Blu Cigs are no longer available in Germany. Many e-cig companies have been worried about vaping bans in various jurisdictions but this ban has a much different source. This e-cigarette ban is a result of a legal battle between Blu E-cig and Zippo.

A German court has cited “trademark confusion” as the basis of its ruling that Blu Cigs is directed to stop selling e-cigarettes in Germany.

A German court has ruled in favor of Zippo the lighter company barring Blu e-cigarettes from being sold in the country.

Blu, which was sold off by Lorillard this summer, is now property of Imperial Tobacco. Zippo filed the injunction against Cygnet UK Trading, the Imperial subsidiary that sells Blu Cigs in Europe.

Zippo Blu

Zippo owns the Blu trademark as it pertains to its gas powered lighter line of products.

You probably know the name Zippo. Based in Pennsylvania, the world-famous lighters own the trademark on a line of lighters known as Blu.

A blue colored flame, much like a propane torch, characterizes Zippo Blu lighters. The blue flame is the result of patented technology and the Blu name is claimed as a trademark.

There have been previous attempts to achieve legal injunctions against Blu Cigs. Recently a Swedish court rejected Zippo’s claim. There are cases that will come before the court in Canada and Mexico as well as a major case in federal court in California. Expert Vaping will keep you posted.

Blu Cigs is probably the most recognized name in the e-cig industry. They enjoy a massive marketing budget as well as celebrity endorsers like actor Stephen Dorff. They have achieved major market share and annual sales of $200 million.

Recently, Logic Ecig has been making inroads in that market share. Like Blu, Logic Ecig has big tobacco connections allowing them access to gigantic retail distribution networks. Blu, Logic Ecig and Njoy enjoy the lion’s share of retail e-cig sales at this time. None of these brands are even close to contending for the best ecig but they have the advantage distribution.

Blu Cigs Review

Blu e-cigs had been very well reviewed, familiar marketing recognition and were amongst the most popular smoking alternatives.

Expert Vaping’s Blu Cigs review gives you all of the performance details about the actual quality and function of the Blu e-cigarette.

The flavors are very good and the company utilizes top quality ingredients for their e-liquid blends. It is a solid, sturdy product.

The problem is that Blu offers a very mild vape. The vapor and throat hit are limited. Someone who is a average to heavy smoker will probably not be satisfied by Blu e-cigarettes.

By the same token, many smokers that have tried vaping but found propylene glycol to cause irritation may be satisfied by Blu’s lighter, vegetable glycerin based e-liquid.

The slight irritation caused by the use of propylene glycol has been discovered to be assuaged by using the Blu lighter.

Basically, like our Blu Cigs review indicates, Blu has its ups and downs. Expert Vaping readers have submitted their own Blu ecig reviews and the experiences they have had with Blu Cigs varies greatly.

Performance issues aside, Blu Cigs are very popular, at least according to the bottom line. It appears, however, that that bottom line may have a few bumps on the road ahead.

Blu has certainly built a tremendous brand and the famous blue tip is synonymous with the name “Blu”.  Only time will tell whether or not Zippo’s Blu and its blue colored flame will burn a hole in Blu Cigs future.