While the devices themselves will last you quite some time, things like coils, vape juice and e cig parts need to be replaced to keep them functioning properly. Cig-a-likes require regular replacement of flavor cartridges or eventually the entire device if it isn’t a rechargeable model. On more advanced vape devices the inner parts eventually wear down from continuous use.

What Coils Around Goes Around With E Cig Parts

In e-liquid reservoir tanks with replaceable heads the heating coils and attached cotton will burn out over the course of its use. In some devices, this can happen as quickly as a week or two according to manufacturers. However, priming the parts correctly, keeping them clean and never using them without liquid can extend their life significantly.

Battery life may begin to slow over time, as is the nature of the technology. Though, many newer units have built-in shut off functions which prevent them from overcharging. Advanced e-cigs have active lock and power shut-off feature that ensures the device can’t be fired in a pocket or bag accidentally.

Vape Juice

E-juice is the most frequent investment that must be constantly replenished. However, these are nominal costs compared to the initial price tag of a device.  Purchasing e-liquid is an opportunity not only to try a new flavor but to take part in the social atmosphere of your local vape shop. Think of trying new e-juice flavors like getting to choose the scent of the air you breathe and then discussing it with people who enjoy it.

The performance of ecig starter kits that include e-juice and replacement coils will last the average user for a solid stretch before having to spend more money on e cig parts. Meanwhile, vaping has saved them a pile of money that would have otherwise been spent on tobacco cigarettes.

While investing in a low-cost device can be enticing for those looking to experiment, products with low quality control are the ones that have hidden dangers like unstable batteries or e-juices with unknown contents. Don’t let the temptation of a low-cost product end up costing you your health.