The electronic cigarette market place is flooded with a massive range of products. While many of them are amazing, the end result can be confusing to adult smokers who simply want an electronic cigarette that is easy to use and and fully satisfying. While various vape companies vie for the position of the latest and best advanced ecig device with more features than a new Lexus, one company has stood tall through it all and that company is Green Smoke e-Vapor.

Vaping today is a gong show. We love it! But it’s a gong show nonetheless. Everyday new ecigs come into the market each trying to outdo the other with some piece of interactive, complex gadgetry or a new way to make a bigger vape cloud. It is like a wild horse race with new leaders coming and going on a daily basis. It has become a game of trends dominated by hardcore hobbyists. When you look at all of the fancy vaping devices out there there is no clear leader. But that all changes when it comes to cigalikes.

Green Smoke E-Vapor e-cigarette kit comes with two boxes of refill cartridges.

The cigalike is a two-piece design with a battery and a cartomizer cartridge. Cigalikes are the easiest to use, most portable and convenient style of e-vapor device. In this category of electronic cigarettes there is one clear leader. Green Smoke e-Vapor dominates this niche with the best quality of any on the market.

Using a quality cigalike offers a familiar, satisfying experience. Now, many experienced vapers will tell you, cigalikes in general are not very good products. But Green Smoke is different; it is an exceptional quality product. Our Green Smoke ecig reviews have thoroughly tested this leading vape brand and they are superior to anything else out there.

So if you want to get out of the rat race of cloud chasing or trying to keep up with the latest device, simplify your life. Green Smoke e-vapor offers an incredible vaping experience without any of the hassle. So step back, chill out and just enjoy vaping.

What Makes Green Smoke Different?

Yes, there are a ton of cigalikes being sold in drug stores, gas stations and convenience stores. Maybe you have tried one and didn’t like it. I would not blame you, most are not quality products. Take a brand like Vuse for example, it has huge marketing dollars behind it and some innovative features, but at the end of the day it misses the mark. Vuse is harsh and does not last. Green Smoke is far superior.

Ecigs like Blu are very well made and stylish but ultimately Blu is just too weak to satisfy the majority of vapers. Blu is a nice, mild vape with great flavor but is not for everyone. Really, the biggest problem with all of the retail cigalikes is that they treat every smoker the same. That is a huge blunder. Not all smokers can be put into one basket.

Green Smoke e-Vapor is different. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are exceptional quality and use only the very best components in their batteries and FlavorMax cartridges. This is why you need to be buying Green Smoke. You deserve options! You need to choose the best cigalike of 2016, Green Smoke. You will get the best products online and get the best prices. Buy direct from the Green Smoke e-Vapor website. They will help you out and make sure that you are a satisfied customer.

The Green Smoke electric cigarette kit can replace up to 8 packs of cigarettes.

Look, anytime you name a best ecig there is going to be a variety of differing opinions. In the last year alone there have been dozens of products that have been called the best ecig. The trends change very quickly. For example, it was just 6 months ago that subohm vaping was all the rage and powerful mods were vying head to head for the title of best. Not long after, temperature control vaping took over. The best ecig mod and tank always changes what has not changed and is not likely to change is the title of best cigalike. Green Smoke e-Vapor owns the category. They have focussed on being the very best at what they do.

Why constanly be buying a new ecig device? The mod you bought this week is going to be passé next week. Then you’ll have to buy another one. If this endless cycle is not for you, you do not have to be in that hamster wheel anymore. Simplify the vaping experience and focus on the enjoyment, not the trends.

Green Smoke e-Vapor has put its stamp on the title of best cigalike. They own the cigalike niche having sold almost 40 million electronic cigarette products. So yah, choosing a mod is very subjective but choosing the best cigalike is a much more clear choice.

Choose Green Smoke e-Vapor

The Green Smoke starter kit comes with two units and five refill cartridges.

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes offer three different starter kits. There is the Green Smoke Pro Kit which is the largest and comes with the most cartridges and the most batteries. The Green Smoke Express Kit is a great value and comes with 2 batteries, chargers, carry case and a pack of cartridges.

If you want to sample what Green Smoke is like and prove to yourself that it really is the best cigalike, you can try the Essentials kit that has 1 battery, a USB charger and 2 cartridges.

Our recommendation, get the Green Smoke Pro Kit. It is the most popular and comes with the most stuff making it the best overall value. Having that third battery is actually a big deal as well. We have previously covered why it is so important to make sure that you always have an extra Green Smoke battery on hand. You want a vaping experience to be as accessible as possible.

Look, a lot of vapers are going to insist that cigalikes do not satisfy. They have not tried Green Smoke e-vapor. If they had, they would be amazed. You don’t always have to complicate your life with some trendy technology with more buttons and display screens that a sci-fi space ship. The vape quality from Green Smoke ecigs has satisfied customers across the country. Find out why Green Smoke e-Vapor has sold almost 40 million products. Try it for yourself, there is no other cigalike that compares.

The Green Smoke Pro e-cigarette kit comes with three devices, charging options, two packages of refill cartridges and slim carrying case.

When you buy from Green Smoke e-Vapor, you will be buying direct from the company online. That means that you get the best prices certainly a much better value that paying for retail markups. Use Green Smoke coupon discount code Expert Vaping15 to save 15% off of any starter kit that you want. There is a 30 day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty on batteries. This is a risk free purchase with little to lose and a lot to gain. Get out of the vaping rat race and just go with a proven performer that has stood tall through it all.