In order to explain the definition of mod, we have to go back to the early days of e-cigarettes. There were very few options and users were fortunate if they were able to select a flavor other than tobacco. However, as flavors evolved and users became disillusioned to the thin, wispy vapor afforded by their cig-a-likes, they did what human beings have been doing since the discovery of fire, they adapted.

Responding to customer desires for more power, manufacturers introduced the first pen or screwdriver mods fitted with clearomizers popularly called eGo mods. Tubes packed with polyfill or loose fabric were replaced with intricate cotton wicks. Smaller, high resistance coils were about to replaced by hand-wound, sub ohm wires. As a result, members of the vaping community contend that it was in this moment when the term “vaping” came into fashion.

Vaping Definition Of Mods

Growing out of the discussion boards and message forums of DIY vape engineers and craftsmen with electronic or fabrication backgrounds, vapers began to improve the technology. This was a slow process at first, modifying powerful flashlights that would give rise to the first generation of tube and mech mods. Suddenly, society went from seeing e-cigs as smoking devices, to vape mods in a flash of evolution.

The term vape mod, was derived from the modified devices and technology that do-it-yourself vapers used to repurposed to jumpstart the vaping renaissance. The devices themselves maintained the overall aesthetic of super-charged flashlights until the introduction of the first box mod.

Vape technology expanded quickly from there. Industrial giants following the modifications and framework of those primitive, direct-current drip decks and rudimentary tank systems developed consumer ready products to appeal to their growing audience. Suddenly, the entire world was a part of the vaping conversation. It became a common occurrence to step out into the street and see people exhaling clouds of vapor.