Determining the best tobacco flavored vape juice brands involved considering a massive number of factors. We compared flavor, vapor, we gathered data from vapers both far and near. We demanded basic quality controls and only considered eliquids blended by qualified professionals.

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Eliquid technology and laboratory processes practiced by leading manufacturers are impressive. The reputable vape companies like Halo and VaporFi are practicing uncompromising quality control and making sure that you are not exposed to diacetyl, Acrolein, Acetoin or any other potentially harmful chemicals. These are not some guys blending ejuice in the back of a vape shop. This is serious stuff and serious technology that demands true professionalism.

According to researchers, 74% of eliquids contain diacetyl. Diacetyl has been connected to a serious lung condition, popcorn lung. It’s no joke. Blending ejuice is serious stuff and should be left to trained professionals.

In the end, choosing the best tobacco ejuice really ended up being kind of easy. While there are so many great tobacco eliquids that are of the highest quality, ultimately Mother Nature, as she so often does, had the final say.

black note e juice sells authentic tobacco flavor

The Winner of The Best Tobacco Vape Juice is Black Note eLiquid.

Runner Up: Tobacco Vape Juice from V2 Cigs

Black Note uses a 100% naturally extracted tobacco flavor in all of their vape juices. You experience true tobacco flavor extracted directly from tobacco plants grown in the Mediterranean’s richest growing regions, the richest soils on earth.

That natural flavor can never be reproduced. Every tobacco plant from every region contains natural sweet, spicy or other flavor tones than can be accessed if you just get out of the way and let nature do its thing. That’s what Black Note eLiquid does. They extract tobacco flavors naturally over a period of 6 to 8 weeks.

black note prelude e juice Virginia blend

This is the real thing from the world’s best tobaccos. Black Note eLiquid is hands down the best tobacco ejuice. In fact, Black Note is probably the best eliquid, period.

Black Note does not just claim to provide pure eliquid without any artificial or chemical additives, they prove it. You can see the full lab report that was completed by an independent lab. The results of extensive lab testing show that Black Note eLiquid is 100% free of additives.

Black Note – Here’s Why It’s The Best Tobacco Vape Juice

Black Note eLiquid is a company like no other. For starters, Black Note eLiquids never, ever use any type of artificial flavoring. No artificial colors, no additives of any kind. They don’t need to. The tobacco plant has the flavor built in by nature so Black Note simply asked, why bother faking it when you can give people the real thing?

black note quartet tobacco flavor

Every tobacco eliquid flavor is naturally extracted over a time period of 6 to 8 weeks through a process known as ‘cold maceration’.

Cold maceration is essentially a cold ‘soak’ where the essences of the tobacco plants are extracted into the water. The best, and most patient, Burgundy wine makers have used cold maceration for more than a generation. Cold maceration is nature’s extraction method.

black note e liquid has a big flavor selection

The beauty of cold maceration is that you let Mother Nature do the heavy lifting and she absolutely comes through. Like fine wine, the process extracts the natural flavor and color of the finest tobacco plants. It takes patience, experience, professionalism and expertise but the end result is well worth it. Don’t just take our word for it tho, you won’t know truthfully unless you give it a try yourself!

Each of the eight different tobacco flavors are extracted from tobacco plants grown in the richest soils on Earth. Grown in Italy and Greece where volcanic soils and sun drenched slopes provide the ideal conditions for the world’s best tobacco plants, Black Note uses only the very best. The tobacco flavors that you will experience with Black Note ejuice are the absolute best.

Expert Vaping’s Founder Paul Rucci has probably tried more vaping products than anyone. Paul completed an eliquid review of Black Note. Paul has since said that Black Note is just “The best eliquid I have ever vaped”. We hear that a lot. Many of our readers have told us that Black Note is the best tobacco ejuice.

Black Note’s best tobacco ejuice has a 50 / 50 VG to PG blend.  That means that is is a very diverse ejuice that will work in the vast majority of ecigarettes and ecig tanks. There are five nicotine levels to choose from ranging from 0 mg up to 24 mg.

black note e liquid is the closest flavor to smoking

Black Note packages each 30 ml eliquid bottle in a thick, protective cardboard tube. This prevents your vape juice from sustaining any damage from sunlight and helps moderate temperature.  The packaging also looks amazing. Black Note has a recycling program where you will get a free 30 ml bottle of Black Note vape juice with the return of five empty Black Note tubes. The impression you get from their packaging is next level, it really does set the right tone for a new-comer, it feels really luxurious in your hands and opening it you get a good whif of a really pleasant smell of the flavor before you even crack the bottle open, it’s that potent!

Black Note eLiquid’s conscientiousness does not end with an innovative recycling program. A portion a proceeds is donated to and the Save The Music Foundation.

black note flavor has a sample kit

Blending a tobacco flavored vape juice that actually tastes like tobacco has been the elusive goal of vape juice vendors all over the world. Most said that it just could not be done. Black Note eLiquid has proven otherwise.

If you have tried Black Note vape juice, take a moment to fill out an eliquid consumer review and let us all know about your experience? Do you agree that Black Note is the best tobacco ejuice? We think you will agree that it is! If you haven’t tried Black Note ejuice, well give it a try. Black Note is one of the best premium quality eliquid brands that expertly blend their ejuices perfectly when their made. Congratulations to Black Note eLiquid for making the absolute best tobacco ejuice!