Chewing tobacco is terrible for you, that much should be clear by now. If you look up the effects of chewing tobacco, you will find a long nasty list that includes terrible diseases like mouth cancer. Even though it is a much smaller segment of the tobacco consuming public, the negative effects are no less devastating. But when you try to look up how to quit chewing tobacco, for some reason electronic cigarettes are not part of the discussion as a viable alternative. That needs to change and it needs to change quickly.

The effects of chewing tobacco are as destructive if not more disastrous than smoking, users have found good luck with the switch to vaping.

The history of chewing tobacco goes back long and far. People were chewing the plant in North and South America even before Europeans showed up. It has been part and parcel of a great number of native cultures and even when traditional tobacco cigarettes started being mass-produced, some people still chewed. It wasn’t until many years later that the connection with mouth cancer was made and now we know that the effects of chewing tobacco can be disastrous.

Nowadays many people are looking for an answer for how to quit chewing tobacco. It isn’t easy, anyone who has ever tried will tell you that. In fact, chewing tobacco is usually packed with more nicotine than traditional tobacco cigarettes, making it that much harder to stop. Even though one key advantage of electronic cigarettes is that they give you the feeling of smoking, the impact of the nicotine is not to be dismissed. That’s the part of vaping that could really help those who chew but are looking for an alternative.

Chewing Tobacco Pastime Should Turn To Vapor

As much as smoking has been found to cause cancer and emphysema, chewing tobacco has likewise been proven to lead to mouth and gum cancer prompting some to advocated for those who use it to try vaping instead.

Baseball is our national pastime, and that is where a lot of chewing was seen and still is. Chewing tobacco was front and center any time you turned on the tube to catch a game. A doubleheader meant twice as much baseball, and twice as much chew. It’s true that a lot of big leaguers moved away from it and chewing gum became popular, but some still use “dip” as it is sometimes called. We can turn this history of chewing into dust, or into vapor rather. Electronic cigarettes have the power to do that.

It’s this power that we need to harness and help those who are looking for how to quit chewing tobacco. If you are out there trying to avoid the effects of chewing tobacco, chief among them being mouth cancer, then you should reach for an ecigarette as an alternative. But not just any, pick a good one and, because of the high nicotine content in dip, pick a brand that carries high nicotine cartridges. White Cloud is one such brand that supports high nicotine, but there are others among our favorites and any of them could help.

Another vaping option that might be able to replace a strong nicotine addition would be the Kanger SubTank and iStick 30 Watt Mod. This set-up produces so much vapor and nicotine satisfaction that it may be able to replace the nicotine sensation that people get from chewing tobacco.

The Eleaf iStick 30 watt vape mod kit is a simple easy-to-use design perfect for beginning looking to kick their tobacco habits.

Maybe there will be a day when players will vape in the dugout instead of chewing, that certainly would change how we see things, especially with regard to the role of electronic cigarettes in our lives. We’ve gotten used to seeing them in a lot more places, but this would be new. Whatever can add to the normalcy of ecigs will be helpful for the movement as a whole. Of course it would be even better if nobody chewed or smoked in the first place, but the next best thing is vapor from reliable eliquids.

The natural response to questions of how to make the switch away from chewing tobacco is probably nicotine gum. But it isn’t the answer because so few people actually are able to get off of nicotine with it. Electronic cigarettes have been shown to provide better nicotine satisfaction and that is a big key in making a change. Whether your goal is to wean yourself of nicotine or not, ecigarettes can play a role in getting to where you want to be. Because at the end of the day, chewing tobacco needs to be replaced. Why can’t vapor be the choice, the same way it’s the choice for million of smokers?