You’re more than just a vaper, at your core you’re a hobbyist, a tinkerer, a craftsman and the best RTA vape tanks are the only thing to satisfy that DIY desire for personalized vaping. For users like you, rebuildable tank systems are the only way to vape.

If you’re tired of investing a fortune in pre-made coil heads that burn out, don’t pump out the vapor as promised or simply aren’t wired correctly, these rebuildable RTA tanks will take your vaping to the next level. Take your next vape from a hand-built deck system you dialed in to your specifications and never have to compromise with pre-made coils that don’t deliver ever again.

Griffin –  One Of The Largest And Most Diverse Two Post Build Decks

the geekvape griffin rta is a glossy black masterpiece that comes in number one on our list of the best rta vape tanks
the griffin rta by geekvape comes in black and is number one on our list of the best rta vape tanks

Though Geek Vape is a newer company they have made a big splash in a short amount of time with their outstanding line of innovative, advanced vaping products and the Griffin RTA is no exception. As one of their first big entrances into the world of custom vaping, this rebuildable tank was revered as a high quality, affordable vape tank that produced outstanding vapor from a simple design.

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A fairly standard design initially, the Griffin RTA has a velocity-style build deck with hex head grub screws to secure your coils. The deck itself is a two-post, quad terminal configuration set up for a two coil build but sizable for a good size set up.  Beneath each coil is a sizeable air flow port for an impressive freedom of draw through the chamber.

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However, here’s where this little tank gets interesting, built into the deck design are four channels right below where your wicks feed out of the coils. Essentially, the extra ends of your wick get tucked into these channels in an ingenious little system for bottom feeding juice. The entire deck has a threaded control ring that that fits over each port to keep the ends of the wicks in place while drawing air through them.

Speaking of juice feed, there are four juice flow control ports in the side of the inner cylinder sleeve that fits over the deck which are adjustable for optimum feeding and flavor intensity. In the base of the tank there is a smooth airflow control ring, with just enough resistance to get it positioned exactly where you want it. For a simple, straightforward rebuildable vape tank, the Geek Vape Griffin RTA delivers an abundant amount of vapor from an unbelievably affordable unit.

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  • Velocity-style quad terminal, dual post design
  • Built in wick ports for optimum juice feeding
  • Adjustable airflow control ring and adjustable juice flow control rings both operated from outside the tank
  • 3.5ml liquid capacity
  • Affordable, top filling rebuildable deck large enough to accommodate bigger coil builds

Sense Herakles

the sense herakles rta is a simple stainless tank with bottom adjustable airflow, orange gaskets and comes in number two on our list of the best rta vape tanks
the herakles from sense comes in brushed stainless with orange seals and is number two on our list of the best rta vape tanks

For a similar RTA with a slightly different configuration and setup, the Herakles RTA from Sense is an outstanding starter tank for DIY vaping enthusiasts. With its simple, modular design, this tank comes apart for a completely rebuildable deck that disassembles for easy building and easy cleaning. If you’re looking for an affordable entry level custom build deck with plenty of parts and even more features, the Sense Herakles RTA may be your best bet.

Proven and revered by DIY vapers, the Herakles RTA has that familiar two post, quad terminal velocity design, but with four 2.5mm diameter airflow ports positioned beneath the coils as well as the posts. It has the same four channel wick overflow notches with a fixed protective ring. However, the peek insulated positive post is able to be loosened and repositioned like a swinging arm to reposition coils for different airflow builds depending on their proximity to the ports.

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Reflexively, the negative post is milled directly into the deck top which can be completely removed from the base itself. An integrated juice flow control ring with four port holes can be controlled without deconstructing the tank. Additionally, the Herakles RTA has an airflow control ring built into the base of it to easily adjust the draw.

The Herakles RTA is top filling from a threaded removable cap, and the threaded drip tip can be removed and replaced with an adapter to fit your own preferred 510 mouthpiece. It is available in black or stainless-steel finish and has the standard gold-plated 510 base connector. For a simple starter DIY tank, the Sense Herakles RTA is an outstanding beginning into the modular world of handcrafted vaping.

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  • Quad terminal, dual post, velocity style build deck with moveable positive post and four integrated airflow ports
  • 6ml liquid capacity
  • Adjustable airflow and juice control rings
  • 510 connector and drip tip (with included adapter)
  • Top filling with threaded top cap


sigelei's moonshot rta is one of the most popular rebuildable tanks in black with stainless interior and number three on our list of the best rta vape tanks
the moonshot rta from sigelei is a powerful rebuildable tank with black caps and silver chimney and coil cylinder that comes in number three on our list of the best rta vape tanks

An enduring classic rebuildable tank, the Suprimo-designed Moonshot RTA was vaping giant Sigelei’s first entrance into the DIY deck market. With a low-profile construction, Sigelei managed to pack some of the attributes of a drip deck into a tank system for an outrageous compact design. This little rocket tank will shoot your hand-built vaping into the flavor nebula and take your taste buds into orbit.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Moonshot RTA is the clean deck configuration itself. This two-post design positions the twin terminal blocks in a sturdy, durable engineering pattern for an easy build every time. Many RTAs incorporate built in wick channels, however, the Moonshot allows the wicks to float atop the deck surface area which may be a contributing factor as to why the flavor this tiny tank pumps out comes close to a dripper. A protective barrel to complete the heating chamber is press fit where others are threaded, almost a testament to the outstanding engineering by Suprimo.

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The tank on the Moonshot is fairly small at 2ml, however, given how small this vape tank is, it makes for an ideal travel RTA fitted with a smaller wattage mod. In terms of power range, this tank is suggested for use at outputs between 30w and 200watts, which is significant, especially as higher wattage power devices get more compact. While the moonshot won’t make for an extended amount of continuous vaping, the vapor you do get out of it is powerful, warm, dense and unbelievably flavorful as we said.

For a stealthy, robust little traveling rebuildable tank the Moonshot shines. Although it isn’t the only star in the sky, it will certainly help your builds glow brilliantly every time you vape it. Find out how your vapor can take you to the stars with the Moonshot RTA from Sigelei.

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  • Dual post (milled block) configuration with two shared terminal coil feeds
  • 2ml liquid capacity
  • Suggested for use with devices from 30w-200w
  • Dual air flow ports in coil chamber
  • Massive flavor output, closest RTA to dripper-caliber flavor

OBS Engine

the obs engine rta is a sleek side filling tank available in black and number four on our list of the best rta vape tanks
the obs engine is a side filling top airflow tank that comes in flat black and is number four on our list of the best rta vape tanks

A unique design among rebuildable tanks, the OBS Engine RTA incorporates some creative innovations for an outstanding unit with incredible airflow. If you think you’ve seen it all from the DIY tanks out there, you haven’t seen this massively mean motor block. It doesn’t take much to see why the OBS Engine RTA runs like dream and outperforms comparable tanks in price and performance.

With an outstanding 5.2ml tank the Engine will keep your motor vaping for hours before needing to be refilled. One of the interesting attributes of this tank is the side-filling port sealed by a sliding ring that covers and reveals the opening. Just below the filling area is an adjust airflow ring which makes for an unbelievable amount of unrestricted draw. This tank was designed to be self-cooling and the top air port definitely contributes to that engineering.

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However, the twin air holes bored into the top of the modular chamber portion ensure that the tank itself remains cool, as does the vapor it produces. Additionally, the Engine RTA has an insulated deck and base which significantly helps with heat dissipation for extended periods of vaping. The build deck itself is wide open and easy to both build on and wick.

A dual post, velocity style configuration is accompanied by four airflow slots within the heating chamber itself. Once it’s wicked, the ends of the wick are packed down into the ports for a bottom feeding juice design that is intensely flavorful. The outer sleeve of the deck chamber is notched on the bottom for an easy feed and tight press fitting protected all around by gaskets. If you want to try your hand at rebuildable tanks with an affordable, easy unit that pumps out delicious vapor, the OBS Engine RTA is a solid investment.

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  • Top adjustable airflow ring, in-chamber airflow ports and insulated deck and base keep the tank cool
  • Side filling through sliding seal ring
  • 5.2ml vape juice capacity
  • Dual post velocity style build deck
  • 510 connector

Smok TF

the black smok tf rta has a locking juice flow function to prevent leaking and is number five on our list of the best rta vape tanks
the tf rta from smok comes in black with a locking juice flow feature and is number five on our list of the best rta vape tanks

With some of the most innovative designs in the vaping industry, this stylish giant ups their engineering feats with the Smok tf-rta vape tank. This modular, rebuildable tank comes with three different deck designs, and promises for larger build options on the way. For a tank that offers the most dexterity and options as far as larger deck builds, the Smok tf-rta is the only choice that makes sense.

The genius of this vape tank comes from the evolution of pre-made coil options available for head-type coil tanks. To explain, Smok already offers options with up to twelve internal coils, so it’s no wonder the tf-RTA has the option for a quad deck in addition to single-coil and dual velocity style twin post options. In each deck configuration there are large air flow ports for maximized draws.

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However, that’s just the most obvious improvement over other tanks, the tf-rta has a locking juice flow control ring, that essentially seals up the tank to prevent leaking when changing parts, soaking coils, or traveling. A tank that doesn’t leak? Isn’t that impossible? Well, it was. Additionally, the Smok tf-RTA has a four-channel airflow control ring on the base of the tank which is a good size 4.5ml.

Smok has created an easy to rebuild, modular vape tank with more options than any of its competitors in the tf-RTA. This is a comprehensive system of DIY building condensed into a low profile vape tank. If you’re looking for a vape tank that offers the options for increasingly better and larger build outs that minimizes leaking by design, the Smok tf-RTA is most vape for your buck.

Not sure if you’re looking for an RTA? Check out our list of the best RDA vape tanks.

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  • Available with three build deck options including single coil, dual-post velocity style, and quad coil deck system, with the promise of more options planned in the future
  • 510 threaded
  • 4.5ml liquid capacity
  • Built it anti-leak locking juice flow ring
  • Four port adjustable airflow ring