Purchasing cheap ecigs from a gas station or you local convenience store may be tempting. Even if it’s one of those Walmart Murphy USA gas station e-cigarettes, they can end up providing a quick and convenient way to fulfill your vaping needs in the moment. However, many of these gas station e-cigs are simply a waste of time and money in the short and long run.

These e-cig packages have sweet advertisements mentioning every benefit that you’re looking for in a high end vape device, laying it on thick about how useful they are. However, nobody is posted there to warn you that these are among thousands of scammers and manufacturers outside of the U.S. that slapped a name and graphic on some of the lowest quality e-cigs made just to make a quick buck. At times, gas station attendants may even try to talk you into them as well, even though many of them have never tried vaping themselves.

Every day, smokers are taken advantage of when they step into a gas station or corner store due to the draw of vape devices at eye level that require only a minimal investment to try them out. We take a look at some of the hidden costs and possible dangers associated with picking up one of the super cheap e-cigarettes and offer some alternatives you may not know about that are often sold in the same locations.

Many disposable e-cigs being sold in gas stations are poorly made Chinese e-cigs or knock-offs.

Cheap eCigs are showing up in every small town store and scores of retail locations and people are picking them up either out of need or curiosity without much thought into how or by who they were produced. The frenzy surrounding electronic cigarettes presently is allowing these fly-by-night eCig companies are taking advantage of its power and buzz by “chumming the waters” or throwing out products that aren’t truly worth selling or using and wrapping these cheap eCigarette products in fancy packaging to make them appear worth that momentary investment.

Great ecig starter kits
ecig starter kits

This is sadly an every day occurrence and it’s difficult just to sit back and watch this happen to thousands of people every day who are just looking to improve their lives.

Most of these situations happen in retail stores and gas stations all over the country. In fact, someone near you right now is making this mistake as you’re reading this. Unfortunately, the only remedy is education and outreach, getting the knowledge of what to buy, why to invest a reasonable amount of money and how to protect yourself are crucial pieces of info not everyone has the luxury to possess, which is why we felt this expose was so crucial. When you hear the terms vapor cigarettes, smokeless cigs, retail e-cigarettes, cheap eCigs etc., they all basically mean the same thing; cheap ecigs that aren’t worth the money you pay for them.

There are many ways to refer to vaping devices such as e-cigarettes, vapor, smokeless or heat not burning.

Cheap eCigs May Present Health and Safety Risks

Having seen a lot of these disposable eCigs their labeling is often creatively worded specifically to attract curious individuals who aren’t well-versed about e-cigs. Electronic cigarette companies often present their products as some kind of cure-all in very big print to draw people’s attention. However, there’s no difference between the different terminologies, they are pretty much the same thing and what they are isn’t great. It’s mostly a marketing ploy, and they’re trying to use your curiosity or your desire to quit smoking to trigger you to buy their products, sometimes appealing directly to your desire for self improvement. We outlined some tips on how to buy eCigarettes in a past e-cig news blog post that you can refer to as a reference should you need any further help with your decision. 🙂

So What’s The Big Deal With Disposable eCigs?

It’s important to your safety to know that there are a lot of faulty and poorly made cheap e-cigarettes out there in the gas stations and retail outlets you frequent. Additionally, there are a ton of fakes and clones being sold online through websites that market them as cheap alternatives to the top eCig brands. As a result, we thought it was valuable to bring our readers’ attention to these dishonest practices. When you purchase the best e-cig starter kits, they should be of high quality, have delicious flavors, produce dense vapor, and your period of adjustment and adaptation to the sensation should be relatively easy. In addition, you shouldn’t have any serious leaking problems or battery issues. If you purchase a cheap electronic cigarette, make sure that you’re taking into consideration that this device is supposed to be your escape from tobacco cigarettes – you want it to work, and you want it to work correctly as well as safely.

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best ejuice in USA

Often, the people behind the companies selling cheap eCigarettes are online perpetrators as well, which you can read more about in our past blog post concerning free eCigarette trials, and eCig scams.

Gas station e-cigs are affordable, cheaply made often disposable e-cigs made of inferior materials.

Why Make A Point To Call Out Cheap eCigarettes?

Expert Vaping has always been about helping people experience the best quality vaping possible and part of that is making sure they avoid poorly made vape products that don’t deliver on that goal. Massive numbers of consumers who have tried a crappy gas station ecig end up giving up on vaping all together, which is the opposite of what we want. In fact, it often leads them straight back to the toxic smoke of regular cigarettes and into the waiting arms of Big Tobacco who are all to happy to welcome them and their money. This is a travesty that sometimes can’t be reversed.

We don’t want you to fall into the traps these “under-performing” vape companies have set for you at the gas stations and retail outlets like Wal-Mart. One way to protect yourself is to look up the cheap retail eCig you see on the shelf before you buy it and find out what the experiences of others in a similar situation were. A quick search could end up saving you not only a lot of time and money but may protect you from devices that are downright dangerous. That said, there ARE quality brands out there that provide a premium experience, you just have to do your homework to find them.

In fact, massively successful eCigarette brands like Juul Vapor have prominent standing in retail locations all over the country as well. However, the higher initial price point for products like the Juul eCig often keep users who just want to give vaping a try from accessing the most satisfying e-cigarettes available. It’s a rather unfortunate situation, however, if you can wait to give vaping a try, there are plenty of Juul coupons available online to lower the cost and ensure you get the best experience possible from your first taste of satisfying vapor.

Our reason for existing is to help consumers put the freedom and power of living smoke free back in their own hands. As a result, members of the vaping community who read our reviews and decide to purchase quality vape mods or eCigs often find exactly what they’re looking for once they have the information they need. We hope you take this knowledge and apply it to your next purchase of cig-a-likes or vape mods and then come back, leave a consumer review on the particular product you chose and whether it truly provided the experience you anticipated. Consequently, others in the position you were once in will learn from your experience and so on, a truly cooperative cycle that can be used as a tool, an aid to ensure everyone is able to access the best electronic cigarettes available. Our ultimate goal at Expert Vaping is to provide an honest flow of information on as many vaping products and brands as possible so that no questions are left unanswered. In fact, if you’re curious about something we haven’t covered, we encourage you to reach out and suggest an article or report so that we are continuously helping to improve the lives of every member of the vaping community.

Before purchasing e-cigs, it's important to do your research to make sure you get exactly what you need, do not overpay and get a quality product.

The Best Disposable eCigs Are Worth It

With a seemingly infinite number of e-cig brands out there, we try to review every single brand our readers are using or interested in. The ecig companies we trust are often those that have been in the industry for at least a minimum of 2 years – some more than 5 years and some since the beginning. You want to make sure that you get an e-cig from a reputable company and that’s why we believe in providing our users with the most honest information available. We were once novices ourselves, with no idea where to turn or what to buy, but we knew we wanted to give up tobacco. As a result, we’ve extensively reviewed some of the most popular ecigarette companies operating today to simplify the search for people like yourself who are willing to purchase vape starter kits online to get the best prices on the top product packages. It’s understandable that some people prefer to purchase their refills, vape juice, replacement vape coils and accessories at a local vape shop and aren’t interested in  ordering online. All we suggest is that regardless of what you buy or where you buy it, do your research.

Fortunately, there are few independent eCig companies like Juul, that aren’t directly associated or owned by Big Tobacco that you can still find in retail stores. What there are plenty of are a variety of slickly packaged electronic cigarettes marketed along with tobacco that are being run by the cigarette barons and most of the successful ones have been bought up or absorbed by Big Tobacco, which is why online retailers like Mig Vapor are so valuable to vapers with experience. Locations that consistently carry high quality vape mods and e-cigs are most often found in local vape shops dedicated specifically to advanced vape mods and sadly you end up paying a premium in person, that’s just the cost of operating a retail location.

It’s harder to control quality and customer service when consumers make their purchases through a brick-and-mortar store front. Reflexively, buying the best vape mods and e-cigarettes online is often direct from the manufacturer, the people accountable for these products are the same ones you originally dealt with and they have to take responsibility for the items they sell. The truth is, you get the best value from refillable vape pen starter kits or compact mods like the Mig Vapor Trap Pod which allow you to buy and use everything on your terms without being beholden to a corporation or preset nicotine levels and flavors where they can fix the prices and deliver unnecessarily high dosages of nicotine like the Juul pen.

The end result is that its important to be careful shopping for affordable eCigs. A solid foundation of research and the benefit of other’s experiences will save you infinite amounts of both time and money. If you’re ready to check out how the best disposable cig-a-likes and entry level vape mods can instantly upgrade your vaping experience, check out some of our reviews.

Our top electronic cigarette review charts may have exactly what you’re looking for!

Cheers and welcome to the start of your smoke free future!