It gets taken for granted that the great majority of those reading electronic cigarette reviews are current smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes researching ecigarette flavors, among other things. . While that is fairly certain, what we don’t generally think about are smokers of cigars.

Contrary to what a great deal of people believe, cigars are just as bad for you as cigarettes. There is that idea out there that because cigar smoke is only meant to be tasted in your mouth, not inhaled, that they are somehow okay. Wrong. Cigar smokers tend to inhale some of that smoke anyway, and it is as if they are smoking way more than a single cigarette.

cigars have a huge impact on peoples health

Awareness is slow to get out there, but obviously needed to change that false perception. The impact of cigars in America is only increasing according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Americans more than doubled their cigar use in a decade, with 13 billion of them smoked in 2010 compared to 6.2 in 2000.

Jiping Chen, the lead epidemiologist in the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, insists “There is no safe level of cigar smoking.” Chen explains “Even cigar smokers who don’t smoke every day are exposed to substantially higher levels of toxic compounds.”

“There is no safe level of cigar smoking.” Jiping Chen – FDA lead epidemiologist

An Alternative For People Who Smoke Cigars

The concern over cigars has led to the FDA pushing for new rules that would outlaw flavored cigars and place further restrictions on their sale. This is actually part of the regulations meant for electronic cigarettes, ironically connected the two when ecigs can actually play a helpful role here.

For whatever role ecigarettes serve for smokers who expect to receive that nicotine, the role they can play for cigar smokers can be even bigger. If cigar smokers are looking for flavor more than anything else, ecigarettes (or an electronic cigar) can offer a legitimate switching pad for them. The option of a no nicotine ecigarette and the wide array of flavor options leave ecigs pretty well equipped to handle the needs of cigar smokers.

vaping could be an alternative for people who smoke cigars

There was a moment in the beginning of the ecigarette revolution where this tactic of attracting cigar smokers was part of the strategy for many ecigarette brands. One way was to offer the aforementioned electronic cigar, sometimes called an eGar, to simulate the look and feel of a traditional tobacco cigar. This product was actually a legitimate part of electronic cigarette reviews sites a while back, even offered as a no nicotine e cigarette at times.

The problem is that it really was just the aesthetics of the thing that gave you that impression, the performance was essentially and electronic cigarette in every sense. You can still find these from certain small sellers, but overall it didn’t make a big splash in the ecigarette market because it was too far away from the real thing.

vaping was supposed to attract cigar smokers

The challenge therefore is how to make ecigarettes more appealing to the cigar smoker. Already there are advantages for cigar smokers now that there weren’t five years ago, like great flavors that can come close to mimicking certain tobacco mixes. ecigarette brands like Halo e cig, or Green Smoke with their FlavorMax cartridges, offer some pretty impressive flavors.

Users can now also get much better battery life and performance on a whole compared to the products that were part of the first wave of ecigs. A nice big ploom of vapor that can fill the taste buds gives cigar smokers another sense of familiarity, and these days that can be done.

e liquid for cigar smokers

What else can be done? How about some ecigarette flavors that directly market to the cigar aficionado? We’re not talking about slapping some cool name on existing tobacco flavors. We would like actual research and development of a flavor, or flavors, that can satisfy cigar smokers by getting close to what they are used to. Remember, this is a new segment of the market that will be finding out more and more negative aspects of cigar smoking in the coming years.

You want to give these people a real choice to switch that can work for them, especially with the no nicotine e cigarette option. This is an opportunity to grow the industry and bring more awareness of electronic cigarettes as a whole. It is something we would love to see and we’ll wait and see if ecigarette brands and the market itself agrees.