Having a powerful unit that performs is only half the equation of outstanding vapor, to experience the full abilities of your unit you need the best vape tanks to complement it. With such a plethora of plentiful reservoir options, users may be inclined to go straight for a starter kit.

To get the most from your continuous vaping, finding a modular tank that works cooperatively with your specific vape mod is key. While there are countless atomizer systems available, we put together our favorite products that represent only the best!

Kanger Toptank Mini

the kanger toptank mini in black has red seals and a stainless interior and is number one on the expert vaping list of best vape tanks
the kanger toptank mini comes in black with red o rings and is the number one vape tank on the expert vaping list of best vape tanks

Although it’s one of the simplest vaporizer tanks still on the market, it endures because of its reputation. A couple of years ago Kangertech took the demand of their customers to heart and they essentially took their incredibly popular Subtank and converted it into a top filling model. The result was the Kanger Toptank Mini.

The top filling function of this compact sub ohm vape tank implements the best in well designed, superbly engineered Kanger technology. A delrin drip tip unscrews completely, has a rubber seal at the base and makes for efficient, tightly-sealing juice filling. Kanger has condensed the technology of larger, more expensive vape tanks into a compact mini tank that performs as well as similar units with bigger coil surface area than juice capacity.

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Consequently, the Kanger Toptank Mini has a massive 4ml e liquid reservoir and a wealth of available coil options. Kanger’s Toptank Mini comes standard with two sub ohm coils; a 0.5-ohm stainless steel and a 0.15-ohm Ni200 coil head pre-installed. However, one of the unbelievable features of this tank is its ability to double as both a sub ohm and standard ohm unit. Coil options available for the Toptank mini include all the standard SSOCC varieties including Ni, Clapton, SS, Nichrome and Ceramic, but with the exception of above ohm options in 1.2-ohm and 1.5-ohm.

Additionally, the Toptank can be modified with an applicable RBA deck for users who prefer to rebuild their own heads. For an affordable, high quality vape tank with outstanding flavor and vapor production this is a perfect starting point. The Kanger Toptank Mini is an ideal device for former smokers looking for a tank with wonderful MTL and DL vaping with adjustable airflow.

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  • 510 threading
  • Sub ohm as well as standard ohm (comes with 0.5ohm and pre-fitted 0.15ohm coil)
  • 4ml vape juice capacity
  • 15w to 60w suggested power range
  • Massive coil option range including 1.2ohm and 1.5ohm, Ni, Clapton, SS, Nichrome, Kanthal and Ceramic

Tesla Shadow

the Tesla shadow is number two on our best vape tanks list and comes with a black finish and stainless interior chimney and coils
the tesla shadow comes in black with a stainless chimney coil and is number two on the expert vaping list of the best vape tanks

Although most modular tank with rebuildable ability have a condensed coil size, the Tesla Shadow has a massive integrated chimney head that maximizes flavor and vapor production by design. The Cleito-style coil system is intended to generate top vapor density from any device its equipped to. While it may seem like an older form of technology, there’s a reason why this design rose to popularity and remained a user favorite among vapers who are true believers in the integrated chimney configuration.

The Shadow sub ohm tank from Tesla Cigs has a 3.5ml liquid capacity according to company specs, though the rest of us seem to agree that its filling accuracy tops out around 3ml. It is a top filling tank with a threaded, removable cap fitted with rubber o-rings to prevent leaking and the modular thread press from the cap to the tank body is tight and well-engineered. Full sized Shadow tanks seem to have a tighter draw than the mini, however, there are twin adjustable airflow ports at the base and we love bottom airflow tanks for their efficiency in generating the best vapor output possible.

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Each Shadow tank comes standard with a 0.28-ohm coil which is recommended for use between 20w and 60watts and a 0.6-ohm coil rated for use between 20w and 50watts. While this may seem like a low range, there are a few other coil options available including a 0.1-ohm and 0.28-ohm RBA head. As the Shadow was the device paired with the Stealth 100w kit, replacement coils have the possibility to be used with higher wattages, though, it’s always best to double check the abilities before you push the limits advised by the manufacturer.

For an outstanding vape tank with a sleek, streamlined design the Tesla Shadow is a proven performer. Its incredibly dense vapor and intense flavor production have secured its place among our picks for enduring vape tanks and a spectacular introductory unit to sub ohm vaping.

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  • Sub ohm tank comes with two coils 0.28ohm for use between 20w-60w and a 0.6ohm for 20w-50w
  • 510 threading
  • Dual adjustable airflow ports
  • 3ml liquid capacity
  • Top fill, threaded cap design seals effectively and efficiently

Kanger Toptank Nano

the kanger toptank nano is number three on the expert vaping list of best vape tanks and comes with a stainless steel finish
the toptank nano from kangertech has a stainless steel finish and is number three on the expert vaping list of the best vape tanks

As the smallest version of the Kangertech family of liquid reservoirs the Kanger Toptank Nano impressively delivers the same outrageously robust and flavorful vapor as its larger compatriots. However, with any sacrifice, especially size, there are always benefits and drawbacks. While the Nano is clearly the smallest of the Toptanks, there doesn’t seem to be many attributes users miss out on when decreasing design.

In fact, the Toptank Nano still has an incredible 3.2ml liquid capacity, which given the fact that the Mini is 4ml and the standard size for most tanks is within that range, doesn’t seem like much of a negotiation honestly. Especially, for users who enjoy frequently switching flavors without an RDA, having a smaller juice tank is a legitimate excuse for refilling it with different tastes at the end of every fill. That said, you’ll want to fill this often, as its outstanding flavor and vapor production will keep you using it consistently.

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Its top filling port is protected and sealed by a threaded cap with a 510 drip tip opening. Inside of the cap are two beefy o-rings to prevent leaking when the tank is jostled or tipped. The coils are equipped with sizeable juice holes that produce amazing flavor from every puff. The Toptank Nano is available with 0.15-ohm coils rated between 15w-50w, 1.5-ohm coils for use between 10w-25watts and a 0.5 Clapton coil with suggested use for between 18w and 70watts.

Kanger’s tiny tank itself is fitted with adjustable airflow ports as well as juice flow control on the coils themselves. Airflow can be set at single hole, 2-hole or completely open port for maximum air draws. For vapers in search of a tank with minimal surface area and maximized functionality the Kanger Toptank Nano is certainly at the “top” of our list.

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  • 3.2ml liquid capacity
  • Available with 1.5ohm, 0.15ohm, 0.5ohm and 1.2ohm atomizer coils in a range of materials and wattage ratings
  • 510 threading to fit most power mods
  • Adjustable airflow port and juice flow control
  • Small profile with massive performance

Eleaf GS

the eleaf gs atomizer tank comes in stainless steel with five hole adjustable airflow ring and is number four on the expert vaping list of best vape tanks
the gs atomizer tank from eleaf has five airflow control holes on the base, comes in stainless finish and is number four on the expert vaping rating of best vape tanks

Sub ohm vaping doesn’t get much simpler than the GS tank atomizer from Eleaf. Designed as a starter tank to go with mid-range wattage and temperature control mods, the GS tank is a straight forward modular atomizer system that functions amazingly for a reservoir this affordable. If you’re looking for entrance into the world of sub ohm vaping at low cost, this tank is your ticket into the big leagues.

The GS tank comes standard with a nickel 200 0.15-ohm replaceable atomizer head. For users who are unfamiliar with cloud production and moving away from cig-a-likes this tank is a game changer. Eleaf’s entry level sub ohm tank is bottom filling with the removal of the threaded base section which is made of durable stainless steel.

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It’s fitting with a five-hole adjustable airflow ring along the base for personalized bottom draw through the atomizer. Though it has a fairly common 510 threading, the GS tank atomizer is designed for use with devices between 30w and 40watts or at least power units that can be set at that range. According to Eleaf, the GS coil resistance as well as it’s Ni200 material is designed for mods with temperature control modes.

While it’s small at just 22mm in diameter, it packs a sizeable 3ml juice reservoir, a common capacity with sub ohm tanks. The streamlined design of the GS is clean and sleek, making it a perfect match atop any mod in your arsenal. When you’re ready to experience what sub ohm vaping has to offer, but aren’t ready to spend a fortune on equipment, the GS atomizer tank from Eleaf is the perfect first move towards bigger vapor clouds.

We’ve also got a list of the best rated sub-ohm vape tanks if you’re interested in chucking huge clouds, check that out!

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  • Ni-200 0.15ohm replaceable coil head
  • Compatible with power mods with up to 40watts
  • Designed to work well with TCR mods
  • 3ml liquid capacity
  • 510 threaded