This CCTV footage of an exploding ecigarette was uploaded by Update News Network. It shows an incident that happened in Toulouse, France. In this video, you will see Amine Britel standing outside of his nightclub. He takes a vape and then puts his device in his jacket pocket. Seconds later, you see sparks and flame emerge from his jacket and Mr. Britel struggle to get the burning device away from him.

This was a scary episode and Mr. Britel did not even feel the pain of his injuries until well afterward. He is recovering but did suffer some serious burn injuries.

Of course all of us in the vaping community instantly want to know what kind of exploding ecigarette are we talking about here? Unfortunately, on scene reporters never ask that question! To most people, all electronic cigarette are alike. This is an issue, people still see vaping as akin to smoking and like one cigarette is like all the rest they think that all e-cigarettes using e-juices are the same. Of course nothing could possibly be further from the truth!

Exploding Ecigarette Hysteria

In September security cameras in a New Jersey mall captured a woman’s purse spontaneously catching fire. Fox, KTLA, consumer affairs and outlets from coast to coast covered the story as an “e-cigarette exploding in woman’s purse“. If you Google the story you will see almost 100 media stores filed on this incident that they refer to as an ecig explosion. But it wasn’t an ecig explosion!

Screaming woman in black and white frustrated by hysteric claims over exploding e-cigarettes.

In the case at the Jersey mall, a loose 18650 battery in the woman’s purse is actually what caught fire. In all likelihood, the battery was loose and came into direct contact with other metals and caused a thermal runaway. You should not cary loose batteries in a pocket or purse with other metals like keys or coins. The mod that she owned, which looked like a Kanger Cupti, did not explode. Todays mods, like the Cupti, feature advanced battery protections that prevent things like that from happening. The Cupti was not do blame, it vapes great. It was loose batteries but the media, of course, made it about an exploding ecig.

Anytime an ecig blows up there is bound to be some hysteria. Scratch that, there will be some hysteria! An exploding ecig story is good for some clicks or reads.