New from Blu eCig, our Carolina Bold review takes a look at the next best tobacco flavor from the cig-a-like powerhouse. Carolina Bold promises a more full-bodied tobacco flavor and is offered for the new Blu Plus e-cig tank system. Blu may have it critics out there, particularly in the vaping community, but even the most vocal critics have acknowledged that Blu’s e-cig flavors are fantastic. If you want a strong tobacco flavor, Carolina Bold might be worth checking out.

Many vapers have moved on to a e-cig flavors that are unrelated to tobacco. Fruit and dessert flavors are very popular. That’s one of the many amazing things offered by e-cigarette technology, not only do you not have to expose yourself to the thousands of toxins generated by burning tobacco, you are also not limited to the flavor of dried, burning plant material and a chemical cocktail that would make a mad scientist blush.

blu cigs refill cartridges Carolina bold flavor

Of course, however, there are plenty of vapers who enjoy the taste of tobacco above all. Finding an e-liquid recipe that exactly matches the taste of tobacco is not easy. The burnt taste that mixes in when smoking tobacco is not easy to duplicate. After all, with an e-cigarette there is no burning, which is, of course, much less harmful.

Has Blu Cigs Created The Best Tobacco Flavored E-Liquid?

Every e-cig and e-juice brand out there offers tobacco flavors and some do so much better than others.

Much of the success of finding a successful flavor formula is derived from sourcing quality materials and producing e-liquid through a professional, laboratory process that meets exacting standards.

blu cigs has the best tobacco flavored e juice

Consider a company like Halo Cigs for example. Halo utilizes only top quality ingredients sourced from reputable labs. Their production standards meet the highest quality standards.

Another progressive, top notch e-cigarette brand, Apollo E-cig, has developed its own lab with professional chemists and vapers. There is a reason that you find Halo and Apollo on the shelves of most reputable vape shops.

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What you do not want to do is buy from an unknown brand, especially considering the fact that a recent study showed that many vape shops are selling e-juice with the wrong nicotine content. No good.

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Blu eCig, like the other best brands, uses only quality ingredients. Carolina Bold tobacco flavor is made to very high standards and is a brand name you can rely on for quality. The point is that while Blu may have its critics among vapers for a variety of reasons, you can count on quality. You can count on quality ingredients free of contaminants. You can also count on excellent flavor. Blu knows e-juice and they know flavor!

Carolina Bold ingredients are 2.0% nicotine (or 20 mg), vegetable glycerin, natural flavors and distilled water. You can count on those ingredients being accurate. With a VG base and 20 mg of nicotine, the vapor production should be ample and satisfying.

Blu is offering Carolina Bold in a Blu Tank. Blu Tanks are sold in 3-packs for $14.99 when you buy online. The Blu Tanks are compatible with the Blu Plus tank system or the Blu Premium 100 e-cig battery.

Blu Plus

Blu Tank Carolina Bold e-cigarette cartridges are not compatible with the standard Blu rechargeable e-cigarettes.

Carolina Bold Blu Tank cartridges are compatible with the Blu Premium 100 electronic cigarette batteries and the Blu Plus rechargeable kit.

The idea partner for the Carolina Bold Blu tank is the new Blu Plus e-cig tank system.

The Blu Plus works like an tank style electronic cigarettes but the tanks come pre-filled so you do not have to manually refill the tank.

You get the advantages of a tank design without the mess of refilling. What are the advantages of a tank system? Mainly the advantage is the ability to contain more e-liquid which leads to a longer lasting cartridge and rather than drawing e-liquid from absorbent material the vapor is produced by heating wicks. This should mean more vapor.

We have not tested the Blu Plus but there has been some positive buzz. While not situated on the list of the top ten e-cigarettes, Blu Tanks and Carolina Bold show progress and innovation are alive and well at Blu Cigs. This is an original idea that just might catch on.

blu plus tank and battery how does it work

If you have read our Blu eCig reviews or watched our review video, as hundreds of thousands already have, then you know that Blu e-cigarettes are a solid product with great flavors but a milder throat hit. If you are a pack per day smoker then Blu Cigs might not have the satisfaction that you need. If you are a lighter smoker or prefer a milder, VG vape, then Blu is an option.

This is not just our assessment, the Blu e-cig consumer reviews confirm. Even though Blu has massive distribution, is very popular and holds a significant market share, they have not stood still and they claim that they have created a product that addresses all the concerns of Blu critics.

While we still recommend brands like Apollo, Green Smoke, Halo and Atlantic we know that many of you will want to try Blu. The Blu Plus may be the next level product that satisfies more demanding vapers and smokers needing a more satisfying throat hit to enable them to not want to pick up a cigarette. The Blu Plus rechargeable kit is available online as are the tanks and buying online gives you the advantage, not the retailer.

Early reports are the the Blu Plus battery lasts longer than the regular Blu batteries and the Blu tanks last much longer than standard Blu refill cartridges. Surf the Blu website and look at all of the features of Blu Plus and all of the flavors.