Oh by gosh by golly, it’s time for mistletoe and holly! It’s also time for the Christmas 2015 vaping gift guide for vapers and smokers. We have something for everyone this year. If you know a smoker who has still not made the switch to vaping you can give them the gift of a lifetime, literally. If you know a vaper, you can give them a huge smile come Christmas morning with the newest and best electronic cigarettes and vaping gear.


Most of the Christmas vaping gift ideas that you will find on this page are still valid. But to be sure you are seeing the up to date 2016 Christmas vaping guide, check out our current post.

The Christmas gift ideas for 2016 have never been more plentiful! If you are not a vaper yourself, neither have things been more confusing! Not to worry, we are going to get through this. Our guide is the perfect place to start. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our Christmas 2015 vaping gift guide also directs you to special pricing including discounts and holiday ecig bundles that are going to save you money. We have so many options for you this year. It really is an amazing selection. Help someone make the switch from smoking and get started off right with Halo ecigs. Or get the hottest products in vaping from brands like Kangertech, Halo, Sigelei, Aspire, the new Smok TFV4 and tons of other new stuff that you can get before anyone else and long before you ever see it in a vape shop.

For the ideal holiday gift for all your vaping friends and family check out the Christmas 2015 vaping guide.

Usually at this point in the article I write a whole bunch of entertaining stuff before I get to the sales and gift suggestions. For example, maybe I would write about which reindeer is the best (the answer is Comet by the way). But this is not about satisfying my need for attention by writing a bunch of random stuff. This is about the Christmas 2015 vaping gift guide! So, I’ll get right to the sales and gifts without any further ado!

Just one thing. This will only take a sec. I have been thinking about the whole Santa deal, you know, delivering billions of toys in one night. Apparently, there are 1.9 billion kids under the age of 15 spread around our planet, which is about 25,000 miles in circumference. The good thing is that Christmas is very close to the winter solstace so we are among the longest nights of the year giving Santa some much needed bonus time to get things done.

It probably takes 10 minutes per stop. I mean he has to watch his step, put out the gifts, then the milk and cookies, you know the drill. The average family size here is 2.6 but in other parts of the world it is as high as 7. We’ll go with an average of 5 and 3 kids per stop. Santa is looking at 380 million stops. At 6 stops per hour Santa needs 63 million hours to get the job done. That’s over 7,000 years.

So if, as some speculate, Santa can stop time he would have to do so for 7,000 years every December 24th. Maybe he could stop earth time but once Santa restored time to normal the astronomers would notice the passage of 7,000 years. They’d  be able to see the planets showing up in different places every Christmas and they’d get all freaked out. Unless Santa could stop time for the entire universe but that’s just a crazy, impossible thing to do.

There really is only one answer. There is more than one Santa. All the mall Santas probably are the real thing but a member of a larger group of Santas. So we know it takes 63 million hours to deliver all the gifts and if all the Santas put in 12 hours each that means that there would need to be 525,000 Clausi to get things done. They estimate that there are 525,000 malls in the world. There you go.

Okay so santa has the kids covered. Now, what about that gift for the adult smoker or vaper in your life. You can give them the perfect gift this Christmas! Let’s start off with helping you pick the right gift for a smoker who could benefit from a smoking alternative. People need to get away from tobacco. Now we begin the Christmas 2015 vaping gift guide!

Halo eCigs G6 Cigalikes

The Halo G6 e-cig-a-like kit comes with two vaping devices, five cartridges, USB charger and carrying case.

Let’s begin. First off, the Halo Cigs G6 electronic cigarette is one of the best if not the best ecigarettes for a smoker to get started with. It is a cigalike design which means it looks and feels like a cigarette. When first trying to switch, mimicking smoking is important.

If your friend or loved one has tried an ecig and told you that they don’t think vaping will work for them, there is a very good chance that the ecigarette that they tried was a low quality cigalike from a corner store or gas station. Well, hardly anybody likes those. They are not good ecigs.

Give them a fresh start with the possibilities of vaping with a high quality electronic cigarette. Halo G6 ecigs are among the best cigalikes you can get and it is a phenomenal value. Because you will be buying direct from Halo Cigs and because we will be giving you a special Halo Cigs coupon to save you 5%, you will get a much better value than anything you will be able to buy retail.

There is a world of difference between any retail cigalike and Green Smoke. Green Smoke blows them all out of the water in quality, durability and performance. We reviewed the Halo G6 ecig starter kits and they are simply the best. The battery life is decent and the Halo G6 cartridges are consistent, have great flavor from start to finish and produce satisfying vapor. After all, they are filled with Halo world famous USA made ejuice. And, the long-term value of the Halo G6 is the best you will find with replacement cartridges costing less than $2.00 each.

The Halo G6 starter kit comes is sveral different colors. Now, when you choose the nicotine level, it’s really pretty easy. For someone who smokes more than a pack per day, get them the 2.4% nicotine level. For a pack per day smoker, start them off with a 1.8% nicotine level. For someone who smokes a half a pack per day or is a casual smoker, get them the 1.2% nicotine level.

When you are buying the Halo G6 starter kit, you will have the option of entering a Green Smoke promo code.Use promo code Expert Vaping5 to save 5% off of the price of the starter kit. Halo eCigs offers a 30 day money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

Use Halo Cigs Coupon Code Expert Vaping5

Direct Vapor

For the lowest guaranteed prices on authentic vape products with free shipping check out Direct Vapor.

If you are looking for the latest electronic cigarette products that are generating all the buzz in the industry, we have something very special for you. Some of the most experienced people in the entire vaping industry have joined forces to start a new American company to provide the best ecigs at the best prices.

There is a new kid on the block that is doing things better than anyone else, and better by a lot. Our Christmas 2015 vaping gift guide would not be complete unless we told you all about Direct Vapor.

Now I’m going to tell you something about vaping that is very important. Right now there are 600 ecig factories in China and while some of them are amazing, many of those factories exist for only one purpose. To knock off and counterfeit the best ecig products and rip people off by selling them a clone vaping device. The clones might look like the real thing, but they are not. They are made to resemble the good products but are made of the cheapest materials that they can possibly get their hands on. It is very important that you buy from a company that is reputable and knows what they are doing. Direct Vapor is that company that you should rely on.

As a potential customer, Direct Vapor is giving you 6 guarantees so you will know that you are getting the best at the best price. Those 6 critical guarantees are:

  1. Direct Vapor is a “No Clone Zone”. All products that they offer are 100% authentic and genuine. You will never get ripped off by a clone. This is so important.
  2. You are going to get the lowest price and that is guaranteed. If you see any authentic electronic cigarette product being offered for a lower price somewhere else, Direct Vapor will match it. You will get the lowest price.
  3. Free shipping no matter what. That means no minimums and no tricks. Direct Vapor ships for free, period end of discussion. This makes the low price guarantee that much better. You can’t beat this, folks.
  4. 15 day money back guarantee. This is a no hassle money back guarantee. No sneaky re-stocking fee. This is perfect when you are buying a gift. If the person you bought the ecigarette for does not want it, send it back and you get your money back, all of it.
  5. You have a 60 day warranty against any defects. If anything goes wrong, Direct Vapor will replace it and pay for the shipping both ways. They take the risk, you get the benefit.
  6. Direct Vapor is an American company that ships from Florida and all the customer service reps are right here in the USA. You always get great customer service.

If you are buying an electronic cigarette for yourself, having all of these guarantees and assurances is invaluable. When you are buying an ecig as a gift, these guarantees give you the peace of mind that you will be getting an authentic vaping product at the best price. The website is easy to use and checking out is easy as pie. Online shopping is so convenient and Direct Vapor makes it especially breezy.

What Does Direct Vapor Have?

Direct Vapor is one of the largest online retailers of vapes and accessories with a massive selection and lowest prices.

Easy question. Direct Vapor has almost everything. If you want the latest Kanger, Aspire, Tesla or any ecig product, Direct Vapor has it. As soon as the products are released, Direct Vapor has them.

These guys move fast. They have all of the hottest new ecig products as soon as they become available. In fact, you can even get the exciting new vaping products before anyone else.

For example, you might have heard of the Snow Wolf mod. Well, the makers of Snow Wolf are launching a new, compact mod called the Laisimo iPower 70 Watt mod. It is not even available to the general public yet but you can order yours in advance from Direct Vapor for $44.95. You can give a vaper something new that they definitely do not already have when you pre-order.

Vapers love getting new vape gear and getting it while its fresh! Direct Vapor always has the latest electronic cigarettes, mods, tanks, RDAs, RBAs and accessories. I can totally back up this claim with a bunch of examples.

First, the hottest ecig tank right now is the Smok TFV4 subohm. Direct Vapor has that and not only that, they also have the brand new Big Smok TFV4 Cores. You will find all of the best tanks from the full line of Aspire and Kanger ecig tanks as well as the Uwell Crown and the Herakles. If you are looking for an RDA, Direct Vapor has the authentic Tugboat 2 among many others.

For total starter kits, you can pick up the new Kanger Nebox, Innokin Cool Fire IV or the Aspire Odyssey. Direct Vapor has put together a Platinum Holiday Gift Bundle in addition to a full line of mods. Some of the mods include the new Kanger Kbox Platinum Mini TC (temperature control), the Sigelie Fuchai 200 Watt TC mod and the Smok X Cube.

Christmas Vaping Gifts For Her

For the lady who vapes, check out the assortment of colors, flavors and accessories for the vaping ladies in your life.

Direct Vapor has a full line of gift bundles for her. Look, the reality is that the ladies are leading the vaping revolution. A survey in England showed the the majority of vapers there are women. Girls love their vapes!

Just for her, Direct Vapor has put together a complete holiday bundle. It includes the brand new Kanger SubVod ecig complete with the SubTank Nano S and eliquid. You can pick from six different colors including the ever popular pink and purple.

That’s not the only kit with an abundance of color choices. There’s also the Mini-Mod holiday gift bundle for the novice. Very easy to use and can be refilled from the top. It comes with everything she needs to start vaping as soon as she unwraps it!

The Innokin Endura T18 starter kit is available for less than $30 and comes in pink, light blue, black or silver. It looks great and is super easy to use.

If she wants a more powerful mod capable of precision temperature control, she’ll love the new Sigelie 150 watt TC mod. It comes in five different colors and has all of the latest features that vapers are looking for.

There are so many posibilities. If she’s new to vaping, I suggest the Make The Switch To vaping Beginner Bundle. The Beginner Bundle is the beautiful iJust 2 ecig starter kit. It features the iJust 2 – 2600 mAh battery and the iJust 2 tank. It is capable of terific vapor production and is effortless to use. Take a look at all of the best gifts for her. You will find something perfect!

Christmas Gifts For Him

The broad range of power mods in an array of colors are the perfect gift for the vaping connoisseur in your life.

So what to get for for him? Well, for that guy who loves new vape gear, Direct Vapor has a lot of new stuff! A lot of guys like to be the first to have that new it thing. There are a couple of contenders if this fits the bill for the gift that you are looking for. These are pre-orders so he will be the first!

I think the Laisimo iPower 70 Watt temperature control (TC) mod is a great choice. This is the same people who make the Snow Wolf. It is very compact but will deliver the full 70 watts when commanded. There are five different colors which is awesome.

If he likes to build his own coils the Laisamo iPower 70 will fire atomizer coils with a resistance level as low as 0.05 ohms. In temp control mode it is capable of anywhere from 212 degrees F to 662 degrees F.

If I could make a recommendation, I suggest the Platinum Holiday Gift Bundle pictured above. This includes the new Kanger Platinum Kbox mod. It is capable of standard vaping and temperature control. It comes with the Kanger SubTank Mini complete with the extra RBA head. You will also get a top quality eFest battery included and a battery charger. Oh, yes, and some eliquid. So that’s everything you need to start vaping right out of the box.

The Platinum Holiday Gift Bundle is the total package. It is capable of incredible performance and versatility. The vapor production and flavor that you get from the classic Kanger SubTank is legendary. He will love this. Visit Direct Vapor now and shop for the perfect gift for him. Every day you will also find a Christmas Bundle offered as a daily special.

Christmas Vaping Gifts For The Vaping Enthusiast

If you're stumped on what to get your close friends and family members who vape, check out the range of high-end mods and accessories they may appreciate.

If you have a vaping enthusiast in your life you have probably heard him or her at some point say something like “I have an awesome 0.1 build in my Tugboat 2 and I’m chucking clouds at 110 Watts. Next I’m going to TC mode and building at 0.2 with Titanium coils.”

Because he or she is so excited when they say this, you agree and tell them how great it all is but in reality you’re thinking, ‘what the flying reindeer sleigh did they just say?’ Yup, it’s a whole new language.

So now you’re thinking you have no idea what to get a vaping enthusiast for Christmas right? Well, no worries. You will impress and amaze that vaper with the absolute perfect gift that they will love because Direct Vapor has bundled some of the best advanced vaping products on the planet into convenient gift packs that the special vaper is going to flip over.

The Vape Connoisseur Holiday Gift Bundle is gorgeous. It features the Smok Treebox mod that is about to be released. It should arrive just in time for Christmas. This thing is beautiful and in limited supply. It is made of beautiful Brazilian zebrawood. Inside, it is all high tech. The Treebox is a 75 watt mini mod capable of temp control. This thing is unbelievably precise and accurate. The atomizer resistance is read every 250 microseconds. Phenomenal.

You get a lot here. The Vape Connoisseur Holiday Bundle comes with everything needed and more. It will come with the hottest tank in vaping right now, the Smok TFV4. He or she will be totally thrilled. It will come with five extra coils as well. This kit also comes with a top notch eFest battery and charger plus eliquid. It’s literally a dream vaping kit and my recommendation.

Another option for the vaping enthusiast is the Ultimate Experience Holiday Gift Bundle. The star of this bundle is the new and in high demand Kanger Nebox. This mod has a massive tank so he or she can go days between refills. This is an all-in-one electronic cigarette mod capable of 60 watts of power.

The Ultimate Experience Bundle comes with eliquid, eFest battery and charger. The built in Nebox tank delivers classic Kanger performance and comes with a Ni200 coil pre-installed. The Ni coil is for temp control vaping but the Nebox is compatible with standard Kanthal atomizers, too. In fact, it comes with an extra OCC coil and an RBA rebuildable coil.

Both of these holiday kits are a great choice for the vaper in your love. I think that there is a distinct possibility that they may love you even more than they do now! Just kidding, but serious, these are awseome vaping kits and a perfect gift for the vapers or smokers in your life. Go to Direct Vapor, shop and remember that all of these products are 100% authentic, guaranteed low price, 15 day no hassle money back guarantee from an American company with free shipping for every order.

American Ecig Companies

This holiday season get the vapers in your life a gift you can be sure they'll love from an American e-cig company.

There are a few Amercian ecig brands that have really upped their game over the last few years and are establishing themselves as the elite in the industry. With all the talk lately about poorly manufactured eliquids and the risks posed by them, we are happy to tell you about these US brands that know what they are doing. All of the brands that we will talk about utilize professional lab standards operated by professional, trained chemists.

These US brands not only make excellent electronic cigarette devices, they make the best e-liquid. All of their ejuices are diacetyl free and made in a lab to the highest standards. We have previously covered what is e-juice and we went into detail about what makes eliqid safe. Well companies like VaporFi, Halo Apollo and Black Note back up the purity of their eliquid with lab reports.

As vaping advocates, it is our duty to talk to you about the companies that are doing things right. There are so many bad ejuices out there that we have to be vigilant. The issue is that many boutique ejuices that are being made in vape shops and garages are not properly made. And even though there are some bad apples, we are very happy to report that there are some outstanding companies that are getting it right.

For our Christmas 2015 vaping gift guide, we want to feature some leading American brands that give you a lot of options. They should have at least four different starter kits ranging from cigalikes to advanced mods. Options are good! They all have money back guarantees, too. We also have some coupons for all of these ecig brands so you can get a great Holiday deal!

VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes

For quality holiday vape gifts check out the full line of Vaporfi eCigarettes and custom e-liquid blends.

VaporFi is a Florida based company that has its own FDA regsitered eliquid lab and offers more than a dozen different types of elecronic cigarettes and vaporizers. They have a cigalike, they have mods, they have ecig tank systems, they have advanced mods and a powerful 100 Watt TC mod.

If you are looking for a gift for a smoker who has tried cigalikes but might need something a bit stronger to help get away from tobacco, you should consider the VaporFi Rocket. The rocket does have some very cool features like airflow control, but it is still very reliable and easy to use.

The Rebel is a more advanced ecig tube that has a telescopic feature. This would be great for someone looking for a versatile, powerful ecig. The Vox 50 II is an advanced mod that is top of the line. Check out our VaporFi ecig reviews to see the Rocket and Rebel in action.

If you have someone in your life who is totally into ecigs and vaping, you should take a look at the Vox 100 TC mod. This is a powerful yet compact advanced ecig capable of precision temperature control.

When it comes to eliquids, VaporFi offers some of the very best. Oh, and they have a few flavors to pick from, too. About 30,000! Well, it works like this, VaporFi has a custom eliquid page on their website that lets you create any eliquid recipe that you can imagine.

This is our Christmas 2015 vaping gift guide! We know you will find that perfect thing. Hey, don’t forget yourself, too. You are allowed to buy yourself some new vape gear, too:)