British electronic cigarette brands like Vype have become so popular in the UK, that the existence of ecigs has been cemented as something of true value. We don’t mean the value that you come to ecigarette reviews looking for in order to decide upon the best one for you. No, we mean ecigs have become valuable to people as an every day must. Ecigarettes have penetrated the market and become that “disruptive technology” which simply changes the way we look at smoking.

All of this sentiment was reinforced as the ecigarette became enshrined among a list of other basic consumer goods in the UK. This means that the ecig is not going anywhere anytime soon. It has become too ingrained and important. In fact, Public Health England is actually advising that people put down their cigarettes in favor of vaping.

Public Health England encourages the use of vaping over smoking cigarettes and believe it is 95 percent safer.

Quite a drastic shift from the belittling and marginalization American vapers are facing. It’s a different story in the UK. Ecigs are being embraced for their ability to improve public health and public commerce. It is official, electronic cigs are officially a member of the consumer goods index.

The consumer goods index legitimizes products in a way. The index is used to calculate overall inflation in the UK. That means that ecigs are recognized as a staple product with consistent demand. British electronic cigarette brands are doing very well. Overall, the UK population has more awareness that ecigs are safer than cigarettes. The awareness level on this side of the Atlantic has a ways to go.

Acceptance of vaping is changing in spite of all of the misinformation out there. If you are a vaper, stay strong. Your right to vape may be more precarious but at the end of the day logic should prevail. We may have to fight for it but we will get there. When ecigs take a step forward anywhere in the world, like they are in the UK, that is good for everyone.

Ecigs Going Mainstream

Electronic cigarettes are the fastest growing product and industry in the British market.

The move to add British electronic cigarette brands to the basket of goods and services used to calculate inflation in the UK may have seemed odd, but it is actually very sound. Vaping products have gone mainstream.

As senior personal care analyst from market research firm Minteltold CNBC, “This is very much reflective of how much the category (ecigarettes) has boomed in recent years, with our predictions showing the market to have risen in value by 340 percent in 2013 and a further 4 percent in 2014.”

The remarks by Roshida Khanom must sound like music in the ears of electronic cigarette companies like the UK’s very own Vype. They have been fighting to get to such a position of inclusion in the marketplace for years, as initially tobacco lobbyists and then pharmaceutical lobbyists worked to keep them out.

Stand up for your right to vape, don't let governmental overreach and paranoid watchdog organizations demonize something helping so many people break free of big tobacco.

Well, the days of only finding ecig info online via ecigarette reviews are over and that has affected their place in society too. “ecigarettes initially were limited to online channels, however growing availability is increasing consumer accessibility,” saidKhanom, who is bullish on the future of ecigarette sales. “In 2014 alone, ecigarettes became available in newsagents, supermarkets as well as specialised stores. As such, the segment is likely to show continued growth.”

Those calculating inflation in the UK are backing up that potential for growth by adding ecigs to their tracked list of goods. Clearly ecigs are an item that is now beyond the niche and into the mainstream of British buying habits.

All of which should make the folks at Vype and its competing British electronic cigarette brands very happy. This move is another telltale sign that their money and efforts in pushing the industry forward is the correct one. When ecigs began spreading the US and UK, it was easy for critics to simple label them as part of a trend.

E-cigarettes are becoming a staple in mainstream British purchasing habits.

It may seem like a compliment to call a product trendy, but what it actually means is that said product has no staying power. Trends go up, but trends can also go down just as quickly. This isn’t the case with ecigs, not that there was ever a doubt in the mind of those of us churning out ecigarette news and reviews. We could have told you long ago that the ecigarette wasn’t going anywhere.

However, we may not have been able to predict such a quick ascent for ecigs into a spot on the UK’s list of basic goods. Yet it makes complete sense. Traditional tobacco cigarettes have been part of this list for decades, as so many people in the UK do smoke and made the product a part of their most basic purchases. Those are the types of products that have to be on such a list, as it reflects the buying practices of a society on a whole. If that was the case with analogue cigarettes, it was only a matter of time before ecigarettes also staked their claim. Now they have, and they certainly don’t look to be going anywhere. Nowhere but up, that is.

Traditional Cigarettes have been part of the British economy since the 1500s and users are finally being able to break from the tradition.

Sometimes it feels like we’ve been watching ecigarettes grow in the way you watch a child of your own. Sure electronic cigarette companies started small and needed a lot of nourishment to grow. But with ever step and misstep along the way, they have created a sold market. They’ve grown into young adults that can’t not be counted. They’re part of the fabric of our lives, especially for current and former smokers. British electronic cigarette brands are here to stay, and being added to the UK’s list of major consumer goods is just another benchmark in the journey.