I hope we don’t get into trouble! Many regulators and anti-vaping special interests do not want this information out there. In fact, ecig companies are not even allowed to discuss their products in any meaningful detail. We recently covered how vape shops are not even allowed to offer the most basic level of customer service or information because of handcuffing regulations. The powers that be do not want anyone thinking that vaping can help smokers quit. Well we are simply reporting on the findings of an independent international body that is in fact saying that electronic cigarettes help smokers quit.

Cochrane Review is an independent with expert representatives and contributors from 130 different countries and they have come to a radically different conclusion. NBC news is also reporting on this. What is the Cochrane Review? They are a global independent network of researchers, professionals, care givers and others dedicated to health policy around the world.

The Cochrane Collaboration is an organization of health industry professionals whose logo looks like a measuring tool.

Cochrane has had 37,000 contributors from 130 different countries who work to provide credible and accessible health information that is not influenced by any special interests. In other words, they are not in anyone’s pocket. Many of their contributors are world leaders in medicine, health policy, research and consumer advocates.

Cochrane Finds Very Few Vaping Side Effects

Cochrane Review also found that there appears to be very few vaping side effects. They looked at a number of studies and found that the longest term studies have been tracking vapers for 2 years. In those 2 years some vapers have experienced mouth or throat irritation. The source of the irritation is probably a result of using e-cigarettes or e-liquid with high amounts of PG, propylene glycol. This can generally be ameliorated by option for a VG e-liquid because VG tends to create a gentler vapor.

The Cochrane Collaboration, an organization of health industry professionals have found very few side effects to vaping and using e-cigarettes besides enjoyment.

They looked at a UK study where it was found that a significant number of smokers that tried vaping were successfully able to quit. That’s a big deal. A 40 year old smoker can add 9 years to their life expectancy by quitting. King’s College London Tobacco Addiction professor Ann McNeill said, smartly, that smokers should use any and all methods to quit including electronic cigarettes.

These are the words and findings of credible sources none of which have a dog in the fight.