Looking to stay relevant in a market full of e cig tanks, is set to release the Blu Plus E-cig Tank System, their answer to Halo e cig and other e cigarette brands. The new product line isn’t exactly traditional when compared to other e cig tanks, but obviously Blu hopes that “Plus” be will considered the best e cig tank anyway. This is the case even though they don’t offer e-liquid like we would expect, or other accessories used with tanks.

If you are confused thus far, join the crowd. It may be that, for this rendition at least, Blu is seeking to market something using a popular name and possibly better technology than before, but without the added benefits we expect.

The Blu Plus starter kit comes with two e-cigs, charging case, USB cables and flavor cartridges.

The first thing you have to understand is that Blu Plus is a closed system, meaning you can’t refill their disposable tanks with e-liquid as you would with Halo e cig for example. Even though they will gladly take on the “tank” label, it might be a stretch to throw them in with what we would normally call e cig tanks.

What Blu eCigs has on their hands here is a larger cig-a-like looking product that perhaps has some elements of a tank system. It surely is bigger than their regular line and they claim twice as much battery life because of that, along with half the charging time. They also insist that it produces more vapor and, because of the size, holds more e-liquid than Blu customers are used to.

So, those are all good things and we applaud them for the effort, but do they really think this will be enough to rank Blu Cigs Plus as the best e cig tank? We don’t even know what the tank consists of yet, due to the secrecy involved in the project and vague information they have released.

Blu Cigs PlusBlu Plus closed vape tank is the next evolution in easy-to-use e-cigarettes.

Their website page about it, which was advertised to current customers in an email, leaves a lot of questions in the air and is filled with marketing jargon. They did make a video with their President, Jason Healy, but even there we are only inundated with more marketing.

There are only so many times you can hear the word “satisfaction” in a three minute video without wondering if there is anything behind their claims.

You know us here at Expert Vaping, we want the facts so we can decide for ourselves. But facts are what we don’t have, not yet at least. While the regular Blu eCigs line is perfectly fine for a light smoker that is looking for a lightweight device, throat hit and flavors are a bit lacking.

We went over all this in Paul Rucci’s Blu Cigs review and review video that has had hundreds of thousands of hits on Youtube, where we also pointed to the short lifespan of their cartridges.

This new Blu Tank system is supposed to last longer as well as have better, newly formulated, flavoring that Blu hopes will propel them forward.

The Blu Plus e-cig tank system comes in flavors like Magnificent Menthol and nicotine doses that range from low to high.

We know that e cig tanks are outpacing cig-a-likes for sales right now and we bet that Blu has taken notice of that too. Hence the Blu Cigs tank system.

While they haven’t jumped in to selling e-liquid in the US (they do in the UK), they clearly saw a need to catch up to where a lot of the industry is headed.

If we use Blu eCigs as a benchmark for larger e cigarette brands, we have to assume that Vuse (RJ Reynolds) and MarkTen (Altria) are working on something similar. If they don’t do something soon, they may be playing catch up to more experienced online brands like Halo e cig and others. This must resonate as a fear in their offices, but for now they keep plugging away with what they know.

Things are changing rapidly and big companies along with smaller ones are going to need to be agile to stay ahead and stay in business. What it comes down to is that the electronic cigarette revolution continues, and it gets more fascinating at every turn.

Expert Vaping Update:

A Look into the Blu Plus System

Blu Plus e-cigarette express kit comes with a USB charger and the classic tobacco blu tank.

The Blu Plus is now available! We have heard from a few Expert Vaping readers that the early evaluation is relatively positive. The downside is that reports indicate that the e-cig cartridge, or in this case a mini tank, life may be slightly improved but not significantly. Of course that will vary from person to person and we do not have first hand data to verify of refute any third party claim.

The upside is that those same early reports are talking about improvements in battery life. That’s great to hear. Blu also claims that the battery charges faster. All of this indicates an improvement in battery technology and better quality materials. They are probably using a higher quality grade of lithium in the battery components which would explain more battery life, faster charge. If they have made these improvements, we can also expect to see an improvement in consistency.

The best news, however, is that people are saying that the flavor and vapor are indeed more satisfying just as Jason Healy has been claiming. Maybe Blu is on to something after all!

More vapor and a better throat hit is exactly what Blu Cigs needed. Our reservations about Blu Cigs generally related to the lack of throat hit. If indeed the Blu Plus has addressed this concern, it may be that Blu might catch the attention of more demanding vapers.

The Blu Plus ecig is now available in stores. You can also buy it online right now. Blu told us that the online sales of the Blu Plus are limited so if you want to try it, act quick.  It is always to your advantage to buy e-cigarettes online. You can always get your Blu Plus tank flavor cartridges online and probably save a little money compared to the retail price. In addition, you can buy online and take advantage of the full line-up of flavor options.

The Blue Plus tobacco kit is a refreshing charge of nicotine in a familiar tobacco flavor.

The blu Tank refills are available in a strength level of 2.4 mg of nicotine. They are sold in packs of three and sell for $14.99 per package. The flavor options available include:

  • blu Tank Classic Tobacco – Blu Ecigs all time best selling flavor.
  • blu Tank Magnificent Menthol – a traditional menthol flavor.
  • blu Tank Cherry Crush – a terrific cherry flavor.
  • blu tank  Vivid Vanilla – vanilla with a touch of sweetness.
  • blu Tank limited edition flavor – Carolina Bold – a strong American tobacco flavor.

To learn more about Blu Plus or to check out the blu Tank flavors, click here to visit blucigs.com.