The State of Connecticut has a budget deficit that they are trying to address. That is responsible and well they should. The question is always how to balance a budget. Where do you cut? Everyone loves the idea of cuts but no one knows what to cut other than “cut government”. The other way to balance a budget is increased revenues and that means higher taxes. No one likes that either. Unfortunately, one of the areas Connecticut is considering as a source for more revenue is electronic cigarettes. In fact, they are thinking about a 75% Connecticut e-cig tax! Ouch.

The Connecticut vaping tax would impact local vape shops and their customers. There are currently about 90 vape shops in the state. The taxes would be collected by Connecticut retailers. The state has already announced plans to increase taxes on cigarettes as well.

The government in Connecticut has placed a tax on vaping products

Almost doubling the price of vapor products will in all likelihood drive Connecticut vapers to buy products online from out of state vendors to avoid the tax. The best prices on the best e-cigarettes are all available online right now anyway. Vape shops already have to compete with online vendors. Now, it will be even harder for job producing vape shops in Connecticut to stay in business.

What Has Happened With E-cig Taxes In PA

There is no better cautionary tale for Connecticut than to look at Pennsylvania. Ever since the Pennsylvania e-cigarette tax went into effect, moe than 100 vape shops have closed in that state. Those jobs are gone. Those tax revenues are gone. If a 40% vape tax did that much damage, imagine what a 75% vape tax in Connecticut might do?

Pennsylvania decides to increase taxes to all local vape shops

Connecticut vape shop owners are sounding the alarm. April Meyers owns Northeast Vapor Supplies in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. She said that the proposed tax will devastate the small, family owned local vapor businesses. One need only look at Pennsylvania to see what the results can be.

The vapor industry has never asked for a handout or a subsidy. All vapor wants is not to be unfairly targeted. The anti-vaping crowd is so ravenous to attack that they give little thought to the real consequences. If vapor products including mods, tanks and eliquids are more difficult to get, it only stands to reason that smokers will stick with their cigarettes.