cig tank system of their own. The pulse of the e-cigarette industry, one that is growing at an incredible pace, has started shifting to e-cig tanks and it is moving there very quickly.

The Motley Fool has reported several times on the growing trends of vaping and the possibility in investing in the future of e-cigarettes.

A report by the investment site Motley Fool reported on the exact numbers behind the trend to vaporizers, e-cig tanks, and other more customizable options in the overall e-cigarette category. To put it plainly, e-cigarette sales for big retail brands like Blu electronic cigarettes are down as users flock to e-cig tanks and the many e-cig juice options out there.

This isn’t shocking, as we have been seeing this movement growing and it has been reported on in other places. This Wall Street Journal article covered the movement among retail shops that sell e-cig juice and systems to use them with, while not even stocking Blu electronic cigarettes or other mainstream retail brands.

Still, seeing the numbers behind it all really brings the point home that more and more e-cigarette users, veterans and rookies alike, are reaching for that e-cig tank system to satisfy their needs. It is fascinating to watch how quickly things move in the e-cig industry and how it is all driven by consumer demand.

Because so many vapers are moving to tank systems, there is a growing variety of flavors and juice companies emerging to meet the growing market.

That demand has led to a whopping 460 e-cigarette brands, many of which carry e-cig tanks and all together they offer a selection of 7,700 e-cig juice flavors. When the advent of the 2-piece e-cigarette entered the market, it seemed that these “cig-a-like” models would dominate the market.

E Cig Tank Systems Are Driving Industry Growth

They had the look and feel of an analogue cigarette and gave the consumer a no fuss experience. Just screw on the cartridge and puff away until you are out, then screw on a new one.While it is true that this still appeals to a wide swath of smokers looking for an alternative, it now looks like the desire for more options and performance has lured many to accept and embrace e-cig tanks and vaporizers.

The fact is that even the best e-cig tank system will have you spending a little more time with it than you would a traditional 2-piece system. You need to refill your e-cig juice and in some cases clean or replace other parts. Consumers are starting to go this route despite the extra care needed because of the advantages e-cig tanks have.

One of the greatest advantages of using a tank system over a single-use e-cigarette are longer battery life, better technology, and more satisfying experience.

The most obvious advantage is the bigger battery that an e-cig tank system affords, giving the user much more time before it needs to be recharged, as well as a superior output in terms of vapor. Some more advanced models will let you vary the voltage and really customize your vaping experience, truly differentiating this segment of the market from the overall e-cigarette category.

Thinking of this evolution of the e-cigarette industry, it seems only natural to us. It is human nature to want to grow and try new things; otherwise things can get stale or boring. There has to be something to that as an element of why people are moving toward the e-cig tank system and, in some cases, away from their comfort zone. Even though a lot of e-cigarette users are now looking for bigger and better, there will probably always be a large contingent of former smokers who are drawn toward the 2-piece “cig-a-like” devices.

Those are the ones that give them an experience most closely resembling smoking, in look, feel, and even flavor in some cases.

Larger e-cigarette sellers are seeing loss in market share to the growing fad of tank systems and vape mods such as the Halo Vapor cartomizer system.

Our Expert Vaping consumer reviews chart  reflects that, with a lot of people still reaching for that familiar looking e-cigarette. That isn’t to say we aren’t changing either, as we are now seeing a lot of those same companies adding e-cig tanks and e-cig juice to their product lines.

Not to mention we also have Halo as one of our top rated ecig brands, and that is a company which is very much focused on producing the best e-cig tank system out there. Be sure to check out our existing reviews and be on the look out for new ones for help in navigating the e-cigarette market and figuring out what works best for your needs.