Blu e cig is in the news once again and this time for hiring flavor architects Bompas and Parr, but not to create new ecigarette flavors for them. No, the highly advertised ecigarette company has hired the duo to create a multisensory Blu e cig chandelier that will douse those under it with vapor from one of their ecig flavors. The chosen flavor is blueberry and the plan is to load 15 liters of the non-nicotine version of the eliquid into the device to create a ‘Blu mist’ that will envelope guests visiting the installation.

The event will have already taken place as of the publishing of this post, having been slated for December 1st. The Ice Tank Studio in London will house the event that Blu e cig is hoping will show off their ecigarette flavors, including flavors for the new Blu Plus disposable e-cig tank system, both in taste and visually with the large chandelier and its glowing colors. Even with the ecig vapor being of the non-nicotine variety, only those 18 years of age and older will be able to enter, which is a wise choice given the flack ecigarette brands receive about luring youth.

bompas and parrs blue chandelier emits a blueberry flavored nicotine free vape upon those underneath

The teaming with Bompas and Parr is a first for Blu e cig, but the pair has become accustomed to being commissioned for interesting pieces. The duo is comprised of Sam Bompas and Harry Parr and is known best for their work with gelatin desserts, fondly known as “jellies” in the UK. They started in 2007 and have been creating intricate designs of buildings and landmarks made out of, you guessed it, jellies (what we Americans may call Jell-O). Of their notable works, they created a glow-in-the-dark alcoholic jelly for musician Mark Ronson’s 33rd birthday (called Jelly Ronson) and they also invented a flavor changing gum that does so as you chew. Bompas and Parr were also commissions to create scratch and sniff cards as part of the London 2012 Olympics festivities.

Blu eCigs

Blu e cig, keen on being recognized for their ecig flavors, decided on leveraging the drawing power of Bompas and Parr to this end. For their part, the challenge was something they embraced. Sam Bompas explains “The idea of taking inspiration from Blu eCigs and turning it into the world’s largest ‘vape’ installation was hugely exciting for us. ecigarettes are a new technology that asks us to reassess the norm and we wanted to reflect this by taking a seemingly ordinary household object and making something that almost feels alive.”

bompas and parr bridge the gap between flavor and art

This event follows a recent history Blu e cig has had in turning to musicians and artists to get the word out about their products, in this case the focus is on their ecigarette flavors. We find it a bit ironic as the Blu ecig flavors are certainly nice, but they can be rather tame by the standards of veteran vapers. Blue is seldom spoken of as being among the best electronic cigarettes. No doubt they make a nice product for the casual user who appreciates their easy to find product and lightweight battery (as we detail in our recent review update, but they don’t match up as well with the top ecigarette brands in our lineup. We can’t fault them for taking that angle and bringing on Bompas and Parr to try to pump out more recognition and a bigger market share in anticipation of the increased competition from Vuse and other ecigarette brands.

It is certainly a cool idea; we’ll give Blu e cig that as well. We would have loved to be there ourselves to experience that huge cloud of blueberry vapor coming out of a chandelier that cost more than £100,000 to create. If you are one of our fans in the UK or happened to have been in London in time to catch the event, please let us know what you thought! You can comment below or send us a tweet @eccrtweet to fill us in on the excitement.

Happy Vaping!