Before jumping right into vaping, one of the first thoughts everyone has is how much they can expect to spend on recurring e cig costs for equipment, vape juice, and coils. Ask yourself this; do I spend as much or more on smoking in approximately two weeks than I would for an introductory e-cigarette?

Chances are you do, which means by the second week of using it, your investment will have already paid for itself. By the time you reach the third week, you’ve SAVED that much and by the end of the month, you’re on your way to spending that free money on other things like new clothes that don’t smell like smoke, a new love interest, or eventually an airplane flight to an exotic locale.

E Cig Costs In Detail

E-cigs can range from the very affordable, disposable options you see at the sales counter in a store, up to fully personalized mods that can cost well over a hundred dollars. However, whereas the initial cost can be significant, you can expect to get an entry-level ecig from your local vape shop or online for as low as the same price of three packs of cigarettes.

Considering most smokers buy more than that a week, it’s clear to see how those who switch from smoking to vaping save a significant amount of money. If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, three-day’s investment in tobacco cigarettes could carry you anywhere from one to three weeks MINIMUM with an electronic cigarette.

E Cig Costs By The Numbers

On average, pack a day smokers can expect to spend between $35 and $105 a week on cigarettes depending on where they live. While even an advanced vaping device starter kit can be between $50 and $100 plus a bottle of vape juice at around $25 that will last you three times as long depending on much you use it. In fact, smaller all-in-one ecig starter kits are around $30 and use far less juice.

Additionally, these smaller, more affordable devices are designed for smokers in how they’re used and what they produce. It should be said that items like coils and vape juice are recurring costs and a 3 or 5-pack of replacement coils can cost between ten and twenty dollars alone. Then there is the cost of e-juice which averages about $25 to $30 per 100ml bottle.

With this in mind, most of these prices are for retail locations. If you’re shopping online, expect to spend even less. Another benefit of shopping for vape products online is having supplies shipped directly to your door, in some cases, you can schedule regular delivery as you need it.

Though it’s definitely a money saver, there are those additional recurring costs for supplies and maintenance. As long as you understand that vaping is not free and you will still have to make regular investments, you will see that e cig costs are considerably less expensive than smoking.