A debate rages in the halls of government and medicine assessing the difference between vaping and smoking. Although European studies have endorsed e-cigarettes, U.S. agencies remain skeptical. The people however have made a clear choice, vaping is on the rise. With all that’s at stake, we explore the arguments.

What Is The Real Difference Between Vaping And Smoking?

Vaping and smoking appear as different as apples and hand grenades. However, researchers, scientists and politicians are exploring the possible connections they share. Of course, a few factors must be taken into account in order to understand why vaping and smoking are compared in the first place. This is due in part to changes in FDA regulations regarding anything deemed a tobacco product.

As e-cigarettes began to gain a loyal following, government entities scrambled to create legislation in an effort to maintain control of their sales. The vaping industry experienced an early triumph, as e-cigs were disqualified as medical devices. Thus they were allowed a period of free reign where innovation and creativity soared.

It wouldn’t take long however, for the FDA to declare e-cigarettes tobacco products due in part to their use as a nicotine delivery system. As a result, the distinction has unfairly lumped ecigs and vaping in the same category as a toxic carcinogen delivery device and the difference between vaping and smoking largely ignored. While the only thing the two seem to share is nicotine, government entities cannot seem to separate their identities due largely to ritual.

Ironically, ritual is one of the major reasons smokers to turn to vaping and significantly, why so many of them have trouble quitting successfully. Though vaping fulfills the action, the familiar motion and sensations of smoking it does not contain the 7000 harmful chemicals that pour into the human body when inhaling burnt tobacco matter. While vaping is still not considered a healthier alternative, it is clear that a major difference between vaping and smoking is the byproducts you inhale. By taking up e cigarettes you are making a conscious decision not to feed yourself with harmful cancer-causing toxins.