A common question that we get from our readers is “Can you use a vaporizer for smoking?” We get this question a lot because generally speaking vaporizers are viewed as devices for adults with medical marijuana prescriptions or for people who live in states where recreational cannabis has been legalized. The truth is that dry herb vaporizers will vaporize any herb or flower, not just marijuana! So yes, you can use tobacco in a vaporizer.

That was pretty easy to answer! Yes, you can use a vaporizer for smoking. Instead of setting fore to chemically treated tobacco and inhaling the toxic smoke to get your nicotine, you can vaporize tobacco leaves and get your nicotine that way along with the flavor of tobacco.

When compared to fresh tobacco, vaped retains much of the original composition while combusted leaves only ash.

When you use a vaporizer, you are not limited to using chemically treated tobacco. You can use organic, untreated tobacco instead. This is not risk free as you will still be inhaling nicotine. But you will be avoiding the toxic byproducts of combustion and avoiding smoke. A vaporizer heats tobacco to the point of vaporization without burning. There is a lot to consider if this is something that you are thinking about. Let’s try and make sense of it.

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Are There Benefits To Using A Vaporizer For Smoking?

When you use a vaporizer for smoking, or a vape pen, you are not actually smoking. Smoke is uniquely a product of combustion. Smoke is a toxic blend of chemical aerosols released by intense, rapid chemical reactions involved when something is burned. When something is vaporized, it is not burned rather with vaporization the ingredients are essentially boiled. Vaporization transforms moisture into a vapor through heat or, a much slower process, evaporation.

With you use a vaporizer for smoking, you are using heat to vaporize the moist materials in herbs into a vapor. The contents of vapor are comprised of the ingredients of the material. So if you are vaporizing tobacco you will get both the flavor of the tobacco plant and the nicotine that it contains.

There have been study on what is in vapor. In 2007 the University of California at San Francisco found that the vapor is 95% ingredient and 5% byproduct. There are not a lot of detailed studies on this subject but this is what we have so far. It makes sense to argue that vapor is less toxic because it is the cavalcade of chemical reactions associated with combustion that is mainly responsible for the toxic hazard that is smoking. The main benefit of a vaporizer is that because you are not burning you are not smoking. The difference between smoke and vapor is vast.

Dangers Of Using A Vaporizer For Smoking

As we mentioned above, the UC San Francisco study tells us that vapor is comprised primarily by the active ingredients of herbal material i.e. tobacco. Most of the nicotine is wasted and not inhaled because it is destroyed by combustion when you smoke a cigarette. When tobacco is vaporized there is no combustion and as a result the nicotine is largely preserved. What that means is that vaporizing is especially potent.

You will want to take it easy if you use a vaporizer for smoking! Too much nicotine can be toxic to humans. Using a vaporizer for smoking will deliver a lot more nicotine with every puff. There is about 1 gram of tobacco in a cigarette. If you consider how much nicotine is in a cigarette, you are looking at about 12 mg. Of that 12 mg your body absorbs about 1 mg.

There are hidden dangers in using a vaporizer to smoke tobacco.

30 mg of nicotine at one time can be fatally toxic to an adult.

Compare that to using a vaporizer for smoking. A typical portable vaporizer will contain about 0.5 grams of material that will have about 6 mg of nicotine. Even though you are vaporizing half the amount of tobacco that you smoke in a cigarette, you will probably absorb much more nicotine than you will from a cigarette. So you will probably notice the stronger nicotine hit.

Tobacco In Cigarettes

You need to know that the tobacco in cigarettes is not simply dried, cured and rolled in paper. Not even close. The tobacco additives in a cigarette are downright frightening. I’m going to get to that in a second but first there is something else that I want to bring to your attention. Something disturbing.

The tobacco companies have known something since the 1940s. They have known that smoking is terrible for human health but they denied it. In 1964 the Surgeon General released a report that finally once and for all confirmed that smoking can lead to deadly disease. Since then there has been a torrent of study and evidence that verifies that smoking cigarettes damages human health in almost every way. It causes and exacerbates a huge list of diseases. Smoking is the worst thing that you can do to your body.

Diagram of harmful chemicals and ingredients contained in a traditional cigarette.

As late as 1994 tobacco companies were still denying that cigarettes are addictive! They lobby politicians for lax laws and tax evasion and they even have some high profile politicians on the record saying that cigarettes are not that bad. Can you believe it? But this story goes much further than Big Tobacco cover-ups and denials. Here is where the disturbing part comes in.

Since the news about the dangers of smoking emerged in the 60s, and since the public awareness of the deceit of Big Tobacco and the horrors of smoking have become common knowledge how have tobacco companies responded? Here’s how. They have added even more toxic additives when treating their tobacco before selling cigarettes to the public. Cigarettes are more deadly than ever.

Cigarettes Are More Deadly Than Ever

This is about something called TSNAs. TSNAs are tobacco specific nitrosamines. These are the carcinogens in tobacco products. Tobacco specific nitrosamines are chemicals associated with tobacco and smoking, the chemicals that cause cancer and enhance addiction.

In the last 50 years since the curtain has been lifted on the harm of smoking you might think that tobacco companies might engage in strategies to reduce some of the deadly chemicals in cigarette smoke. Nope. Over the last 50 years tobacco companies have actually increased the number of TSNAs added to tobacco.

Why do they add these chemicals? This is Machiavellian to the Nth degree but it is the reality. They use accelerants to make the tobacco burn faster. That way you smoke more cigarettes, simple as that. They treat tobacco with ammonia why? Because ammonia accelerants the rate that nicotine gets to the brain enhancing addiction. That’s just two examples. Tobacco additives are designed to get you to smoke more.

Here’s the main point. With all of the bad publicity that Big Tobacco has gotten over the last 50 years their response has been to make cigarettes even more toxic. You might think that since they would have made some effort to make cigarettes less dangerous. Nope, they have made cigarettes worse.

Is Nicotine Bad

Is nicotine bad for you? There’s a lot of differing information out there. Some think nicotine is the devil incarnate. Some consider nicotine to be a medical marvel. Here’s the thing we know. Nicotine, like caffeine, is a stimulant that you could probably do without. But nicotine is not a carcinogen. It does not lead to cancer. Nicotine is probably the main stimulant in a cigarette and what drives those cravings. As a result, the FDA has approved a number of nicotine replacement therapies, or NRTs, to be sold as smoking cessation aids.

To be fair to nicotine, there have even been some ground breaking studies carried out at Vanderbilt University indicating that nicotine may have numerous medical uses for treating or preventing some neurological diseases. So we may be finding out in due course that there are benefits from nicotine!

The worst possible way to access nicotine is by smoking. According to studies, using a vaporizer for smoking may dramatically reduce your exposure to the toxins generated by combustion. According to a 2007 University Of California San Francisco study using a vaporizer and avoiding combustion reduces exposure to toxins dramatically.

Use A Vaporizer For Smoking And Avoid Chemically Treated Tobacco

This is one of the benefits of using a vaporizer for smoking. Specifically, there is no need for you to rely on chemically treated tobacco. You can use organic untreated tobacco. You can buy premium whole leaf tobacco or scraps by weight. Scraps cost less than whole leaf. Either will work in a vaporizer. At Leaf Only, based in Connecticut, they offer naturally cured, organic tobacco plants.

The Canadian Virginia flue cured organic tobacco leaf is commonly used in smoking blends.

You can buy organic, untreated tobacco. So when you use a vaporizer for smoking, or more accurately vaping, you can avoid being limited to the chemically treated and sprayed tobacco that cigarettes are selling you. Leaf Only sells naturally flue cured tobacco leaves and scraps. The tobaccos available at Leaf Only are free of pesticides and have certainly never been treated with accelerants or ammonia. Leaf Only works directly with farmers and that is another plus.

Leaf Only offers a number of select tobacco leaf products. For example you can get organic American Virginia tobacco flue cured. Canadian Virginia tobacco flue cured. Organic burley tobacco. Brightleaf Virginia flue cured and the list goes on.

Portable Vaporizers

If you are considering using a vaporizer for smoking, then you will probably be best served by a portable vaporizer. If you go shopping for a vaporizer, you will see that there are many different kinds of vaporizers. Large desktop vaporizers meant for home use. If you are going to be vaporizing tobacco as a substitute for smoking cigarettes, you will want a portabale vaporizer or a vape pen. Portable vaporizers and vape pens are designed to go with you wherever the day takes you.

Vape pens tend to be smaller than portable vaporizers. Vape pens can literally be the size of a pen the downside is that they have limited battery life and will contain smaller amounts of tobacco or herb. Slightly larger “portable” vaporizers are likely a better fit to the suitabilities of a vaporizer for smoking as opposed to smoking.

There are numerous portable vaporizers that fit the bill. There are also a lot of bad ones! We certainly want to guide you away from poorly made vaporizers that burn the materials. When that happens you end up combusting the ingredients and smoking. We want to avoid that! Let’s take a look at a few of the good vaporizers that you can rely of to actually vaporize and not burn.

Which Is The Best Vaporizer For Smoking?

This is a fun topic to tackle! Fun because there are a lot of excellent vaporizers for smoking. Sadly, there are also some very bad ones so choose wisely! There are choices for every budget. There are vaporizers with multiple functions that let you easily switch from vaping e-liquid to vaporizing tobacco. What you want to avoid are cheap generic devices or counterfeits, of which there are unfortunately plenty. Let’s look at a few of the good ones.

Pax Vaporizers

Pax Labs is perhaps the leading name in portable vaporizers. You can check out their newest offering in our Pax 3 vaporizer review. Pax vaporizers use advanced technology combined with a minimalist design. Pax vaporizers are high end and among the more expensive options. There are also a lot of fake Pax products out there so be careful! Make sure you get the real deal.

Pax 3 vaporizer in pink, silver and green.

Pax is an American company that is based in the Silicon Valley. The original Pax vaporizer sold over 500,000 units. Pax Labs is an established leader in vaporizer technology. The best way to buy a Pax is to buy direct from the company. We feel that about all of the recommended vaporizers because we don’t want to see you get stuck with a cheap fake. So if you want to check out Pax use the link below and see what they are all about for yourself.

More Dy Herb Vaporizers

V2 Cigs All In One Vaporizers

V2 Cigs offers a unique vaporizer for smoking. The V2 Pro Series vaporizers are designed to vaporize either herb, such as tobacco, or e-liquid. By simply changing a cartridge you can enjoy the vaping style of your choice. It started with the V2 Pro Series 3 which is a small, compact device that sells for under $55. Since that time V2 has launched the much larger V2 Pro Series 7 device.

The all in one V2 vaporizers are very attractive to someone who is perhaps a vaper and wants to try vaporizing tobacco instead of smoking it. With these vape pens you can do both.

Mig Vapor Vaporizers

Mig Vapor is a leading American electronic cigarette brand that also designs a huge line of vaporizers for smoking. At Mig Vapor they have 10 different dry herb vaporizer products ranging from $39.95 to $149.95. They have vape pens and advanced portable vaporizers. The beauty of Mig Vapor and one of the main reasons that we are including them for you to consider is the vaporizer technology that Mig Vapor has implemented into their designs.

Mig Vapor Minion vaporizer mod comes with reservoir tank and power supply.

Instead of metal heating chamber to vaporize dry herb, Mig Vapor has designed the heating elements formed within the ceramic heating chambers. Many people say that ceramic heating delivers a clean flavor and ample vapor. So plenty of selection, ceramic heating technology, and excellent quality. All good reasons to consider Mig Vapor vaporizers.

There you have it! A lot to choose from if you are considering using a vaporizer for smoking. Combined with using organic untreated tobacco you can avoid some of the toxic chemicals that Big Tobacco sprays on treated tobacco. Ideally, you will quit smoking altogether! Whatever journey you need to take to be smoke free is well worth every effort.