Once you’ve experienced the majesty of outstanding vapor chasing clouds is easy with the best sub ohm vape tanks. This class of vape tank is designed specifically to produce billowing wisps of dense vapor and really satisfying flavor. As technology improves, vape designers are making it easier than ever to stir up intense nebulous clouds.

Get the top-quality vapor and flavor output from the most trusted names in the vaping business with every vape tank on our list. If you’ve been on the fence about where to start the search for your next cloud command center, we make the decision easy. We believe these tanks are the best sub ohm vape tanks for flavor and clouds, check out our top picks below!

Aspire Cleito – Our Favorite Sub Ohm Tank

the aspire cleito tank has an integrated stainless coil chimney system, comes in black and is number one on our list of the best sub ohm vape tanks
the cleito vape tank from aspire is our number one sub ohm vape tank and comes in black with stainless interior coil and chimney

A legend among sub ohm tanks, the Cleito from Aspire was an innovative design at the time of its release that has endured. Since its introduction to the vaping world, there have been plenty of imitators, but nothing has come close to the original Cleito, a significant reason why you they’re still one of the best-selling units available. The best thing about effective tanks that stand the test of time is that while new tech is released constantly, the price of these outstanding toppers plummets while the quality remains as incredible as the day it was created. The flavor this vape tanks provides is among the best we’ve experienced.

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Incomparably simply and versatile, the Cleito sub ohm vape tank comes with two coils; a 0.20-ohm Clapton atomizer for use between 55w and 70watts and a 0.4 Clapton coil for use at power settings between 40w and 60watts. In addition, there is a temperature control coil available that’s a stainless steel 0.4-ohm coil recommended for use between 55w and 65watts or 450F and 530F. The groundbreaking design of the coils themselves shook up the industry with the streamlined, integrated coil and chimney design, simplifying the vape tank design essentially to four parts, which is what landed it on our list of what we’ve deemed the best sub ohm tanks this year for flavor and cloud production.

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Essentially, the Cleito disassembles into four sections; the base with dual adjustable airflow ports, a press-fit glass cylinder, the coil which also acts as the chimney, and a removable top cap which threads into the top of the coil and also acts as the filling port cover. With this design, users get the height of vaping simplicity and modular configuration with a sub ohm tank that’s easy to operate, fill and clean. It has a sizeable 3.5ml juice tank which is top filling and easily refillable by removing that threaded top cap.

The Cleito comes in a black and stainless finish and a range of colored rubber covers that stretch over the top cap to aid with heat dissipation. Using the airflow control port is easy and this sub ohm gets plenty of free-flowing draw. For a sub ohm vape tank that has stood the test of time and proven to be a powerful sub ohm unit much beloved by the vaping community the Aspire Cleito is an easy, affordable investment.

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  • 3.5ml liquid capacity
  • Sub ohm tank with Clapton coils in 0.20ohm, 0.4ohm and a TC coil in 0.4ohm
  • Recommended for use between 40w and 70watts
  • Top filling design with 510 connector to fit most vape mods
  • Dual adjustable airflow ports on the base

Uwell Crown 3 – A Well Designed Sub Ohm Tank That Aims To Please

the uwell crown 3 comes in a purple rainbow finish and is number two on our list of the best sub ohm vape tanks for the year
the crown 3 comes in a purple rainbow finish and is number two on our list of the best sub ohm vape tanks

Not only one of our reigning favorites, but a proven “cloud-pleaser” the Uwell Crown 3 is possibly one of the best sub ohm tanks ever made. With its seamless design and flawless engineering this vape tank provides great flavor and makes massive vapor clouds. Uwell is a widely celebrated manufacturer specifically for their vape tanks, and the Crown 3 is a vapor legend that towers above most tanks.

The Crown 3’s genius is in its engineering; the press fit sections are each equipped with multiple O-rings and gaskets to prevent leaking and keep the juice chamber pressurized. As a result, this sub ohm tank has massive airflow and triple adjustable air ports on the base make for a perfectly designed bottom draw layout. It’s a top filling tank with a threaded, removable top cap and the ring holding the quartz cylinder in place is locked with a proprietary nut that requires a special crown key which is included with the unit insuring the device against leakage.

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Uwell’s Crown 3 comes standard with two sub ohm coils; a 0.25ohm recommended for use between 80w and 90watts, and a 0.5ohm coil for use between 70w and 80watts. Users enjoy the stainless steel coils as they can easily be used for TC or temperature control devices which typically requires the purchase of additional coils. Each coil head is press fit into the chimney and notched at the bottom to accurately fit with raised metal prongs on the base of the tank making for an unbelievably well engineered design.

This sub ohm tank is available in a range of colors and finishes including black, matte black, purple, blue and iridescent rainbow with different color delrin drip tips with each. The tips themselves are constructed of a brass base plate, aluminum body and delrin mouthpiece for minimal heat transfer. If you’re looking for the best vape tank that’s been proven by users to produce massive clouds and intense flavor, you’d be hard pressed to find a better unit than the Uwell Crown 3.

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  • 5ml liquid capacity
  • Sub ohm press fit coils in 0.25ohm, 0.5ohm and 0.4ohm
  • Bottom draw adjustable tri-port airflow ring
  • Top filling ports through threaded removable top cap
  • Locking tank system with gaskets and O-rings on every section to prevent leaking

Aspire Nautilus 2 – The Most Revered, Trendsetting Sub Ohm Tank

the aspire nautilus 2 is number three on our list of the best sub ohm vape tanks and comes in a matte red finish with adjustable 5 hole airflow ring
the nautilus 2 from aspire comes with a red matte finish and stainless drip tip and interior and is number three on our list of the best sub ohm vape tanks

An improvement on the first incarnation made of a threaded glass tube, the Aspire Nautilus 2 sub ohm tank was the company’s response to calls from users to make significant improvements and improve they did. Largely considered one of the best manufacturers of sub ohm vape mods and tanks, Aspire created an incredible sub ohm tank aimed directly at former smokers who want sizeable vapor clouds from a mouth to lung tank. For a satisfying experience of dense vapor, intense flavor, warm vape mouth feel and excellent throat hits, the Aspire Nautilus 2 is the best flavor delivering sub ohm vape tank for smokers making the switch to better vaping.

The Nautilus 2 comes standard with two coils; a 0.7ohm kanthal recommended for use between 18w and 23watts and a 1.8ohm coil meant for vaping between 10w and 14watts. However, one of the most ingenious engineering feats Aspire accomplished with this tank is the outrageous versatility of coils compatible with it. To explain, not only can you use the coils offered for the Nautilus 2 specifically, but the range of resistances applicable to the Nautilus Mini, the Triton and a slew of other options somewhere in the range of twenty different options.

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A significant improvement Aspire made with the Nautilus 2 is the full stainless steel protective sleeve over the glass portion to protect from falls and drops as well as improved airflow range. An adjustable ring on the base allows users to select airflow bores between 1mm and 0.5mm in diameter through a series of indexed holes. As a result, users can toggle through airflow allowances to dial in their preferred vapor warmth, production and flavor highlights.

This tank is a compact dynamo that highlights Aspires engineering and like many of their products uses minimal battery to power it as well as conserving vape juice usage. Not only is this sub ohm tank among the best for flavor, its also super affordable, it essentially saves you money the more you use it. Find out how Aspire combined the best in sub ohm vapor and mouth to lung experience vaping with the Nautilus 2 vape tank.

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  • 2ml e liquid capacity
  • Top filling with protective stainless steel sleeve over the glass tank
  • Massive coil option range both above and sub ohm
  • Adjustable, indexed airflow ring
  • Available in anodized red, black, silver and grey

Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast – The Pinnacle Of Cloud Chasing

the smok tfv8 cloud beast comes in a gold finish with a black drip tip and is number four on our list of the best sub ohm vape tanks
the tfv8 cloud beast from smok is number four on our list of the best sub ohm vape tanks and comes in a gold finish with black drip tip and stainless coil and chimney

You won’t see bigger clouds from an airplane than you get from vaping the TFV8 Cloud Beast vape tank from Smok. As a manufacturer Smok is celebrated by vapers for their mods and starter kits, but where they truly shine is with their massive sub ohm vape tanks that make it easy for users of all levels to achieve the maximum in dense vapor production. When you’re ready for a gigantic upgrade to nebulous cloud density, the TFV8 Cloud Beast tank is an express flight to flavor and vapor beyond the stars.

Inside the TFV8 Cloud Beast is the famous Turbo Engine coil system which has one of the widest spectrums of sub ohm coil options specifically designed for a single vape tank. Users can choose their preferences for resistance, number of coils within the head and wattage coefficients including the two that come with it a 0.2ohm Q4 quad coil designed for use between 50w and 180watts and an incredible T8 octuple coil for use between 50w and 260watts. However, as Smok is no slouch of a manufacturer, coils are available for the TFV8 up to T10 decuple coils which can be vaped at an insane range from 50w to 300watts!

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The TFV8 Cloud Beast tank is designed with dual adjustable airflow ports on the base for outstanding bottom-drawn vapor. A glass tank is press fit between the base and threaded top and holds a gigantic 6ml of vape juice. To fill the TFV8 is as easy as sliding a button-locked cap across the top barrel through two filling ports.

The TFV8 Cloud Beast from Smok comes in a generous range of finishes and colors including black, stainless steel, gold, blue, red, green, gunmetal, purple and an iridescent rainbow. Between its unheard-of coil options, incredible performance as a cloud maker and easy to use design, this tank is among the most widely acknowledged by vapers as an incredible sub ohm unit for cloud chasing. For a sub ohm tank that pumps out enough clouds to make people standing nearby think the weather is changing, the TFV8 vape tank is the best flavor delivering monster you could ask for.

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  • 6ml vape juice reservoir
  • Comprehensive range of sub ohm coil options including resistances and multiple coil builds
  • Dual adjustable airflow ports on the base and easy top fill locking slide cap on the top
  • 510 connector
  • Able to couple with mods up to 300 watts!

Wismec Reux – A Superb Sub Ohm Tank With Great Flavor Production

the wismec reux is designed by jaybo with etched signature juice ports and is number five on our list of the best sub ohm vape tanks
the jaybo designed reux from wismec is number five on our list of the best sub ohm vape tanks

If you haven’t heard the name Jay Bo yet, familiarize yourself with the first name in vaping design and the mastermind behind the Wismec Reux. For a robust, modular sub ohm tank that cranks out gushing plumes of vapor combined with best in poignant flavor this beautifully-designed tank delivers. Find your sweet spot at the intersection of giant clouds and tasty vape in every puff from the Wismec Reux sub ohm vape tank.

Wismec’s Reux is a top filling, bottom airflow dynamo with an impressively large adjustable airflow ring incorporated into the modular base section. The base section itself comes apart to allow for the attachment of the included RBA deck that attaches with two screws. A threaded top cap unscrews to reveal the large twin liquid ports.

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Each coil for the Reux tank from Wismec is etched with Jay Bo’s signature in the side, which, along with additional holes acts as a juice flow wick port to feed the coil and cotton inside. It comes with two coils; the RX Triple 0.5ohm designed for use between 60w and 160watts for massive cloud production and muted flavor and an RX Ceramic 0.5ohm coil for between 40w and 80watts that still cranks out dense vapor but really highlights the flavor of your vape juice. Also available, but sold separately is an RX dual 0.15ohm coil which we didn’t get a chance to try out, but is designed for higher wattage mods between 100w and 260watts.

The Reux sub ohm tank has a large 6ml liquid capacity which is significant because once we started using this tank, we couldn’t put our vape down. It created an unbelievable amount of vapor consistently with both included coils and the flavor intensity was off the charts. For a sub ohm vape tank that efficiently and effectively combines the best of both flavor and vapor production there is no better name in the vape game than Jay Bo and no better tank than the Wismec Reux.

By now you may have decided on a sub ohm vape tank. Check out our recommended box mods to use with your new tank!

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  • Top filling, bottom airflow design with massive adjustable air ports
  • 6ml e liquid capacity
  • Modular RBA and coil head system designed for vape optimization
  • Atomizer coils include 0.5ohm and 0.15ohm compatible with mods up to 260 watts
  • Perfect balance of big vapor clouds and accurate, abundant juice flavor