You may not have thought so, but e-cigarettes can set off smoke alarms and detectorsHowever, it’s not likely. There’s a plethora of different ways that you can set off a smoke detector – I’ve heard of people setting smoke detectors off with dust, not just smoke…. but e-cigarettes? What about the water vapor? Does the water vapor emitted from e-cigs set off smoke detectors?

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Well, come to find out, there are quite a few people that have been asking this question on e-cigarette forums, yahoo answers, searching and yet there isn’t a solid yes or no. We wondered about this and we think we’ve finally come to our own conclusion, which is what we’re going to share with you today concerning whether or not e-cigarettes set off smoke detectors.

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Electronic Cigarettes Can Set off Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms can be triggered by a variety of things, not just a fire, you can add vaping devices to that list too.

Time and time again I’ve went into restaurants, emergency rooms, and retail stores – just waiting for the moment that my Halo G6 electronic cigarette set off a smoke alarm. It hasn’t happened yet – but that’s not to say it won’t happen.

The vapor produced from almost any decent quality electronic cigarette is enough to set off a smoke alarm. With that said, take a look at this video we made. I’m using the Halo G6 for this demonstration – Watch closely…

So as you can see, electronic cigarettes definitely do set off smoke alarms! That sound was almost piercing! You definitely do not want to set off any alarms while you’re vaping. Talk about drawing attention to yourself!

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On a side note, we wanted to let you know that we did test another brand of smoke detector off-camera and it set off the alarm on that one as well. Just know that you pretty much have to blow the vapor directly into the smoke alarm for it to go off.

So Is It a Bad Idea to Vape Around Smoke Alarms?

Though it's been documented as harmless to those around it's users, vapor can still set off smoke alarms, if you're vaping inside, stay away from the fire sprinklers.

We wouldn’t say it’s a bad idea. If you’re smoking your e-cigarette in a school campus dorm , at a hospital, or anywhere that has “x” amount of people in it –  you can smoke the e-cig, but be smart about it. Don’t stand anywhere near a smoke alarm. In some situations, the smoke alarms are linked and if one smoke alarm goes off, it’s like a chain reaction to many more going off. As long as you don’t blow the vapor right at the smoke detector, you should be fine.

Will ECigs Trigger All Types of Smoke Alarms?

This subject can be a delicate one as there are so many different smoke detectors that are built for different purposes. Some have different features, some are really high tech. The majority of people usually tend to go with the cheaper models that use optical sensors for their homes. Thick vapor in a decent cloud form will block the optical sensor causing it to trigger the alarm to go off. So if you want to vape in your house – you can, just don’t blow the vapor directly into the smoke detector or stand right under one.

I’ve never set off my home smoke detectors with any of the e-cigs we’ve reviewed – and I can’t remember a time that anyone has told me they set off a smoke detector with an e-cig. -Ray

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Since there are primarily two different types of smoke detectors- Optical (photoelectric) and Ionization- it’s likely that some newer smoke alarms may use both types of detectors. If you happen to own one…it’s pretty much up to you to test that out. Take a few drags and stand under it. If it goes off…don’t stand under it. If it doesn’t, vape away!

In Summary

Many smoke alarms are sensitive because their purpose isn't just to be annoying, but to save your life in the event of a fire.

So to sum it all up… try to avoid using your electronic cigarette around smoke detectors at all costs if you are in a big store, hospital, or dormitory. Take an extra look around just like you would if you were smoking a real tobacco cigarette. You may never know what kind of smoke alarms they’re using. Obviously – some you will see, but some you won’t.

The vapor from electronic cigarettes does set off smoke detectors, but only when exhaling or blowing the vapor towards the smoke detector at close proximity. It’s not much different than smoking a cigarette in that regard. Vapor is less likely to set off a smoke alarm though, because unlike smoke, vapor disperses quickly – so don’t worry too much about it.