Looking at cig-a-likes especially, you may wonder, do I need a lighter for an ecig? First off, e-cigarettes don’t burn anything, so there’s no need to apply fire them. There are many misconceptions regarding e-cigarette vapor because it appears and sometimes acts like smoke.

Smoke Or Vapor?

To explain, smoke is the result of burning, while vapor is simply the result of super heating liquid until it becomes a kind of mist. Consider the difference between breathing next to a campfire compared to taking a deep breath on a foggy night. The first clearly creating discomfort in your lungs and eyes, the other, simply humidified, dense air.

Given society’s confusion about the difference between smoke and vapor, it’s necessary for those educated on the subject to “clear the air” of e-cig myths. There should never be any burning or flame associated with using an ecig. If you experience either one, it’s important to check your equipment for faulty connections, burnt coils or other malfunctioning components.