Cheap ecig batteries are the culprits, but vapers across America are putting their sights on electronic cigarette makers as the problem. Of course, it’s not as if all ecig brands are in on this phenomena. We can’t even say most or a majority are contributing to this wave of ecig batteries malfunctioning. But even a few bad apples can sully the entire batch. While we hope this isn’t the case, we have to be very aware of what is happening.

In that sense, it isn’t such a bad thing that individual vapers are suing for damages all across the country. Dozens of lawsuits have popped up in New York, California, and elsewhere. There are different circumstances for each, but the unity aspect is the same: faulty cheap ecig batteries. Poorly made ecig batteries, almost always the lithium-ion kind, are accused of being behind the spat of electronic cigarette explosions.

Poorly made lithium ion batteries are most likely the culprit for exploding and negligently used e-cig and vape batteries.

These aren’t small instances either. These cheap ecig batteries can leave their mark in a highly dangerous way. People are getting second-degree burns at the very least, but some cases leave the victim with injuries far worse that that. It’s scary thought to be vaping away and have your electronic cigarette all of a sudden explode. Or have your battery start heating up on its own in your pocket and then – boom – fracture completely into very hot components.

This isn’t supposed to scare you. Frankly, the effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes are a lot scarier if you thin about it. But it’s also something we can’t ignore as more and more cheap ecig batteries make their way onto the market. Now is the time to be vigilant in understanding what you are putting into your mouth and where it comes from. It could be the difference between a normal and serene morning with your vape device, and a trip to the hospital.

Avoid Cheap Ecig Batteries Like The Plague

The remnants of exploded cheaply made e-cigarette batteries are mostly shrapnel.

Really it does all come down to staying away from cheap ecig batteries that aren’t anywhere near the standards of typical electronic components. As the electronic cigarette industry has morphed into a mammoth billion dollar industry, there have been many strides by the major, and minor, ecig brands. So we shouldn’t overlook all the good that has come out of the mass production of electronic cigarettes. Besides advances in technology, prices have also naturally come down – leading to a recent upsurge in ecig sales.

The downside of this movement is the allure of making cheap ecig batteries to turn a quick buck. It’s not that these companies are trying to hurt people, but they are likely taking a few shortcuts in production. If it saves them some money, and increases their profits, maybe they are willing to have production oversight that isn’t top notch. Which means their faulty product ratio goes from perhaps 1 in million, to one in a thousand. Still sounds unlikely right? The problem is when that 1 in a thousand out there actually malfunctions.

That’s what happened to Jennifer Ries, who plugged in her ecig battery to her car and within seconds felt that something was wrong. There was a weird smell that was similar to nail polish and then there was that familiar loud bang. Accompanying it were melted chemicals on her lap as well as flames that shot out and lit her dress on fire. Thankfully her husband was able to quickly douse the flames with iced coffee. She was left with second-degree burns on her body and a traumatic event that she won’t soon forget.

Jennifer Ries and her husband were award 1.9 million dollars in the aftermath of an e-cigarette batter exploding.

Ries was one of the recent lawsuits we spoke about. She was awarded a hefty $1.9 million in compensation after a trial that determined the ecig distributor and the store that sold it to her were at fault. Here’s hoping that hit will convince these no-name ecig makers that it isn’t worth taking any chances with safety. That would be the positive outcome of this new and steady stream of ecig lawsuits.

But you shouldn’t count on that! You should avoid cheap ecig batteries like the plague. They may be appealing in price, but the risk, not to mention the inferior vaping experience, just isn’t worth it. Stick to reputable vape brands, like the ones on our Expert Vaping top-rated list so you don’t catch yourself in the same situation. There are plenty of quality products out there with high production standards, why take any chances?

In the meantime, here’s hoping this string of ecig explosions die down. It certainly isn’t indicative of all the good electronic cigarettes are doing for millions of smokers around the country. Just make sure you know what you are buying, and that they aren’t cheap ecig batteries.